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Small Special Collections

Lawrence Tibbett Music and Papers

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Finding Aid for Music and Performing Arts Library Small Special Collections, 1911-1981 | The Sousa Archives and Center for American Music

By Noah Lenstra, Nolan Vallier, Jonas Kromer Yela, Sandy Kroeker

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Collection Overview

Title: Music and Performing Arts Library Small Special Collections, 1911-1981Add to your cart.

ID: 35/3/81

Primary Creator: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Music and Performing Arts Library (1944-)

Other Creators: Bowen, Dorothy (ca. 1900-1980), Haussermann, John (1909-1986), Howenstein, Marshall (1901-2001), Lawrence Tibbett (1896-1960), Lew Williams (1934 -), Magyar, Gabriel (1914-2011), Mickel, Jere C. (1905-1985), Skinner, Frank (1897-1968), Ward, Harriet B. (ca. 1890-1950), Wilkey, Lucille V.

Extent: 4.75 cubic feet

Arrangement: Organized in five series: Series 1, Small Special Collections, Series 2, Lawrence Tibbett Music and Papers, 1919-1929, and Series 3, Jere C. Mickel Scrapbook and Opera Program Collection, 1920-1970. Content of each series is arranged alphabetically. Series 4 is a single item, Robert Delzell's scrapbook, and contains programs from 1940 arranged in no particular order. Series 5 is arranged into 3 subseries: Champaign-Urbana and the University of Illinois, Chicago Metropolitan Area, and Other Cities. Each subseries is arranged alphabetically by producing organization and chronologically within each organizational grouping.

Date Acquired: 02/23/2010. More info below under Accruals.

Subjects: Band Concerts, Band Musicians, Bands (Music), Biography, Cage, John, film music, Films, Jazz, Military Bands, Music, School of, Opera, Orchestra, Photographs, Radio Broadcasting, Sousa, John Philip, Symphony Orchestras, Theater orchestra music

Formats/Genres: Newspaper Clippings, Sheet music

Languages: English, French, Hungarian

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Consists of small collections of newspaper clippings, sheet music, correspondence, concert programs, biographical sketches, photographs, and radio show scripts documenting music performances by School of Music student ensembles and other nineteenth- and twentieth-century performers and composers. Of particular significance is an original published piano-vocal score of A. Dvorak's Stabat Mater with his hand-written dedication to J. Mandel-Merei.

Biographical Note

The University of Illinois Music and Performing Arts Library was initially founded in the memorial room of Smith Hall in 1943. The school's first music librarian was Jay Allen (1943-1960) and his assistant was Virginia Shirley. In 1963, the University of Illinois received a generous gift from Ellnora Krannert (class of 1912). However, the grant arrived just as the School of Music was planning to construct a new educational building for music on campus. Since Krannert's grant was so substantial, the State of Illinois dropped the budget it had planned for two construction projects: a new library (conceived to alleviate the overcrowded music library in Smith) as well as an addition to Smith Hall. At the time, the library was under the direction of Thor E. Wood (1960-1965). While the new Krannert Center (opened in 1969) contained numerous performance spaces, it did not have space to accomodate the vast library of music books and recordings that had been collected by the School of Music. Funding eventually came in the early 1970s and the School of Music moved into its current location in the Music Building 1114 W. Nevada Street in 1972. The library soon followed, opening in 1974. Head librarian William McClellan (1965-1997) resided over the new library space and quickly began expanding the library's holdings to include not only books and audio recordings but also special collections. Wilma Jean Geil (assistant librarian 1965-1996) collected and processed many of the small special collections. In most cases, if a collection contained published music, LPs, or tape cassettes the items were ingested, cataloged, and dispersed among the circulating library collection. Many of the paper records within special collections acquired by the library remained unprocessed until 2015 when the majority of the special collections were transferred to the Sousa Archives and Center for American Music.

