Administrative Subject File, 1932-2005
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Brief Description: Administrative Subject File of the Graduate College (1932-2005) contains correspondence, memoranda, research proposals and reports, committee lists and minutes, policy statements, and reports of Deans Daniel Alpert, George Russell, and Theodore Brown, and Assistant/Associate Dean Roger Clark and concerning administrative units, affirmative action (1968-79); Bylaws of the Graduate College (1986-87); committees (1965-82); enrollment (1966-78); extension education (1974-77); interdisciplinary projects (1977-83); long range planning (1969-73); research management improvement (1972-79); tuition and fees (1968-75); Center for International Comparative Studies (1963-69); Committee on Institutional Cooperation (1964-77); Center for Advanced Study (1972-77); China (1980-83); Computer Science (1966-76); Research Board (1971-81); Doctor of Arts Degree (1968-72); Millikin Graduate Studies Center (1972-78); Quad Cities Graduate Studies Center (1976-80); Senate Committee on Student Discipline, and disciplinary hearings in connection with campus disturbances (1966-70); Admissions (1965-92); Beckman Institute (1983-87); budget (1979-2001); Center for Supercomputing Research and Development (CSRD) (1987-93); Establishment of Centers (1979-86); Computer-Based Education Research Laboratory (CERL), including Director Search (1975-92); Committee on Campus Priorities, review of Graduate College/OVCR (1988-89); revision of Copyright Section of Statutes (1993); Graduate College Acting Associate Dean Altenbernd's correspondence (1989-90); Dean/VCR Duties (1985-90); Misconduct in Research and Scholarship-Ferber Committee-Academic Integrity (1979-84); Graduate Employees Organization (GEO) (1996-2003); Glasnost Bowl (1988); 1992 Graduate College Centennial (1989-90); Chronology of Graduate Deans, 1982-93; Dean Search (1999-2000); evaluations of the Dean (1978-85); Munitz Report on the administrative structure of the Urbana-Champaign campus (1972-81); Graduate Faculty History (1950-89); History-University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1922-79); Illinois/Indiana Sea Grant Program (1991-93); National Science Foundation (1976-1992); Quad Cities Graduate Study Center (1970-95); Thesis Office Handbook (2001); TOEFL (1966-84); correspondence concerning individual faculty member's standing in Engineering Graduate Faculty (1974-90); World University Network (WUN) (2001-05); Y2K (1999); Emerging Program Initiatives Committee (EPIC) (1983-88); Institute for the Study of Cultural Values and Ethics (1987-94), correspondence of the Dean of the Graduate College, including the Graduate College Committees correspondence and committee lists (1953-66); Graduate Teaching correspondence and lists (1953-66); Departmental Letters (1964-68); Department Head Memo Book (1952-97); Vice Chancellor for Research (VCR) Judith Liebman's Chronological correspondence books (1989-91); and VCR Judith Liebman and Acting VCR Harvey Stapleton general correspondence organized alphabetically by recipient (1991-92); Business Development Services (BDS) correspondence, newspaper articles, and project descriptions related to BDS approval of funding for technology start-up projects; Graduate College administrative and academic policies (1979-1994); Committee on Extended Education and External Degrees (CEEED) correspondence, minutes, programs, and guidelines (1985-1994); and Council on Program Evaluation (COPE) procedures, correspondence, and reports (1971-1984).
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Record Series Number: 7/1/7
Created by: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Graduate College
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Arrangement: Alphabetical
Biographical Note for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Graduate College :

The first students to do graduate work enrolled in 1877, leading to the awarding of the first master's degree in 1878.1 However, a graduate program was not set up until 1891.2 The Graduate School was formally organized in 1907, after appropriation of funds by the Illinois General Assembly.3 Its name was changed to the Graduate College in 1947, in anticipation of its new significance in the University organization.4 In 1968, the Board of Trustees provided for separate Graduate Colleges on each of three University campuses.5 The Graduate College has the responsibility of developing and safeguarding standards of graduate work and promoting and assisting research by faculty members.6 It provides assistance and supervision to other degree-granting units on the campus.7

In 1974, the Board of Trustees added the title of Vice Chancellor for Research to Dean of the Graduate College to more accurately describe the responsibilities vested in the college.8

--7/1 Dean's Office

--7/2 Executive Committee

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Subject Index
Affirmative Action
Agricultural Research Institute
Atmospheric Research
Beckman Institute
Building Plans
Center for International Comparative Studies
Children's Research Center
Coal Research
Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC)
Computer-Based Education Research Laboratory (CERL)
Computer Science Department
Council on Program Evaluation (COPE)
Cultural Values
Emergency Deans
English as a Foreign Language, Teaching of (TOEFL)
Extension Education
Graduate College
Graduate Students
Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE)
Long Range Planning
Millikin University
Population Studies
Quad Cities Graduate Study Center
Recombinant Dna
Research Management Improvement Project
Student Discipline
University Academic Council
University of Illinois Center for Advanced Study
University Research Board
University Senate
University Statutes
Water Survey, Illinois
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