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Collection Overview

Title: Norman Eisenstein Photographs and Papers, 1936-1985Add to your cart.View associated digital content.

ID: 26/20/216

Primary Creator: Norman W. Eisenstein (1917-2012)

Extent: 1.0 cubic feet

Arrangement: Arranged chronologically.

Date Acquired: 02/17/2019

Subjects: Band Concerts, Band Department, Band Musicians, Dairy Plants, Dairy Science, Jazz, Photograph Albums, Photographs

Languages: English

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Consists of scrapbook pages containing candid black and white photographs taken by Norman Eisenstein documenting his time as a chemistry student and member of the University of Illinois Concert Band. The photographs include images of the campus' chemistry laboratory and building as well as the University's dairy operation, his faculty instructors, fraternity brothers, members of the Illinois band, A. Austin Harding and Mark Hindsley during band performances and tours, his travels with the Red Maxwell Orchestra throughout the Midwest, and numerious scenes of Illinois commercial dairy companies documenting his professional career after graduating from the university. There are also additional candid color photographs of Eisenstein's family from the late 1970s and 1980s, and personal papers, including travel pamphlets, photo enlarger instructions, and an article from "Chemical and Engineering News."

Biographical Note

Norman W. Eisenstein was born January 19, 1917, and attended the University of Illinois between 1935 and 1938.  He majored in chemistry and played B-flat clarinet in the University's concert band. He was also a member of the Jewish fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi. After graduation, he worked in dairy science, likely at the Drexel Ice Cream Company, and was a member of the American Dairy Science Association which granted him a life membership in 1984. He was married to Shirley Sidransky for 71 years, and passed away on March 13, 2012 at the age of 95.

Subject/Index Terms

Band Concerts
Band Department
Band Musicians
Dairy Plants
Dairy Science
Photograph Albums

