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Historical Note:

<p class='main'>The Board of Trustees established Mailing Services in 1945 as part of the Information Office of the University Press, under the name Information Office and Mail Service.<a href='#ftn1'><sup>1</sup></a> A year later, it was separated from the Information Office, and renamed the Mailing Center.<a href='#ftn2'><sup>2</sup></a> In 1949, the Center's headquarters were moved from the ground floor of the Arcade Building Annex to 810 South Sixth Street.<a href='#ftn3'><sup>3</sup></a> In 1954, it was renamed the Mailing Service,<a href='#ftn4'><sup>4</sup></a> and, in 1967, the headquarters were again relocated to 1002 West Green Street.<a href='#ftn5'><sup>5</sup></a> The Mailing Service remained under the jurisdiction of the University Press until 1971, at which time it began to report to the Office of Campus Publications.<a href='#ftn6'><sup>6</sup></a> In 1976, it began reporting to the Department of Campus Services,<a href='#ftn7'><sup>7</sup></a> in 1977, to Central Stores and Receiving,<a href='#ftn8'><sup>8</sup></a> and, in 1978, directly to the Office of Administrative Services.<a href='#ftn9'><sup>9</sup></a> The name Mailing Services was adopted in 1977.<a href='#ftn10'><sup>10</sup></a> Mailing Services, the single largest volume mailer in Urbana, serves any University department or organization that requests its aid in sending mail. It has a mobile unit which picks up, meters, pre-sorts and bags U.S. mail en route to the post office.<a href='#ftn11'><sup>11</sup></a> It operates campus mail distribution and mail readdressing services from its substation at 810 South Sixth Street.<a href='#ftn12'><sup>12</sup></a> Mailing Services also has a warehouse at 1611 South Neil Street.<a href='#ftn13'><sup>13</sup></a></p>

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