James S. Parker Sheet Music Collection, 1860-1970

By Carol Berthold

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Collection Overview

Title: James S. Parker Sheet Music Collection, 1860-1970

ID: 12/9/177

Primary Creator: Parker, James S. (1940-)

Extent: 1.0 cubic feet

Arrangement: Unarranged.

Date Acquired: 03/07/2023. More info below under Accruals.

Subjects: Music, Music - United States, Vocal music

Languages: English, Polish

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Consists of published sheet music and method books by New York and Chicago publishers dating between 1860 and 1970.  The music was used by Jim Parker's grandfather, Frank Gore, who had a small band in the early 1900s and his grandfather's brother, Lou Gore who played piano in this band as well as several other local bands in Poy Sippi, Wisconsin after WWII.  During WWII Lou served in the Canadian army as a military musician.

Biographical Note

James S. Parker was born April 24, 1940 into a musical family—his grandfather Frank Gore and uncle Lou Gore were both professional musicians. James attended Lane Tech High School in Chicago and graduated from Illinois Wesleyan University in 1963. In 1967, Parker worked as a part-time photographer and later as a partner at Copelin Commercial Photographs, which was established in Chicago in 1856.  Parker bought Copelin in 1972. Following this, he worked at City Hall in Chicago and served as an aide to Congressman Frank Annunzio until 1992.

Subject/Index Terms

Music - United States
Vocal music

Administrative Information

Repository: The Sousa Archives and Center for American Music

Accruals: Additional material acquired March 16, 2023.