Administrative Information

Repository: The Sousa Archives and Center for American Music

Acquisition Source: Norman Lambert

Acquisition Method: Gift

Box and Folder Listing

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Box 1Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Scrapbook pages, Feb. 1936-Feb. 1937Add to your cart.
Includes interior and exterior shots from Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity housing; trips to Baltimore, Rehoboth Beach, Getttysburg, PA, Ottumwa, IA; and fellow students . Names listed include: F. Sherman, E. Targ, M. Solomon, M. Reingold, M. Fishkin, M. Goodman, A. Levitetz, H. Rubin, W. Gelman, H. Fagel, H. Goltz, S.H. Simon, S. Dry, L. Mirovetz, Chuck Pearson, Jack Rubin, E. Tarrson, B. Hayden, M. Levin, P. Weinraub, W. Eiferman, M. Pahn, H. Schnitz, H. Mazur, M. Garber, E. Weissman, D. Greenman, J. Feldman, M. Kapson, D. Shapiro, T. Maggid, H. Herzon, H. Passman, Elmer, G. Marcus, S. Doppelt, Betty Lou Schultz, Joe Robbins, Sam Cohen, Bart Kerr, Curly Inskip, Tom Ringness, Aubrey Buckman, L. Bober, D. Taibleson, N. Album, H. Latshaw, G. Lewis, Harvey Hirsch, Wally Wormser, S. Barth, M. Raffel, I. Durschlag, S. Fohrman, A. Frishman, Harold "Red" Singer, M. Kowal, I. Ferdinand, and W. Lewin.
Folder 2: Scrapbook pages, Feb. 1937-May 1937Add to your cart.
Includes pictures of instruments, campus, chemistry lab, trip with Red Maxfield and His Orchestra, 1st Regimental Band, concert band trip to Bloomington. Names listed include: Grose, Shepard, Jack Richardson, F. Sherman, L. Kallis, T. Liss, S. Fohrman, Bob Silverman, Bill Lewin, H. Reingold, E. Lewis, G. Marcus, Abe Parotti, Johnny Trapp, J.R. Greenwell, Prudy, John Brown, Natt Album, Aubrey Lauterstein, Mr. and Mrs. H. Passman, Romine, Julius Sartoris, Percy Grainger, Director Stiven, M. Milligan, Mr. Hindsley, Bainum, Ravelli, Dvorak, R. Barclay, Ed Conovay, A. Austin Harding, Al Lape, Dave Moses, Van Slyke, R. Campbell, H. Norris, E. Deturk, C. Schlutz, Norris, Sanborn, Steimley, Weller, Eckhardt, B.T. Malter, F. Polacek. W. Siegel, H. Schnitz, J. Rubin, L. Bober, H. Goltz, C. Pearson, M. Bogus, K. Britton, G. Donaldson, Metlzer, Richardson, Metcalf, W. Lynes, Ed Dolch, M. Rattner.
Folder 3: Scrapbook pages, May 1937-Mar. 1938Add to your cart.
Pictures of campus, Chicago, trips with Red Maxfield's Orchestra, Champaign Urbana Waterworks, Kamerer's on Daniel St, Prehn's on Oregon St, Prehn's on Green St, the wrecking of Uni Hall. Names listed include: Elmer, J. Berrent, H. Goltz, L. Bober, L. Kallis, A. Katz, R. Schwimmer, Prudy, Johnny, Hogie, E. Weller, W. Mohlman, K. WIlson, Professor Harding, M. Mercer, A. Britton, Metcalf, Fiorentini, Van Slyke, Gause, Milligan, Greenwell, Levin, Reed, Barclay, F.W. Schooley, Westphal, J. Overman, G. Weisiger, Christophersen, George Milkwick, Abe Parotti, Dick Hartom, George Jares, Deacon Dunn, Bert Julian, Bud LIttle, Pentz, Jim Kell, Dunc Morrison, Dick Orr, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Cathey, J. Sartoris, W. Otey, W. Lee, J. Pyle, J. Sargent, Professor Shawl, D. Smith, C. Bachman, Art Richardson, J. Rubin, J. Levine, S. Pearson, N. Album, J. Meyer, J. White, D. Tjaden, Stevens, Fisher, Miller, Andy Hansen, Turmail, Maffris, Ed Conovay, Bernie Juschinsky, J. Mashman, McGarity, O. Michi, P. Hohenstein, K. Britton, O. Hibbard, B. Blanke.
Folder 4: Loose photographs, 1943-1980sAdd to your cart.
Includes group photos, portraits, outdoor shots, children, work colleagues, laboratory shots, and dairy tour or inspection photos.
Folder 5: Personal papers, ca. 1936-1985Add to your cart.
Includes hotel booklet, "Touring London" pamphlet, Western Dairy Co. pamphlet, photo enlarger instructions, page from "Chemical and Engineering News" Vol. 32, No. 38, Sept. 20, 1954, and photograph and negative envelopes.
Box 2Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Scrapbook pages, Mar. 1938-May 1938Add to your cart.
