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Scrapbook 2: Edmund Charles ("Eddie") Wall, Sousa Band Tours of 1927 and 1929


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Finding Aid for Edmund A. Wall and Sons Sousa Band Photographs and Papers, 1904-1986 | The Sousa Archives and Center for American Music

By Thornton Miller, Nolan Vallier

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Collection Overview

Title: Edmund A. Wall and Sons Sousa Band Photographs and Papers, 1904-1986Add to your cart.

ID: 12/9/153

Primary Creator: Wall, Edmund A. (unknown)

Extent: 0.5 cubic feet

Date Acquired: 08/11/2016

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The materials consist of postcards and carte de vistes taken by Edmund A. Wall during the 1910-1911 Sousa Band World Tour, Photographs documenting the career of Edmund C. Wall in the New York City Ballet Company, and Photographs taken jointly by Edmund C. and Charles A. Wall between the 1925 and 1931 tours of the Sousa Band with the majority of the photographs taken from the 1927 and 1929 tours. Of particular note are photographs documenting the train wreck of 1929 and of concerts that took place with the Sousa Band in Urbana, Illinois.

Collection Historical Note

Edmund A. Wall, father of both Edmund C. and Charles A. Wall, was a member of the Sousa band for only the 1910 tour and the 1911 World Tour. Both he and his sons played Bb Clarinet for the band, but at different times. Charles A. Wall joined the band during the 1927 tour and played again with the group in 1929 and on a recording from 1930. Edmund C. Wall joined the band in 1925 and played with the group until 1931. In addition, Edmund C. Wall became an active clarinettist in New York joining the New York Ballet Orchestra, the Metropolitan Orchestra, the Goldman Band, the Pryor Band, and several New York theatre companies.

Biographical Note

Edmund A. Wall was a clarinetist for the Sousa Band during the 1910-1911 world tour. While little is known about him, both of his sons, Charles A. Wall (1899-1958) and Edmund C. Wall (1895-1985), also played as clarinetists for the Sousa Band between 1925 and 1931.

Administrative Information

Repository: The Sousa Archives and Center for American Music

Acquisition Source: Charles Wall

Acquisition Method: Gift

Box and Folder Listing

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[Series 1: Scrapbook 1, 1910-1958],
[Series 2: Scrapbook 2: Edmund Charles ("Eddie") Wall, Sousa Band Tours of 1927 and 1929, 1925-1930],
[Series 3: Papers, 1904-1986],

