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Finding Aid for Champaign, Illinois Community Bands Collection, circa 1885-1910 | The Sousa Archives and Center for American Music

By Kelly A. Carlson, Rene Mueller, Molly Sauder

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Collection Overview

Title: Champaign, Illinois Community Bands Collection, circa 1885-1910Add to your cart.

ID: 12/9/58

Primary Creator: Champaign, Illinois Community Bands (1885-1910)

Extent: 3.5 cubic feet

Arrangement: Alphabetical

Date Acquired: 11/01/1994

Subjects: Bands, Instrumental music, Military Music, Music - United States

Formats/Genres: Sheet music

Languages: English

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Consists of bound and unbound sheet music, predominantly military marches and dances, that may have been used by several different unidentified Champaign community bands between 1885 and 1910.

Biographical Note

The ninteenth-century community band traditions of Champaign, Illinois can be traced to the European military band traditions of Germany and England. The primary purpose of community bands across America was to supply music to accompanying the marching of local militia during times of war and provide musical entertainment for holiday and patriotic celebrations. While most community ensembles played a variety of secular and religious music, the most common genre of music performed by these community ensembles was the military march. While Champaign, Illinois enjoyed a thriving military band tradition during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, it is unclear which local ensembles may have used the music included in this collection. There is some evidence to suggest Champaign's Order of the Knights of Pythias, a non-sectarian fraternal order, may have had a fraternal band which used some of this music.