Subject/Index Terms

Band Concerts
Band Musicians
Bands (Music)
Cage, John
film music
Military Bands
Music, School of
Radio Broadcasting
Sousa, John Philip
Symphony Orchestras
Theater orchestra music

Administrative Information

Repository: The Sousa Archives and Center for American Music


Ca. 1970 - Dorothy Bowen papers acquired; Ca. 1985 - Hausserman papers acquired from John W. Hausserman, Jr.; 1990 - Marhall Howenstein collection acquired; Ca. 1977 - Gabriel Magyar collection acquired; Ca. 1965 - Songs of France records acquired; Ca. 1980 - Harriet Ward programs acquired; Ca. 1960 - Lucille V. Wilkey music acquired; Ca. 1970 - Lew Williams Jazz Collection acquired. March 20, 2015 - The dePeaux collection (Unisonics score) acquired from Music and Performing Arts Library. May 13, 2015 - The Festival of Contemporary Arts Collection of programs, brochures, and clippings was acquired from the Music and Performing Arts Library.

On July 7, 2019, additional materials were found for the Kitty Cheatham Collection (formerly called the Yolande Oglesby Collection) and one folder was removed from Series 1 to be included within the Kitty Cheatham Collection in order to maintain the provenance of the original body of material.

Access Restrictions: None

Use Restrictions: None

Physical Access Note: None

Technical Access Note: None

Acquisition Source: Music and Performing Arts Library

Acquisition Method: Gift

Related Materials:

The Music Library Administrative Records (35/3/68) contains many of the control files for these small collections.

University of Illinois Festival of Contemporary Arts Music and Sound Recordings (12/5/818) and the School of Music Audio Department Sound Recordings, Series 4 Festival of Contemporary Arts (12/5/64) both contain material related to the Festival of Contemporary Arts.

The Gabriel Magyar Papers (12/5/23) contain materials related to the Magyar collection.

Materials from Series 4 and 5 were acquired interfiled with the Allen S. Weller Program Collection (12/1/21) and the materials from Box 1, Folder 5 of the Hunleth Music Store Sheet Music and Photograph Collection (12/9/123).

Processing Information: Based on documents from MPAL's administrative records, the loose programs represented in Series 5 derived from 6 separate collections originally acquired by MPAL: the Harrison Edward Cunningham "Candy Box" Collection, the Hattie F Kaufman Collection, an unnamed collection identified only as "Two Boxes of Photographs," the Radcliffe Collection, the Frank Johnson Collection, and the Prehn Collection. These collections were all interfiled together. It was not possible to separate the programs into their original collections based on the descriptions in MPAL's administrative records.

Box and Folder Listing

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[Series 1: Small Special Collections],
[Series 2: Lawrence Tibbett Music and Papers, 1919-1929],
[Series 3: Jere C. Mickel Scrapbook and Opera Program Collection, 1920-1970],
[Series 4: Robert F. Delzell Program Scrapbook, 1940],
[Series 5: MPAL Program and Playbill Collection, 1883-1974],