Series 1: Scrapbook 1, 1910-1958Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 1: Edmund Alfred Wall and the 1911 Sousa World TourAdd to your cart.
Box 1Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Scrapbook A, Page 1, undatedAdd to your cart.
Scrapbook Section Title Page
Folder 2: Scrapbook A, Page 2, undatedAdd to your cart.
Edmund Alfred Wall Biography
Folder 3: Scrapbook A, Page 3-4, undatedAdd to your cart.
Top: Edmund A. Wall; Bottom: Sousa Band World Tour, N.Y. to Southampton
Folder 4: Scrapbook A, Page 5-6, 1910Add to your cart.
Top: Sailing on S.S. Baltic, from N.Y. Dec. 23, 1910; Bottom: Postcard from Edward A. Wall to Kate
Folder 5: Scrapbook A, Page 7-8, 1911Add to your cart.
Top: Mosely, England, Jan. 1911, Birthplace in 1861 of Edward A. Wall (near Birmingham); Bottom: Postcard to Charlie Wall from Edmund Wall
Folder 6: Scrapbook A, Page 9-10, 1911Add to your cart.
Top: Crossing the equator on R.M.S. Tainui, Plymouth, Eng. - Cape Town, S.A. 21 day voyage; Bottom: Crossing the Equator, England to Cape Town, S. Africa
Folder 7: Scrapbook A, Page 11-12, 1911Add to your cart.
Top: Sousa arrived Cape Town O.K. Mch 24 leaves April 22; Bottom: Postcard to Charles from Edmund Wall
Folder 8: Scrapbook A, Page 13-14, 1911Add to your cart.
Top: Open Shaft Kimberly Diamond Mine; Bottom: Postcard to Charles from Father, May 26 1911; Bottom: Postcard to Charles from Edmund Wall
Folder 9: Scrapbook A, Page 15-16, 1911Add to your cart.
Top: Postcard from Edmund to Charles Wall, May 11 1911; Bottom: Native Ceremony, Transvall, S. Africa
Folder 10: Scrapbook A, Page 17-18, undatedAdd to your cart.
Postcard from Edmund
Sub-Series 2: Edmund Charles ("Eddie") Wall: Career after Sousa, NYC Ballet Orch. and Goldman BandAdd to your cart.
Box 1Add to your cart.
Folder 11: Scrapbook A, Page 19, undatedAdd to your cart.
Scrapbook Section Title Page
Folder 12: Scrapbook A, Page 20, 1956Add to your cart.
Edmund C. Wall, Pied Piper, New York City Ballet
Folder 13: Scrapbook A, Page 21, 1956Add to your cart.
Edmund C. Wall, New York City Ballet
Folder 14: Scrapbook A, Page 22, 1956Add to your cart.
Teatro la Fenice, Venice - August 1956, Ballet "The Pied Piper," New York City Ballet
Folder 15: Scrapbook A, Page 23, 1958Add to your cart.
On the wall, Central Park with Richard Franko Goldman, c. 1958
Folder 16: Scrapbook A, Page 24, undatedAdd to your cart.
Meredith Wilson - Sousa Band Member, later composer of "The Music Man"
Folder 17: Scrapbook A, Page 25, undatedAdd to your cart.
Eddie Wall with Meredith Wilson
Series 2: Scrapbook 2: Edmund Charles ("Eddie") Wall, Sousa Band Tours of 1927 and 1929, 1925-1930Add to your cart.
Box 1Add to your cart.
Folder 18: Scrapbook B, Page 1, undatedAdd to your cart.
Scrapbook Section Title Page
Folder 19: Scrapbook B, Page 2-3, 1927Add to your cart.
1927 Tour; 2A: Concert Hall, Steel Pier, Atlantic City, NJ; 2B: Cleveland Exhibition; 2C: Bandstand, Cleveland, Ohio, Exhibition. 3A: Waterfront, Lakefront, Chicago, Ill.; 3B: Buckingham Fountain, Chicago, IL; 3C: State Fair, Des Moines, Iowa
Folder 20: Scrapbook B, Page 4-5, 1927Add to your cart.
4A: Grandstand, Des Moines, Iowa State Fair; 4B Grandstand, Minneapolis - St. Paul, Minn. State Fair; 4C: Lake Superior, Ore Dock, Ashland Wis.; 5A: Million Dollar High School - Hibbing, Minn.; 5B: Rainy River, International Falls, Minn., Canadian border; 5C: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Hudson's Bay Company Dep't Store