Pictures of campus, including Hanley's, Prehn's on Green St, concert band trips to Quincy, Tolono, and Springfield IL. Names listed include: W. J. Kaiser, Jensen, G. Frank, R. Weil, A. Van Wagner, H. Fisher, E. Havlick, N. Kaplan, O. Hawkins, Christophersen, R. Work, Barclay, Mcgarity, Hindsley, Michi, Greenwell, Walter Suft, J. Brown, W. Otey, L. Michelson, C. Stansberry, McCarr, K. Jost, Orr, Conovay, H. Waddington, H. Bergman, G. Hoblick, W. Murray, J. Sartoris, W. Thrall, F. Gedge, Alexander, Hogie, Campbell, J. Stanton, Grose, Weller, Butler, Bachman, Prudy, Younggren, Wilson, Little, Dvorak, W. Pierce, H. Harper, G. Duker, R. Myers, D. Pfohl, Westphal, Gause, Florentini, Metcalf, D. Moses, R. Van Nice, Gore, Overman, Browder, Sexton, Knight, Barbour, J. Sargent, W. Deturk, Browder, E. Oliver, Professor Englis, W. Katz, R. Schwimmer, R. Silverman, B. Stone, W. Wormsey, H. Fagel, J. Rubin, E. Bernick, G. Marcus, Levitetz, I. Kraus, Houston, A. Warnke, P. Gubbins, J. Loman, L. Burleson, Lynes, Gene Gambel, B. Kuschel, R. Shank, I. Gerson, A. Cannon, I. Zabin, L. Harker, B. Goldstein, J. Friedlen, Mel Abrams, C. Rafilson, Austin Garrels, Sam Gorbach, Oral Hibbard, Henry Lipschultz, C. Inskip, Shelton, Knudsen, W. Risser, A. Rosenfeld, C. Mautz, R. Tibbets, C. Hendricks, H. Zorn, W. Boggs, Ed Dolch, W. Nechoda, D. Pettigrew, G. Troutt, Edna Michael, Paul Hines, Steimley, R. Scheffler, Sawhill, Felts, Barnes, A. Hatch, Bergman, Eglin.
Folder 2: Scrapbook pages, May 1938-June 1938Add to your cart.View associated digital content.
Images from campus, fraternity housing. Names listed include: Jim Davitt, Sexton, Hoefner, Yapp, M. Bogess, R. Dunn, D. Davis, Barbara Hillis, John Brown, Kenny, Peacock, Herb Stevens, John Peterson, Bill Pierce, Morrie Schaudt, Hogie, Bill Lee, Gerson, Hibbard, H. Brockman, Greenwell, Westphal, Wilson, Thomas Thornburn, Metcalf, Pettigrew, Sawhill, Hindsley, Fiorentini, Gedge, Van Slyke, Campbell, Prudy, Mautz, Lockhart, Ralph Jensen, R. Dunn, Arnold Sucherman, Rip Allen, Rattner, Don Boudreau, Dale Tjaden, Red Miller, H. Harper, Art Richardson, Fisher, M. Adams, W. Murray, J. Sartoris, J. Kirkpatrick, W. Thrall, J. Friedlen, M. Abrams, L. Kallis, S. Pearson, I. Lewis, Paul Hohenstein, Armbruster, McCarr, Knudsen, Williams, Britton, Conovay, Little, Lytle, Aubrey Lauterstein, Cheri Bourgin, S.O. Simon, Dale Tjadn, Walter Suft, Bernard Kuschel, McGarity, Wyman, Frederick, Elliott, Harding, Zorn, Hindsley, Lescher, Steimley, Harper, Grose, Deturk, Bachman, Turmail, Duker, Russ Howland, Simmons, Barclay, Hansen, Gause, Pfohl, Glover, Paul Hines, K. Palmer.
Folder 3: Scrapbook pages, Jul. 1938-May 1940Add to your cart.
Western Dairy Company interior and exterior shots, International Livestock Exhibition, U of I Homecoming, Dairy Manufacturer's Conference, Bottle Exchange Banquet, WDWS Studios, S. Reckles senior recital, Pet Condensery (Oregon, IL), and Rockford Dairy. Names listed include: Joe Adams, Frank Piell, Lewis, Miller, Stevens, Brown, Prudy, Inskip, R. Hensen, H. Fisher, Claude Henry, The Allmans, Hank Lipschultz, Dave Apfelbaum, S.O. Simon, Fagel, L. Morrison, E. Trueblood, I. Weeg, H.R. Glick, L.G. Glick, W.R. Boruszak, Ed Ebbeson, B. Goldstein, Dr. Tracy, Mr. Hahn, Mr. Corbett, Professor Bartlett, Professor Burgwald, Mr. Ramsey, Mr. Heyl, Professor Yapp, Professor Overman, Bratt, Gibson, Mr. Maack, Dr. Clark, Professor Tanner, Hughes, Britton, Mr. Dotterer, Saltzman, S. Slutzky, Abe Cooper, Morgenstern, E. Stern, J. Fishman, H. Gurstein, M. Korshack, N. Hendler, M. Temkin, Whiteside, Carmichael, Harker, Allen, Pentz, Wanger, R.V. Nixon, Bill Fleming, Herb Rothenberg, Weas, G. Edman, Minert, Kizer, Raab.
Box 3Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Scrapbook pages, May 1940-Aug. 1947Add to your cart.
Rockford Dairy, Kraft in Freeport, Swift and Co. in Chicago, Wstern United Dairy Co, Mukwonago (WI) Dairy. Names listed include: B. Gordon, R. Nixon, W. Taylor, V. Taylor, Tuckey, Ferreira, Schreiter, Hepierly, Cooper, Minert, Trent, Pedrich, Raab, Roy Brill.
Folder 2: Scrapbook pages, Sept. 1947-Jul. 1957Add to your cart.
Mukwonago (WI) Dairy, downtown Champaign, Chicago street shots (Wolcott and Granville), Adler Planetarium, Western United Dairy Co.
Folder 3: Scrapbook pages, Oct. 1958-Nov. 1985Add to your cart.
Dairy plant interiors and exteriors, some color photos taken by Norman Eisenstein's father, office shots, home interiors, former Country Squire Motel in Whitewater, WI, CDTS Regional Dairy Products judging contest, Northwestern University, State of Illinois Building (James R. Thompson Center, Chicago). Names listed include: Mario Williams, Mary Bulthaus, Gunther Lindholm.