Series 2: Lawrence Tibbett Music and Papers, 1919-1929Add to your cart.
Consists of 90 items of music from Tibbett's personal library (75 published songs or other vocal works and 15 unpublished items in manuscript or various forms of photo-duplication). Many items have Tibbett's signature and/or performance annotations, with occasional indications of where or when they were performed. One item of sheet music has a handwritten inscription to Tibbett from the composer Deems Taylor. Of special note is a large photograph of Tibbett performing before an audience in San Francisco, as well as three copies of a flyer displaying Tibbett's photograph and excerpts from several frequently-performed songs.
Box 1Add to your cart.
Folder 23: Beethoven "Ninth Symphony" for alto, 1943Add to your cart.
Manuscript version in German and Spanish (from Cuba)
Folder 24: Frank Bridge (lyrics by Robert Bridges) "So Perverse", 1916Add to your cart.
Folder 25: Tchaikovsky (English lyrics by Nathan Haskell Dole) "Tell me why" for mezzo-soprano or baritone, 1893Add to your cart.
In English, French and German. With Tibbett's hand-written annotations
Folder 26: Liza Lehmann (English lyrics by Edward Fitzgerald) "Myself When Young", 1910Add to your cart.
Folder 27: R. Leoncavallo (English lyrics by Henry Grafton Chapman) "Pagliacci: Prologue", 1906Add to your cart.
With hand-written annotations
Folder 28: Egidio Romoaldo Duni (Harmony by Alfred Pochon; English lyrics by Alice Mattullath) "Trois Chansons Anciennes" for Soprano, 1922Add to your cart.
In English and French
Folder 29: Chaliapine and Koeneman (English lyrics by H.M. Buck) "El Ukhnem: The Song of the Volga Boatmen" for bass or baritone, 1924Add to your cart.
In Russian, English and French. With hand-written annotations
Folder 30: David W. Guion "All Day on the Prairie: Texas Cowboy Song", 1930Add to your cart.
Folder 31: Gladys Rich "American Lullaby" for low voice, 1932Add to your cart.
Folder 32: Jacques Wolfe (lyrics edited by Clement Wood) "Short'nin' Bread", 1928Add to your cart.
with hand-written annotations
Folder 33: Howard D. McKinney (lyrics by Nancy Byrd Tuner) "The Bagpipe Man" for range d-g, 1920Add to your cart.
Folder 34: Walter Damrosch (lyrics by Rudyard Kipling) "Danny Deever: Ballad" for Baritone and Male Chorus, 1897Add to your cart.
Folder 35: Oley Speaks (lyrics by Rudyard Kipling) "On the Road to Mandalay", 1907Add to your cart.
Also contains 1908 version for medium voice
Box 2Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Schubert, Schuman and Oley Speaks, 1912 and 1914Add to your cart.
Franz Schubert (English lyrics by Alice Mattullath) "Night and Dreams", 1912, In German and English; R. Schuman "Traumerei", undated, For piano only, no voice; Oley Speaks (lyrics by Clinton Scollard) "Sylvia", 1914
Folder 2: Handel and Guion, 1914-1930Add to your cart.
G.F. Handel (edited by Max Heinrich) "Where'er you walk" for low voice, 1914; David W. Guion "Home on the Range: Texas Cowboy Song" for low voice, 1930; G.F. Handel (arr. Arthur Somervell) "Silent Worship" for a low voice, 1928, In English and Italian
Folder 3: Hughes, Wolfe and Hely-Hutchinson, 1920-1929Add to your cart.
Rupert Hughes (lyrics by Berton Braley) "The Roustabout" for medium or high voice, 1920; Jacques Wolfe (lyrics by Clement Wood) "De Glory Road", 1928; Victor Hely-Hutchinson "Old Mother Hubbard", 1929
Folder 4: Weatherly, Handel and Aikin, 1911-1922Add to your cart.
Fred E. Weatherly "Danny Boy : Eily Dear", 1918; Handel (lyrics by Theo Marzials) "Hear Me, Ye Winds and Waves!", 1922; W.A. Aikin (lyrics by Shakespeare) "Sigh No More", 1911
Folder 5: Wagner and Brahms, ca. 1915Add to your cart.