Folder 21: Scrapbook B, Page 6-7, 1927Add to your cart.
6A: Provincial House of Parliament, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; 6B N. Battleford, Sask., Canada, Bill Schueler, Howard Goulden, "Big Jack" Richardson, John Oroskey, Ed Wall; 6C: North Battleford - Sask., "Hoopie" Monroe, Eddie Heney, Selling programs at stating rink concert; 7A: Golf House, North Battleford, Saskatchewan; 7B: "View from Golf Course, N. Battleford, Sask.; 7C: Crossing Saskatchewan by Canadian National Railway
Folder 22: Scrapbook B, Page 8-9, 1927Add to your cart.
8A: Saskatchewan River; 8B: Grain Elevator, Saskatchewan; 8C: Saskatchewan River near North Battleford, Sask., Canada; 9A: Veterans' Hospital, Saskatoon, Sask., Canada; 9B: Veterans' Hospital Concert (Extra), Entertaining the Patients, Saxs - Eddie Henry, Owen Kincaid, Bud Sullivan, Paul Desmond, Bert Madden, Felix Eau Claire, Jim Schlantz, Hoopie Monroe; 9C: Eddie Henry, Owen Kincaid (Gilhooley), Frank (Bud) Sullivan, "Desperate" Desmond (Paul), Hoopie Monroe (Fred), Bert Madden, Felix Eau Claire, Jim Schlanz (Jughead), Veterans' Hospital Concert, Saskatoon, Sask., Canada
Folder 23: Scrapbook B, Page 10-11, undatedAdd to your cart.
10A: Refreshments after the Concert, Veterans' Hospital Concert, Saskatoon, Sask., Canada, Jack Richardson, John Schueler; 10b: Western Canada, Crossing Canada, "Bus" Russell, Carl Rundquist, "Snorky" Williams, Harold Stambaugh, "Stub" Tozier (Little Ajax); 10C: Bill Tong, John Dolan, Veterans' Hospital Concert, Saskatoon, Sask., Canada; 11A: Calgary - Alberta; 11B: Provincial House of Parliament, Edmonton, Alberta; 11C: U. of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta
Folder 24: Scrapbook B, Page 12-13, 1926-1930Add to your cart.
12A: Frank Tritton, Jake Freeman, Loren Kent, Gabe Russ, Jack Richardson; 12B: Jay Sims, "Hoopie" Monroe, Jack Richardson; 12C: Daily Exercise; 13: All from Huntsville Band Canada; 13A: Taken at Appleton, Wisc, Oct. 14, 1926, Back Row: Schofield Schwartz, John Collins, Fred Moore, Ed Wall; Front: "Bud" Sullivan, Bill Tong, Bill Vopni; 13B: Great Northern R.R. Ed Wall, Clatence Booth, John Dolan, George Tompkins; 13C: At Hibbing, Minn.; Back: Fred Moore, Schofield Schwartz, John Collins, Ed Wall, Clarence Booth; Front: "Bud" Sullivan, George Germond, Bill Tong, Chas. Wall; 13D: Saskatoon Brewery; Back: Bill Tong, Cliff Braun, Frank Burnell, Eddie Henry, Owen Kincaid (Gilhooley), Jack Bell, Jack Richardson, Art Frantz, Frank Holt, H. Woolridge (Abe Lincoln), "Hoopie" Monroe (Fred), C. Schurges; Front: Felix Eau Claire, E. Gillespie, Pete Biroschak, Fred Moore, John Schueler, George Germond, Frank "Bud" Sullivan
Folder 25: Scrapbook B, Page 14-15, 1927Add to your cart.
14A: Saskatchewan River, Edmonton, Alberta; 14B: Returning to the Sweetgrass - Montana; 15A: Liberty Theater Great Falls, Montana; 15B: Livingston, Montana, Gateway to Yellowstone Park; 15C: 3-car Sousa Special, Livingston, Montana
Folder 26: Scrapbook B, Page 16-17, 1927Add to your cart.
16A: Northern Pacific R.R.; 16B: Compound Freight Locomotivel 16C: Yellowstone River, Montana; 17A: Union Pacific R.R. Station, Boise, Idaho; 17B: View of Capital from R.R. Station; 17C: State Capital, Boise, Idaho
Folder 27: Scrapbook B, Page 18-19, 1927Add to your cart.