Subject/Index Terms

Instrumental music
Military Music
Music - United States

Administrative Information

Repository: The Sousa Archives and Center for American Music

Acquisition Source: James Benefiel Estate

Acquisition Method: Gift

Box and Folder Listing

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Series 1: Unbound Sheet MusicAdd to your cart.
Consists of unbound octavos and loose  sheet music.  The octavos are arranged alphabetically by composer's and/or arranger's last name and individual music titles are listed separately within each folder description.  The loose sheet music has been placed physically at the end of the series but is listed intellectually within the arrangement of the octavos.  Unidentified music has been placed at the end of the series.
Box 1Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Adams, Alexander, Allen, Althouse, 1900-1905Add to your cart.
Oh, Shining Light, The Cantonians March, The Dixie Rube, MARCH "COSMOS"
Folder 2: Arnstein, Arthur, Ascher, 1904-1911Add to your cart.
The Clock Polka, In the Jungle, Asher's German Medley, "La Rose"
Folder 3: Ashton, Hall, Ball, 1900-1922Add to your cart.
Gay Tally Ho, The Creole Queen, If It Takes a Thousand Years - Waltz, For the Sake of Auld Lang Syne, Let The Res of The World Go By
Folder 4: Bagley, King, Barnard, Barnhouse, Lieberfeld, 1897-1914Add to your cart.
March "National Emblem", Alcazor, The Old Warrior March, Idaho March, The Jersey Carnival
Folder 5: Baston, Berlin, Berliner, Beyer, Rollinson, 1890-1928Add to your cart.
Los Angeles, Mexican Waltz, Coquette, In Nature's Garden, Four In Hand, Diabolus Galop.
Folder 6: Blanke, Blaufuss, Boscolli, Briegel, 1899-1929Add to your cart.
When The Mocking Birds Are Singing In The Wildwood, My Isle of Golden Dreams, "Sancta Lucia" Waltz, Pagan Love Song
Folder 7: Browne, Russell, Bout, Burrell, Carroll and 'Z', 1892-1914Add to your cart.
Ireland I Love You Acushla Machree, Where the River Shannon Flows, Galop "The Night Express", Galop "At The Fair", Do You Remember?
Folder 8: Chambers, 1895-1901Add to your cart.
"Giraldi" March, Hail Columbia March, "Revelation" March, Serenata Cubana
Folder 9: Chaminade, Clark, Clappe, Sousa, Code, Woods, 1892-1916Add to your cart.
Scarf Dance, Marche Aux Flambeaux, Christopher Columbus, The Belle of Chicago, City of Ballarat, The Path of Glory March
Box 2Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Copeland, Corey, Cox, Crosby, 1891-1916Add to your cart.
Whistle, Pan American, Call Me Thine Own, Eternal Hope
Folder 2: Dalbey, Daniels, de Koven, 1902-1906Add to your cart.
"Giant's Frolic" Polka, March - "Dreadnaught", Sanitol, Entr'acte - Chole I'm Waitin' from "The Little Duchess"
Folder 3: de Koven, de Ville, de Witt, 1902-1908Add to your cart.
The Little Duchess, "The Irish Dragoons", "Faugh a Ballagh", "The Irish Regiment"
Folder 4: de Witt, Dixon and Woods, English, Taylor, 1891-1935Add to your cart.
"Pride of America", River Stay 'Way from My Door, Just Like a Butterfly, "Salute to Alexander", "Liberty Hall" March
Folder 5: Doring, Liberati, Earl, Egan and Olman, Lake, Ellis-Paul, 1911-1918Add to your cart.
Distant Greeting, The Belle of Kentucky, Beautiful Ohio, "At Seven, Seventeen, and Seventy Daddy Loved the Same Sweet Girl", Good Old Pals, Napoleon's Last Charge
Folder 6: Eno, Fanciulli, Farrar, Fenton, 1899-1902Add to your cart.
The White Crow, The Gallant 71st, Columbian March, Golden Days
Folder 7: Fiala, Pesiri, Friedman, Fulton, Gardner and Hamilton, 1902Add to your cart.
Marien - Galop., Polka "La Belle Italia", Sun Dance, Tipperary March, Bye-Bye Pretty Baby
Folder 8: Gardner, Handel, Gaston, Dalbey, Goble, Zamecnik, Gounod, 1891-1912Add to your cart.
The Last Degree, Dead March in Saul, Sambo's Wedding, March - "Cabaletta", Elks on Parade, All America, Faust Waltz
Folder 9: Gounod, Gruenwald, Hager, 1902-1919Add to your cart.
"The King of Love My Shepard Is", Selection "Faust", Brown Eyes, The Boy And The Birds
Box 3Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Hall, M. H., Hall R. B., Weldon, Morris, 1898-1901Add to your cart.
Si. Haskin's Ball, Charge of the Battalion March, Tenth Regiment March, First Brigade I.N.G. March, Officer of the Day March, The Kilties March
Folder 2: Harris, Henry, Herbert, 1899-1905Add to your cart.
"Would You Care", By Heck, Gypsy Love Song, The Ameer
Box 6Add to your cart.
Folder 4: Herbert/Fulton, 1911Add to your cart.
Dream Melody
Folder 5: Hermann, Newmann, UndatedAdd to your cart.
Hohensollen March, Ins Treffen
Folder 3: Holmes, Sousa, Holt, Howard, Hughes, 1888-1926Add to your cart.
The Promotor, Semper Fidelis March, A Long Farewell, March of the Eagles, Del Rio
Folder 4: Hughes, Hyde, Laurendeau, Jewell, Skaggs, 1907-1911Add to your cart.
Waltz "A Maiden Fair", St. Valentine Waltz, Advance Guard March, "The Coast Defenders", The Director General, The "Loyal American"
Folder 5: Jewell, St. Clair, Keeble, Vandercook, 1906-1931Add to your cart.
The Freshman March, The "Guy" March, Luna Park March, Scand'lus Duin's, The Mandator March, Scand'lus Duin's, The Mandator March
Folder 6: Keiser, Kiefer, Scouton, King, K.L., 1914Add to your cart.
An Afternoon Tea, "Last Rest" Funeral March, Our Hallowed Dead, Monte Carlo, Nightfall