R. Wagner "Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg" for bass voice, undated, In English and German; R. Wagner "Wotan's Abschied: Wotan's Farewell", 1915, In English and German; Johannes Brahms "Minnelied" opus 71, number 5, In German, English and French
Folder 6: Youmans, Schubert and Somervell, 1939 and 1904Add to your cart.
Vincent Youmans (lyrics by William Rose and Edward Eliscu) "Without a Song", 1939, For voice, piano and ukulele; Franz Schubert (lyrics by Ludwig Rellstab; English lyrics by Arthur Westbrook) "Serenade: Standchen", 1904, Arthur Somervell (lyrics by Edgar Allen Poe) "A Kingdom by the Sea" "sung by Lawrence Tibbett,? Includes Tibbett's manuscript scoring
Folder 7: Robinson and Brahms, 1922 and 1937Add to your cart.
Avery Robinson "Water Boy: A Negro Convict Song", 1922; Johannes Brahms "One Thing Befalleth the Beasts" for low voice, undated, In English and German; Johannes Brahms (edited by Max Spicker; English lyrics by Henry G. Chapman) "Wir Wandelten", 1937, In English and German
Folder 8: d'Hardelot, Kern and Guion, 1902-1933Add to your cart.
Guy d'Hardelot (English lyrics by Edward Teschemacher) "Because", 1902, In English and French; Jerome Kern (lyrics by Otto Harbach) "When Your Heart's On Fire Smoke Gets in Your Eyes", 1933; David W. Guion "Home on the Range: Texas Cowboy Song" for low voice, 1930
Folder 9: Wolfe, Taylor, and Rachmaninoff, 1917-1933Add to your cart.
Jacques Wolfe (lyrics by Elias Lieberman) "The Hand-Organ Man" for medium voice, 1933; Deems Taylor (lyrics by James Stephens) "A Song for Lovers" for medium voice, 1920; Sergei Rachmaninoff (lyrics by Fet; English lyrics by George Harris, Jr. and Deems Taylor) "In the Silence of Night", 1917, English lyrics only
Folder 10: Rachmaninoff, Kern, and Tchaikovsky, 1894-1927Add to your cart.
Sergei Rachmaninoff (lyrics by Khomiakoff; English lyrics by Rosa Newmarch) "To the Children", undated, English lyrics only; Jerome Kern (lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein) "Ol' Man River" for Joe and Male Chorus, 1927, Contains ukulele part; Tchaikovsky (lyrics by Fred J. Whishaw) "To the Forest", 1894
Folder 11: Campbell-Tipton, Schubert, and Brahms, 1901-1908Add to your cart.
Campbell-Tipton "A Spirit Flower", 1908; Franz Schubert (lyrics by Beranger) "The Wanderer", undated, Lyrics in English, German and French; Johannes Brahms (lyrics by Hans Schmidt; English lyrics by Arthur Westbrook) "Sapphic Ode", 1901
Folder 12: Franz, Tchaikovsky, and Leoncavallo, 1902-1906Add to your cart.
Robert Franz "Widmung: Dedication", undated, In English and German; Tchaikovsky (lyrics by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe; English lyrics by Arthur Westbrook) "None but the Lonely Heart" 1902; R. Leoncavallo (English lyrics by Henry Grafton Chapman) "Pagliacci: Arioso", 1906
Folder 13: Moussorgsky, Messager, and Wille, 1901-1931Add to your cart.
Moussorgsky (lyrics by Robert Godet; English lyrics by M.C.H. Collet) "Chanson de la Puce: Song of the Flea", 1922, In Russian, English and French; Andre Messager (lyrics by F.W. Weatherly and Adrian Ross) "Long Ago in Alcala", 1901; Negro spiritual arranged by Stewart Wille "Lord, I Want to Be", 1931, "Dedicated to Lawrence Tibbett"
Folder 14: Dvorak, Arlen, and Tibbett, ca. 1922Add to your cart.
Anton Dvorak (lyrics by William Arms Fisher) "Goin' Home" for medium voice, 1922; Harold Arlen (lyrics by E.Y. Harburg) "Last Night When We Were Young, (From 20th Century Fox production of "Metropolitan)" Manuscript version, undated; Lawrence Tibbett and Hit Paraders "Lucky Strike: Drums in My Heart," Manuscript version, undated.
Folder 15: Charles and Brahms, undatedAdd to your cart.