Acquisition Source: James Parker

Acquisition Method: Gift

Box and Folder Listing

Box 1Add to your cart.
Folder 1: 24 Happy Home Songs, 1941Add to your cart.
Complete songs for voice and piano. Shapiro, Bernstein & Co.: New York.
Folder 2: Celebrated Song Hits, Feist, 1936Add to your cart.
Leo Feist, Inc.,: New York.
Folder 3: Community Songs, Treasure Book of, 1936Add to your cart.
Edward Schuberth & Co., Inc.: New York.
Folder 4: Dance Folio for 1941, Gem, 1941Add to your cart.
Shapiro, Bernstein & Co.: New York.
Folder 5: Old Time Song Hits, 1935Add to your cart.
Treasure Chest Publications Inc.: New York.
Folder 6: Piano Accordopm Folio No. 3, Gem, 1939Add to your cart.
Pietro Deiro, arr. Shapiro, Bernstein & Co.: New York.
Folder 7: Song Folio, BVC. No. 3, 1940Add to your cart.
Bregman. Vocco & Conn, Inc.: New York.
Folder 8: Song Treasures, Lanny Ross, undatedAdd to your cart.
Stasny Music Corp.: New York.
Folder 9: Songs of the Gay Nineties, Bill Hardy's, 1938Add to your cart.
Robbins Music Corp.: New York.
Folder 10: Strauss Waltzes, Instrumental, 1939Add to your cart.
M.M. Cole Publishing Co.: Chicago.
Folder 11: Stuart Hamblen and His Lucky Stars, 1932Add to your cart.
M.M. Cole Publishing Co.: Chicago.
Folder 12: Time Tested Melodies That Never Grow Old, 1930Add to your cart.
M.M. Cole Publishing Co.: Chicago.
Folder 13: Waltz Time With Abe Lyman, 1943Add to your cart.
Mayfair Music Corp.: New York.
Folder 14: Music Method Books and Dictation Book, 1940-1941Add to your cart.
Home Study Course, Piano Accordio: Lessons 13-24, 25-36,37-48. U.S. School of Music: New York. Music Dictation Book.
Box 2Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Polish Dance Album No. 11 - Piano, 1934Add to your cart.
A Folio of Polish National Dances: F.A. Przybylski, arr.  W.H.  Sajewski: Chicago.
Folder 2: Polish Dance Album No. 11 - 1st Violin, 1934Add to your cart.
A Folio of Polish National Dances. F.A. Przybylski, arr.  W.H. Sajewski: Chicago.
Folder 3: Polish Dance Album, Sajewski - Piano, 1946Add to your cart.
F, Przybylski, arr.  W.H. Sajewski: Chicago.
Folder 4: Polish Music: Moszkowski, Spanish Dances, 1893Add to your cart.
Moritz Moszkowski, composer. G. Shirmer, New York.
Folder 5: Polishj Music: Tancow Polskich, Album No. 1, undatedAdd to your cart.
F. Przybylski, arr. W.H. Sajewskiego: Chicago.
Folder 6: Polish Music: Tancow Polskich Na Orkiestre, Album No. 8, 1924Add to your cart.
F. Przybylski, arr. W.H. Sajewski: Chicago.
Folder 7: Polish Music: Wieniawski, Masterpieces for the Violin, Vol. II, 1896Add to your cart.
G. Shirmer: New York.
Folder 8: Single Pieces: "Along 'Bout Sundown" - "Drink the Barrel Dry", 1890-1946Add to your cart.
Pieces: Along 'Bout Sundown: Jack Miller and Tony Gale, 1941.  At Sea: Anton Strelezki, 1890.  Azusa: Guy Wood, 1946. Baby Me: Lou Handman, Harry Harris & Archie Gottler, 1939. Battle Hymn of the Republic, William Steffe (comp.), Julia Ward Howe (lyrics), 1943. Beside the Fire, Ray Winger, 1937. Cold, Cold Heart: Hank Williams, 1951. Colonel Bogey March: Kenneth J. Alford,1916. Cradle Song, M Hauser, 1921. Dig You Later: Jimmy McHugh, 1945. Dream of the South, A: Harry J. Lincoln, 1909. Drink the Barrel Dry: Marvin Montgomery, 1940.
Folder 9: Single Pieces: "Falling Waters" - "My Love and I", 1878-1946Add to your cart.
Pieces: Falling Waters: J.L. Truax, 1936. Fondly and Truly: J.C. Macy,1883. Gates of Gladness, The: J. Keirn Brennan, Paul Cunningham & Bert Rule, 1919. Hard Way, The: Jimmy Van Heusen, 1945. Have You Ever Been In Heaven: Peter Tinturin and Jack Lawrence, 1937. Heartaches: Al Hoffman, 1931. In the Valley, Harry Warren (comp.), Johnny Mercer (lyrics), 1945. Her Bathing Suit Never Got Wet: Nat Simon, 1945. I Can't Believe It: Jack Morrow and Mickey Codian, 1944. In a Moodboat: Al Lewis, Larry Stock & Vincent Rose, 1940. Kitty: Jay Livingston and Ray Evans,1946. Lights Out: Billy Bill, 1935. March On To Victory: Margaret Toohey and Gordon McLean,1940. Mickey O'Neil: E.G. Nelson and J. Fred Coots, 1921.  My Little Love: C.B. Hawley, 1890. My Love and I: Frederick Clay, 1878.
Folder 10: Single Pieces: "Noche" - "You're Precious To Me", 1866-1951Add to your cart.