Folder 7: Kline, King, R.A., Lack, Lake, 1898-1914Add to your cart.
Peacock Stride Gavotte, Beyond the Gates of Paradise, Cabaletta, Lakesonian March, Le Siffler Coquet
Folder 8: Lambert, Lampe, Laurendeau, Laurent, 1897-1903Add to your cart.
The Choirboy's Dream, Dixie Girl, National Melodies No. I and II, Andante and Waltz, "Mamie"
Folder 9: Le Brunn, Leigh, Lincoln, Lindsay, 1902-1905Add to your cart.
Sadie, A Marionette's Romance, Zenith, Aisha: Indian Intermezzo
Box 4Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Lithgow, Lockhart, Lodge, Loraine, 1898-1921Add to your cart.
Invercargill, The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise, Geraldine, Salome
Folder 2: Losey, Stimson, Losey, Lumbye, 1897-1910Add to your cart.
Daddy's Delight, Yarney's Ideal, Danse of the Fireflies, Muttering Fritz, Andante and Waltz
Folder 3: Mackie, Mackie-Bayer, Macklin, 1906-1913Add to your cart.
Because, The Old Folks Are Longing For You, May, Onward Christian Soldiers and Adeste Fidelis, Sobra Las Olas Waltz, Tres Movtarde
Folder 4: Maywood, McKinley, Sousa, Meissler, Mills, 1896-1916Add to your cart.
My Soldier Boy, Golden Rod, On To Victory, In Old Madrid, The Owls Cotillion
Folder 5: Missud, Mora, Chambers, Mullot, 1893-1904Add to your cart.
"Always Forward" March, Marion Scottische, Editha Gavotte, Leila, The Muleteer of Madsid
Folder 6: Myers, Nelson, O'Hara, Openshaw, 1917-1918Add to your cart.
Serenade "The Twilight Hour", After the Storm, Over the Top, The Perfect Melody, Love Sends a Little Gift of Roses
Box 6Add to your cart.
Folder 6: Neibig, Hermann, UndatedAdd to your cart.
Bismarck Marsch, Vorwarts Marsch
Folder 7: Neibig, Bohne, UndatedAdd to your cart.
Molke Marsch, August Marsch
Folder 8: Neibig, Burgshaller, UndatedAdd to your cart.
Treu Der Fahne, Carneval March
Folder 7: Panella, Seltzer, Parlow, Paull, Penn, 1904-1919Add to your cart.
Flag of Freedom, The "Royal Trumpeters" March, Anvil Polka, The Romany Rye, Smilin Through
Folder 8: Pettee, Powell, Prendiville, Price, 1891-1904Add to your cart.
Gen. Grant's Funeral March, The Troubadour, "Anvil Chorus" from Il Trovatore, The Lion's Bride March
Folder 9: Pryor, 1899-1901Add to your cart.
An Arkansaw Huskin Been, Arms of America, A Coon Band Contest, The White Rats
Box 6Add to your cart.
Folder 9: Reinhardt, UndatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 10: Reinkendorff, Ripley, Robledo, Rodman, 1885-1921Add to your cart.
Across the Rockies, Serenade - Evantide, Three O'Clock In The Morning, John Harvard March
Box 5Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Rollinson, Thomas, Voelker, Rosas, UndatedAdd to your cart.
Boanerges March, Nahant March, A Little Bit of "Essence", "King of the Road" Galop, Dress Parade March, Carmen Waltz
Folder 2: Rosnar, Sargent, Savasta, Schramm, Sousa, 1904-1915Add to your cart.
Tinkle Bell Waltz, American Songs, Oscaleeta, Flag Day, The Lambs' March
Folder 3: Schuckel, Sherman, Skaggs, Smith, 1891Add to your cart.
Hoschzeits Marsch, Yubilaums Marsch, Chariot Race Galop, The "Loyal American", Love and Glory
Folder 4: Sousa, Southwell, Beebe, Sniffen, 1897-1902Add to your cart.
Imperial Edward March, The Loyal Legion March, "Peerless", March - The Giant, The Stars and Stripes Forever, The Mirror Dance
Folder 5: St. Clair, Stahl, 1902-1906Add to your cart.
The Plumed Knight, The Steel King, "The Bachelor Maids", Greater Pittsburgh, "Love's Serenade"
Folder 6: Stanford, Stein, Stimson, Stone, 1903-1913Add to your cart.
Japonica, "Diantha" Intermezzo, March "The Grand Review", "La Albacete" Waltz
Folder 7: Story, Strauss, Stuart, Stults, 1901-1909Add to your cart.
Tonkawa, Pizzicato Polka, Florodora March, The Birds and the Brook
Folder 8: Sullivan, Taylor, Weldon, Thayer, 1900-1906Add to your cart.
"The lost Chord", "The New Annapolis" March, Symposium - March, With Trumpet and Drum, American Victory March
Folder 9: Thiele, Barnard, Trinkaus, Vandercook, Verdi, 1891-1910Add to your cart.
American Republic March, Gavotte - Christmas Chimes, "Marceline" - (Dance of the Clowns), March - Grande Entree, Aida
Folder 10: Vogel, Miller, Von Hagen, Von Tilzer, Wacek, 1915Add to your cart.
Jasper Jenkins "De Cake Walk Coon", The "James Park" March, Rosemary, The Alcoholic Blues, Thundering Cannons
Box 6Add to your cart.
Folder 10: Wagner, A., Hafselmann, UndatedAdd to your cart.
Parade Marsch, Fubilaums Marsch
Box 6: Loose MusicAdd to your cart.
Folder 1: Wagner, J.F., Miller, Walter, Sousa, Warren, Wayne, 1895-1927Add to your cart.
"Under the Double Eagle", March "American Forever Victorious", Gavotte "The Queen's Favorite", The Beau Ideal March, "Chicago Belles" March, Ramona
Folder 2: Weber, Weldon, 1901-1903Add to your cart.
"The Eagles" March, March, Gate City, Col. Stuart March, From Mexico to Buffalo
Folder 3: Whiting, Williams, Linden, Wright, Unidentified Composer, 1886-1918Add to your cart.
Till We Meet Again, Larboard Watch, Turkish Dance "Sultana", Violets, Unidentified Title
Folder 11: Unidentified, Crosby, Denni, UndatedAdd to your cart.
Heaven's Artillery March, Peace with Honor, The United States Navy, Starlight Love

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