18A: State Capital steps, Boise, Idaho, Clarence Booth, Carl Rundquist, Frank Tritton, Jack Richardson, Loren Kent; 18B: State Capital, Boise, Idaho, Clarence Booth, Fred Moore, Charlie Wall, Jack Richardson, Loren Kent, Otto Krausharp, Carl Rundquist, Bill Tong, Cliff Braun; 18C: State Capital, Boise, Idaho, Fred Moore, Carl Rundquist, Frank Tritton, Cliff Braun, Jack Richardson, Bill Tong, Loren Kent, Otto Kraushaar, Charlie Wall; 19A: Country Club, Walla Walla, Wash.; 1st Tee, Country Club, Walla Walla, Wash.; 19C: Golf at Country Club, Walla Walla, Washington; Ed Wall, Bill Schueler
Folder 28: Scrapbook B, Page 20-21, 1927Add to your cart.
20A: Howard Goulden, Charlie Wall, Bill Schueler, Country Club, Walla Walla, Wash.; 20B: Clarence Booth, Bill Schueler, Chas. Wall, Howard Goulden; 21A: Bridge near Twin Falls, Idaho, "Snorky" Williams, Andy Reissner, Ed Wall, Ed (Eddie) Henry, Jay Sims, Frank "Kid" Burnell; 21B: Bridge over Snake River Canyon near Twin Falls, Idaho; 21C: Snake River Canyon Bridge near Twin Falls, Idaho
Folder 29: Scrapbook B, Page 22-23, 1927Add to your cart.
22A: Snake River Canyon; 22C: Snoshone Falls Idaho; 23A: Twin Falls of the Snake River, Idaho; 23B: Snake River Canyon near Twin Falls, Idaho; 23C: Snake River Canyon, Idaho
Folder 30: Scrapbook B, Page 24-25, 1927Add to your cart.
24A: Cecil Tozier, Otto Kraushar, Schofield Schwartz, Cliff Braun; 24B: Suspension Bridge over Snake River Canyon near Twin Falls, Idaho; 24C Suspension Bridge over Snake River Canyon near Twin Falls, Idaho; 25A: Minidoka, Idaho; 25B: Pocatello, Idaho; 25C Chas. Nutick, Bill Schueler, Frank Holt, ?, Ed Wall, ?, Lou Engberg, Bert Warrek, Owen Kincaid
Folder 31: Scrapbook B, Page 26-27, 1927Add to your cart.
26A: Kelso, Wash.; 26B: Spokane or Yakima, Wash.: 26C: Bill Schueler, Ed Wall, John Schuler, Jim Schlanz, Lew Engberg; Lewis and Clark High School, Spokane or Yakima, Wash.; 27A: Puget Sound - Seattle to Port Angeles, Wash.; 27B: Lew Engberg, Puget Sound - Seattle to Port Angeles, Wash.; 27C: Puget Sound
Folder 32: Scrapbook B, Page 28-29, 1927Add to your cart.
28A: Port Townsend, Wash.; 28B: Lumber freighter - Puget Sound; 28C: Vancouver Harbor, British Columbia; 29A: C.P.R. Liner "Empress of Asia" Vancouver, B.C., Canada; 29B: Indian Totem Poles in Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C., Canada; 29C: Puget Sound returning to U.S. by Great Northern R.R.
Folder 33: Scrapbook B, Page 30-31, 1927Add to your cart.
30A: Puget Sound - Wash.; 30B: Lumber Mill and Sawdust Burner, Puget Sound, Wash.; 31A: Longview, Wash.; 31B: View from Hotel, Longview, Wash.: 31C: Big trees - near Longview, Wash.
Folder 34: Scrapbook B, Page 32-33, 1927-1930Add to your cart.
32A: Long-Bell Lumber Co. Museum, Longview, Wash.; 32B: "I get my pitch from the pine tree!" Buck Weaver, Howard Goulden, Gus Helmecke; Gus Helmecke, Tacoma, Wash.; 33A: Crossing Columbia River, Vancouver, Wash.; 33B: Marines at R.R. Station to meet Sousa, Portland, Oregon; 33C: Sousa Greeting Marine Corp. N.C.O.s at Portland, Oregon Station
Folder 35: Scrapbook B, Page 34-35, 1927Add to your cart.
34A: Capitol, Salem, Ore.; 34B: View from Capitol Dome, Salem, Ore.; 34C: Willamette River, Salem; 35A Elsinore Theatre, Salem, Ore.; 35B: Eugene, Ore.; 35C: Armory, Eugene, Ore.
Folder 36: Scrapbook B, Page 36-37, undatedAdd to your cart.
36A: Union Pacific System - Utah; 36B: Streams in Wasatch Mts. Irrigation & Power; 37B: Mormon Engineered Irrigation, Utah.
Folder 37: Scrapbook B, Page 38-39, 1927Add to your cart.
38B: Mormon Temple, Logan, Utah; 38C: Yellow Populars near Logan; 39A: Mormon Monument to the Sea Gulls, Salt Lake City; 39B: Mormon Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah; 39C: Monument to Mormon Pioneers, 1847, Wasatch Mountains, Salt Lake City, Utah