Pieces: Noche: Gabriel Ruiz, 1944. Now You're In My Arms: Allie Wrubel and Morton Downey, 1931. O Fair Dove, O Fond Dove: Alfred Scott Gatty, undated. On A Little Street In Singapore: Peter de Rose,1938.  On Parade, Heinrich Lichner, 1914. One Room Kitchenette: Elwyn Winston and David Ellis, 1947. Palms, The: J. Faure, 1899. Pearly Dewdrop, The: S. McIntire Birbeck, 1925. Red Sails In the Sunset: Hugh Williams, 1935. La Redemption: Harry Fofer, 1866. Rollin' Stone: Irving Gordon, 1951. Saskatchewan: Irving Caesar, Sammy Lerner & Gerald Marks, 1936. She Was Bred in Old Kentucky: Stanley Carter, 1898. Souvenir: F. Drdla, 1925. Sundown Bells Valse: Jules Chalier, 1927. Sweet Dreams Sweetheart: Benny Davis, Milton Ager & Jesse Greer, 1939. Wait and See: Harry Warren (comp.), Johnny Mercer (lyrics), 1945. Was It a Dream?: Sam Coslow, Larry Spier & Addy Britt, undated. Two Songs - 1) A Welcome Home; 2) Through the Valley: Berthold Tours, 1874. Welcome To My Dream: Jimmy Van Heusen, 1945. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams: Harry Barris, 1931. You're Precious To Me: Pat Ballard, Bert Pellish & Nat Brusiloff, 1937.
Box 3Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Dance Folio for 1926, Gem: No. 2, 1925Add to your cart.
Mid-Season's most popular songs. Shapiro, Bernstein & Co.: New York.
Folder 2: Fats Waller's Original Piano Conceptions, 1936Add to your cart.
Mills Music, Inc.: New York.
Folder 3: International Polkas, 1943Add to your cart.
Arr. by Joseph Elsnic. For piano solo. Vitak-Elsnic Co.: Chicago.
Folder 4: Lawrence Welk's Polka Folio, 1942Add to your cart.
For piano and piano accordion. Leeds Music Corp.: New York.
Folder 5: Old Time Jigs and Reels for the Violin, 1906Add to your cart.
Oliver Ditson Co.: Boston, MA.
Folder 6: Music Method Book: EZ Method for Hawaiian Guitar, 1937Add to your cart.
Wm. J. Smith Music Co., Inc: New York.
Folder 7: Music Method Book: McNeil Chord System for Tenor Banjo, 1923Add to your cart.
Forster Music Publisher, Inc.: Chicago.
Folder 8: Music Method Book: Self Instructior for the Tenor or Plectrum Banjo, 1916Add to your cart.
By . Stumpf. Southern California Music Co.: Los Angeles, CA.
Folder 9: Single Pieces: "Alabamy Bound" - "Donna E Mobile", 1875-1948Add to your cart.
Pieces: Alabamy Bound: Ray Henderson, 1925. All That I Need Is You: Lester Santly & Abel Baer, 1921. Aloha Oe: Queen Lydia Liluokalni, 1935. Anvil Chorus:Theo Krausse (arr.). Ave Maria: Charles Gounod, undaated. Blueberry Hill: Al Lewis, Larry Stock and Vincent Rose, 1940. Bright Eyes: Sister of St. Joseph, 1909. Cheerio! I'll Be Seeing You: Harry Thompson and Ray Terry, 1939. Cuanto Le Gusta: Gabriel Ruiz, 1948. Dance of the Butterflies: Arnold DeVere, 1911. Dear Heart, We're Growing Old!: H.M. Estabrooke, 1875. Donna E Mobile: Guiseppe Verdi, 1921.
Folder 10: Single Pieces: "Golden Earrings" - "Love's Old Sweet Song", 1906-1946Add to your cart.
Pieces: Golden Earrings: Victor Young, 1946. Good Bye!: F. Paolo Tosti, undated. Gypsy Dance: H. Lichner, undated. Happy Again: G.G. Bunner, 1946. Hurricane, The: S.L. Alpert, 1906. I Never Knew I Could Love Anybody: Tom Pitts, Ray Egan and Roy Marsh, 1920. I'm Gonna Have A Cowboy Weddin': Nat Vincent and Milo Sweet, 1940. I'm Just a Lucky So-and So: Duke Ellington, 1945. Il Bacio Waltz: F. Lanner, undated. Little Fairy Polka: Streabbog, 1935. Love's Old Sweet Song: J.L. Molloy, undated.
Folder 11: Single Pieces: "Meditation" - "Rustic Dance", 1906-1946Add to your cart.
Pieces: Meditation: C.S. Morrison, 1906. Memory of Youth: G.G. Bunner, 1946. Mississippi Flood Song, The: Sarah Westcott, 1927. My Love: Russ Columbo, 1932. Off to the Fire: Paul Santon, 1925. Open Up the Golden Gates to Dixieland: Gus Van and Joseph Schenck, 1919. Over the Waves: Juventino Rosas, undated. Parade of the Wooden Soldiers: Leon Jessel, 1932. Pretty Kitty Blue Eyes: Vic Mizzy, 1944. Rustic Dance: C.R. Howell, undated.
Folder 12: Single Pieces: "Softly Oe'r the RIppling Waters" - "You Came Along", 1866-1941Add to your cart.
Pieces: Softly o'er the Rippling Waters: J.R. Thomas. 1866. Soldiers of the King, The: Leslie Stuart, 1908. Storm King, The: E.T. Paull, 1902. Un Giorno in Venezia: Ethelbert Nevin, 1898. Upon the Danube River: Hamilton Aide, 1868. When I Love I Love: Harry Warren, 1941. Wagon Trails: Hap Lambie, 1938. Winter Wonderland: Felix Bernard, 1934. You and I: Claribel, undated. You Came Along: John W. Green,1931.