Natural History Museum Film and Photograph File, 1918-1998
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Brief Description: Natural History Museum Film and Photograph file includes photographs, drawings, postcards, 16mm motion picture (silent) film, lantern slides, and glass negatives relating to museum personnel and students, collections and specimens, and exhibition materials.  Subjects  include the Hottes Project, cultural anthropological photographs (early 20th century) from Bali, Arizona, Alaska, Canada, Mexico City, Florida, Yosemite, New Orleans, and zoos, railroads, markets, animals, mountain ranges, rock formations, forests, glaciers, volcanoes, and Native Americans, including the Hopi, Blackfeet, Crow, Chi Chi, and Squaw tribes.  Museum personnel featured in photographs include Donald Hoffmeister, William Severingham, Raymond Lee, John S. Hall, Fran Kruidenier, Frank Smith, Frank C. Baker, and Leverett Adams.  This series also includes photographic prints of southeastern Illinois (Olney, Richland County, Mt. Carmel, White River, and Wabash River) 1885-ca. 1890 with scenes of trees, town and country houses, tree-clearing, and area residents.
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Record Series Number: 15/24/57
Created by: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Department of Genetics and Development
Volume: 2.8 cubic feet
Acquired: 09/26/2006.
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Biographical Note for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Department of Genetics and Development :

Courses have been taught in Zoology since 1868 under the Department of General Science and Literature;1 Department of Natural History (1868-69);2 College of Natural History, Zoological Department (1870);3 College of Natural Science, School of Natural History (1871-90);4 College of Science, School of Natural Science (1891-93);5 College of Science, Natural Science Group (1893-1900 );6 College of Science, General Science Group (1900-01);7 College of Science, Department of Zoology (1901-13);8 and in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (1913-73).9 In 1884, the Department became a clearly defined course of study.10 The Department granted B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in Zoology and offered courses in genetics, parasitology, ecology, and physiology.11 In 1973, the Department of Zoology was divided into two provisional departments: the Department of Ecology,Ethology, and Evolution and the Department of Genetics and Development within the of Life Sciences. In March 17, 1976 the Board of Trustees approved the reorganized department.12 Genetics and development was approved by the University Senate as one of the specializations within regulatory biology to convey an emphasis of the department.13 The Executive Committee of the School of Life Sciences in 1986 decided to dissolve the Department of Genetics and Development and in 1990 approved a Senate recommendation to terminate the department.14 According to Professor David Nanney the dissolution of thedepartment was a "turf war" concerning genetics and its proper location within the university.15 The Board of Trustees renamed the Department of Anatomical Sciences as the Department of Cell and Structural Biology.16

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