Folder 38: Scrapbook B, Page 40-41, 1927Add to your cart.
40A: Mormon Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, Utah; 40B: State Capitol, Salt Lake City; 40C: Union Pacific leaving Utah; 41A: Snow shed in Wyoming; 41B: Main line Union Pacific crossing Wyoming; 41C: Laramie, U. of Wyoming School of Mines, 8000 ft. elev.
Folder 39: Scrapbook B, Page 42-43, undatedAdd to your cart.
42A: State Capitol, Denver, Colorado, 5280 ft. Alt.; 42C: Denver, Colorado; 43A: Evergreen, Colorado; 43B: Old covered wagon trail near Golden, Colo., Evergree Canyon; 43C: Evergreen Canyon near Denver, Colo.
Folder 40: Scrapbook B, Page 44-45, 1927Add to your cart.
44A: First Gold Mining Center, Golden, Colorado; 44C: Grave of Wm. Frederick Cody "Buffalo Bill"  and wife, near Golden Colo.; 45A: "Buffalo Bill's" grave overlooking Golden, Colo., Ed Wall, Paul Desmond, Clarence Booth, Charlie Nutick, John Collins; 45B: Antlers Hotel, Colorado Springs; 45C: A.T. & S.F. R.R. Station, Colorado Springs, Colo.
Box 2Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Scrapbook B, Page 46-47, 1927Add to your cart.
46A: Colorado Spring, Colo., 7237 ft.Elev.; 46B: Charlie Hungerford (stage hand), Ed Wall, Paul Desmond, Charlie Wall, Charliee Nutick, Lew Engberg, Gate House, Pike's Peak Highway, Colorado Springs, Colo.; 46C Surise on Summit of Pike's Peak, near Colorado Springs, Colo., 14,108 ft. elevation; 47A: Leaving Rockies via U.P. eastward to Kansas; 47B: State Normal School, Hays, Kansas; 47C: Frank Zuber, John Dolan, Buck Weaver, "One Sweetly Solemn Thought," State Normal School, Hays, Kansas
Folder 2: Scrapbook B, Page 48-49, 1927Add to your cart.
48A: A Kansas wheat field; 48B: Topeka State Capitol; 48C: Oil wells near Wichita; 49A: U. of Kansas Campus, Lawrence, Kansas; 49B: Norfolk, Nebraska; Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis, and Omaha R.R.; 49C: Fremont, Nebraska
Folder 3: Scrapbook B, Page 50-51, 1927Add to your cart.
50A: "The worst hotel in the world" J.P.S., Holdrege, Nebraska; 50B: Old & New Mayo Clinics, Rochester, Minnesota; 50C: Chateau Theater & Post Office, Rochester, Minnesota; 50D: Free bus to the station, Hampton Hotel, Holdrege, Neb.; 51A: Rochester, Minnesota Zoo; 51C: Entering Iowa
Folder 4: Scrapbook B, Page 52-53, 1927Add to your cart.
52B: Milwaukee, Wisconsin; 52C: Frank Burnell, Schofield Schwartz, "Buck" Weaver, ?, John Oroskey, Walter Harris, Owen "Gilhosley" Kincaid; 52D: Jack Richardson, John Collins, Sioux City, Iowa; 53A Charlie Wall, Ed (Eddie) Wall, Sioux City, Iowa; 53B: Charlie Wall, Eddie Wall, November in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; 53C: Charlie Wall, Clarence Booth, Milwaukee, Wis.
Folder 5: Scrapbook B, Page 54-55, 1927Add to your cart.
54A: Willie Schneider, Bert Wavrek, Charlie Nutick, Charlie Wall, Schofield Scwartz, Andy Reisner, "Red" Meagher, Earl Foote, Clarence Booth; 54B: Jim Schlanz (Schlang), Paul Desmond, Charlie Hungerford's (stagehand) dog, Gabe Russ, Purdue Univ., Lafeyette, Ind.; 54C: Cliff Braun, John Orosky, Harold Stambaugh; 55A: Home of Abraham Lincoln (1844-1869), Springfield, Illinois; 55B: Ed Wall, Chas. (Charlie) Nutickm Eddie (Ed) Heney, "Hoopie" Monroe (Fred), "Bud" Sullivan, John Van Fossen, ?, John Orosky, Jake Freeman, Joe DeLuca, Arthur Frantz, Cecil Tozier, "Red" Reagher, Harold Strambaugh, George Fee, John Schueler, Charlie Strothkamp, John Silbach, E. St. Louis, Illinois, Armory