Ernest Charles "When I Have sung my Songs", undated, manuscript;  Johannes Brahms (English lyrics by Frank La Forge) "Treachery: Verrath", manuscript, undated
Folder 16: Lehar, Rodgers, and Tibbett, ca. 1945Add to your cart.
Franz Lehar (lyrics by Clifford Grey) "The White Dove", undated, manuscript version; Richard Rodgers (lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein) "You'll Never Walk Alone", 1945, manuscript; Lawrence Tibbett (G. Rossini) "Il Barbiere di Siviglia : Cavatina", undated, manuscript
Folder 17: Cavallo and Handel, undatedAdd to your cart.
Leon Cavallo "Prologue to Papliacci", undated, manuscript; G.F. Handel "The Land of Dreams: S'ei non mi Vuol Amar", undated, manuscript in English and Italian
Folder 18: Tibbett advertisements and PhotographAdd to your cart.
Lawerence Tibbett "Concert and Radio Repertoire" advertisement, undated, Three copies; Performance candid, San Francisco, October 19, Black and white photograph
Box 3Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Taylor and Brahms, ca. 1923-1938Add to your cart.
Deems Taylor "The Colonel's Air (You ask in Vain) from Peter Ibbetson", 1938, Lyrics by Alfred de Musset; English lyrics by Deems Taylor. Contains autograph of Deems Taylor and hand-written dedication to "Larry Tibbett"; Deems Taylor "Le Depart de L'Ame (The Soul's Departure)", 1923, Text in French and English, with French lyrics by Francois Coppee; Johannes Brahms (English lyrics by Frank La Forge) "Treachery: Verrath", undated, manuscript version
Folder 2: Respighi, Giordano, and Hume, 1896-1927Add to your cart.
Ottorino Respighi "Four Scotting Songs", 1925, In German and English. Songs include "When the kye come hame"; "Within a Mile of Edinburgh town"; "My Heart's in the Highlands"; "The Piper of Dundee"; Umberto Giordano "Andrea Chenier" for Baritone, 1896, It Italian and French; Tobias Hume "Tobacco", 1927
Folder 3: Aikin, Gershwin, and Strauss, 1896-1935Add to your cart.
W.A. Aikin (lyrics by Shakespeare) "Sonnet XVIII", 1911; George Gershwin (lyrics by Ira Gershwin and DuBose Heyward) "I Got Plenty O' Nuttin'", 1935; Richard Strauss (English lyrics by John Bernhoff) "Morgen! : To-morrow!" for a low voice, 1896/1897, In English and German
Folder 4: Handel, Porter, and Romberg, 1923-1944Add to your cart.
G.F. Handel (English lyrics by Th. Baker) "Ombra mai fu", 1923; Cole Porter "Night and Day", 1932; Sigmund Romberg (lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein) "Wanting You: Duet" for Soprano and Tenor, 1944
Folder 5: Youmans, Porter and Romberg, 1928-1935Add to your cart.
Vincent Youmans (lyrics by Edward Heyman) "Drums in My Heart", 1931, For piano, voice and ukulele; Cole Porter "Begin the Beguine", 1935; Sigmund Romberg (lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein) "Wanting You: Duet", 1928
Box 4Add to your cart.
Folder 1: La Boheme, Musetta's Waltz, UndatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 2: Sir Frog, Johnny Comes Marching Home,Katie My Southern Rose, Swanne River, UndatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 3: Frederika, UndatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 4: Gypsy Baron, UndatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 5: Mignon, Connais-Tu le Pays, UndatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 6: Faufare, UndatedAdd to your cart.

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[Series 1: Small Special Collections],
[Series 2: Lawrence Tibbett Music and Papers, 1919-1929],
[Series 3: Jere C. Mickel Scrapbook and Opera Program Collection, 1920-1970],
[Series 4: Robert F. Delzell Program Scrapbook, 1940],
[Series 5: MPAL Program and Playbill Collection, 1883-1974],

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