Folder 6: Scrapbook B, Page 56-57, 1925-1930Add to your cart.
56A: Sousa & Marjorie Moody. Vocalist, Atlantic City, NJ; 56B: (Sousa) relaxing in the Library of Pierre Dupont's Estate, Longwood, PA; 56C: "4 Indians," Albertus Meyers, Paul Gerhard, Regina Fair, Saskatchewan, Canada; 57A: "Girls Wanted," John Can Fossen, Eddie Henry, Bob Fuller, Bert Wavrek; 57B: "Exercise at Every Stop," Hoopie Monroe, Fred Knuttanen, Paul Desmond, John Orosky, John Liegl, Doc McRitchie, Bob Fuller, Howard Goulden, Eric Evans, Frank Holt, John Van Fossen, Red Meagher, Eddie Henry, Bill Heney, -- Ruba; 57C: front: Atlantic City, NJ, 1928, back: 1929 Tour, 3 Oboe Players, Foshay Tower, Minneapolis
Folder 7: Scrapbook B, Page 58-59, 1928-1929Add to your cart.
58A: Foshay Tower Ceremonies, Speaker's Stand, Minnneapolis; 58B: Perry's Flagship in Battle of Lake Erie, Erie, PA; 58C: Cannon from War of 1812, Erie, PA; 59A: Foshay Tower, Minneapolis; 59C: Mississippi River
Folder 8: Scrapbook B, Page 60-61, 1927-1929Add to your cart.
60A: Mississippi River near Cape Girardeau, Missouri; 60B: Frank Tritton, Jake Freeman, Loren Kent, Gabe Russ, Jack Richardson, Sousaphones; 60C: Bob Fuller, Owen Kincaid; 61A Sousa train derailed near Walsenburg CO; 61B: Train Derailment in Colorado, no major injuries; 61C: 5 hour wait for rescue train
Folder 9: Scrapbook B, Page 62-63, 1929Add to your cart.
62B: Sousa Special derailed going from Pueblo to Trinidad, Colo., Denver and Rio Grande Western R.R.; 62C: Rio Grande & Western R.R.
Folder 10: Scrapbook B, Page 64-65, 1929Add to your cart.
64A: Sousa Special Derailed, 5-hour wait for rescue train on "Lone Prairee " near Walsenburg - Colo.; 65B: Little-used line of Denver & Rio Grande Western R.R. east of Rocky Mountains in Colorado between Pueblo and Trinidad, scene of derailment of Sousa Special Train; 65C: Rerailment on Denver & Rio Grande Western R.R. near Walsenburg, Colo.
Folder 11: Scrapbook B, Page 66-67, 1929Add to your cart.
66C: Colorado Derailment; 67A: St. Louis, MO; 67B: Sousa lunching with Mexican Rancher; 67C: Cape Girardeau, MO
Folder 12: Scrapbook B, Page 68-69, 1929Add to your cart.
68: St. Louis; 68B: Mississippi River Levee at St. Louis, Missouri; 68C: St. Louis Levee; 69A: Doc McRitchie, Bob Fuller, Eddie Henry, Eric Evans, Urbana, Ill.; 69C: Gus Helmecke, Florian Mueller, Art Wriggens, Margorie Woody, Mr. Sousa
Folder 13: Scrapbook B, Page 70-71, 1929-1930Add to your cart.
70A: Urbana, Ill. University Campus Music Building; 70B: U. of Illinois Urbana Music Building; 71B: Sousa Special, Missouri and Northern Arkansas R.R., Little Rock AK, ?, Felix Eau Claire, ?, Andy Reisner, Jake Knuttunen, John Silbach, ?
Folder 14: Scrapbook B, Page 72-73, 1929Add to your cart.
72A: Ozark Mts., Arkansas; 72B: Missouri-Arkansas Railroad through Ozarks; 73A: Golf at Eureka Springs, Arkansas; 73B: Cape Girardeau, MO, Am. Legion Band Welcomes Sousa; 73C: Cape Girardeau, MO, Amer. Leg. Band Welcomes Sousa
Folder 15: Scrapbook B, Page 74-75, c. 1927-1930Add to your cart.
74: Cape Girardeau, MO Welcoming Sousa; 74C: Bozeman Montana, High School Band Welcoming Sousa; 75: Chicago
Folder 16: Scrapbook B, Page 76-77, 1927-1930Add to your cart.
76: Longwood Gardens PA; 76A: Dupont's Outdoor Theater, Longwood, PA.; 76B: Pierre DuPont's Estate, Longwood, PA; 76C: Atlantic City; 77A: Jay Sims, Carbondale, Ill.; 77B: "Why Girls Leave Home," Bob Fuller, Red Meagher, Johnny Van Fossen; 77C Memphis TN, Mississippi R., Arkansas opposite
Folder 17: Scrapbook B, Page 78-79, 1930Add to your cart.
78A: Memphis TN; 78C: Tenn. Cotton Gin Wayside Stores; 79A: Memphis TN Wayside Stores; 79B: Mississippi A&M College
Folder 18: Scrapbook B, Page 80-81, 1930Add to your cart.
80A: Burr Holmes, Frank Holt, ? (P. Desmond? Fred Moore?), Paul Davis, Noble Howard, Bill Herb, Fred Knuttanen, Bud Sullivan, Andy Reisner, John Van Foosen, Cecil Tozier, Felix Eau Claire, Red Meagher; 80B: Outdoor Cotton Market, Selma, Alabama; 80C: Billy Paulsen and Red Meagher, Outdoor Cotton Market, Selma Alabama; 81A: ? Red Meagher, John Orosky, Billy Paulsen, Outdoor Cotton Market, Selma Alabama; 81B: San Carlo Hotel, Pensacola FL; 81C: Union Station, Atlanta, GA
Folder 19: Scrapbook B, Page 82-83, 1930Add to your cart.
82A: Clarence Booth, Felix Eau Claire, Paul Desmond, Hale Phares, Union Station, Atlanta, GA; 82C: Parade Welcoming Sousa, Birmingham, AL; 83A" Ferry to Old Point Comfort, Chesapeake Bay, Norfolk, VA; Confederate Museum, State House, White House of the Confederacy, Former Residence of Jefferson Davis; 83C: Capitol and War Memorial, Nashville, TN
Folder 20: Scrapbook B, Page 84-85, 1930Add to your cart.
84A: War Memorial, Nashville, TN; 84B: Andrew Jackson Hotel, Nashville, TN; 85A: Joe Lefter, Ed Wall, Bob Fuller, Ralph Ostrom, Lookout Mountain, Battlefield, Chattanooga, Tenn.; 85B: Moccasin Bend of Tennessee River at Chattanooga, Tenn., seen from Lookout Mt. Battlefield; 85C: Joe Lefter, Ralph Ostrom, Bob Fuller, Ed Wall, Lookout Mt., Chattanooga, Tenn.
Folder 21: Scrapbook B, Page 86-87, undatedAdd to your cart.
86A: Balancing (Balance) Rock, Lookout Mtn., Chattanooga, Tenn.; 86B: Lookout Mtn., Tenn., Scene of Civil War "Battle above the Clouds;" 86C: Lookout Mtn., Tenn. Facing Missionary Ridge; 87A: Inclined Railroad to Lookout Mtn., TN; 87C: Pulpit Rock, Lookout Mountain, TN
Folder 22: Scrapbook B, Page 88-89, undatedAdd to your cart.
88A: Charleston, SC; 89: Charleston, SC
Folder 23: Scrapbook B, Page 90-91, 1930Add to your cart.
90A: Bridge over Cooper River; 90B: Spartanburg, SC; 90C: Auditorium, Columbia, SC; 91A: Hotel Charlotte, Charlotte, NC; 91B: With Sousa, Eddie Wall, Charlotte, NC.; 91C: "Oh, Brother!" Willie Schneider, Mrs. Willie, Bus Russell, Charlottle, NC
Folder 24: Scrapbook B, Page 92-93, 1930Add to your cart.
92A: Govenor's Mansion, Wartime home of J. Davis, Richmond, VA; 92B: Anchor cain of USS Cumberland, Propeller shaft of Confederate Ram "Virgina" Merrimac, Richmond, VA; 92C: George Washington Statue, Richmond, VA
Folder 25: Scrapbook B, Page 94-95, 1927-1930Add to your cart.
94A: Union Station Reception, Taylor Branson Conductnig Marine Band in Welcome for Sousa, Washington, D.C.; 94B: Home Again," N.Y. Harbor; 95A: John Collins, Bert Wavrek, "Signor" Klump (Robt.), Earl Held, John Orosky, Jack Bell, New Band Members; 95B: Illinois, location unknown
Series 3: Papers, 1904-1986Add to your cart.
Box 2Add to your cart.
Folder 26: Sousa Band Society Newsletter, 1978Add to your cart.
Folder 27: "Little Town Band." History of Anglo-Canadian Leather Co. Concert Band, 1986Add to your cart.
Compiler: Ed. Terziano
Folder 28: "Adieu to Berne," Solo B-flat Clarinet Solo, 1904Add to your cart.
Composer: E. Brepsant. Appears to be a piece that Eddie Wall played at the age of 9 at a Lake Placid hotel where jis father Edmund was a band member.

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