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Education Materials and Professional Correspondence

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Bohumir Kryl Women's Symphony Orchestra Correspondence, Ephemera, Photographs

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Finding Aid for Anna Fay Herron Bush Papers, 1847-2019 | The Sousa Archives and Center for American Music

By Carol Berthold, Nolan Vallier, Lindsay Musil, and Jonas Kromer Yela

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Collection Overview

Title: Anna Fay Herron Bush Papers, 1847-2019Add to your cart.View associated digital content.

ID: 12/9/158

Primary Creator: Anna Fay Herron Bush (1921-2016)

Extent: 14.25 cubic feet


The materials are organized in seven series: Series 1, Education Materials and Professional Correspondence, 1890-1999; Series 2, Personal Papers, 1924-1961; Series 3, Bohumir Kryl Orchestra Correspondence and Digital Photographs, ca. 1945-1947; Series 4, Church Choir Library Scores and Flyers, 1895-1996; Series 5, Sheet Music Collection, 1895-1963; Series 6, Musical Instruments; and Series 7, Sarah Bush Randolf Personal and Instructional Materials. Series 2 contains two sub-series: Sub-series 1, Personal and Family Papers and Sub-series 2, College Education Materials and Music Study Scores. Series 5 is split into two sub-series: Sub-series 1, Original Acquisitions; and Subseries 2: Sheet Music Collection Additions.

Since there was no original order for the materials, order was imposed by the archivist and became more defined as more materials were acquired. Series 1 and Series 2 are arranged chronologically, with the exception of the music study scores in Sub-Series 2, which have been arranged alphabetically by score type and title of composition. Series 3 has been arranged alphabetically by subject, person, and location. Series 4 and 5 have been arranged alphabetically by title of composition. Series 7 is arranged chronologically.

Date Acquired: 08/10/2017. More info below under Accruals.

Subjects: Kryl, Bohumir, 1875-1961, Music - Instruction and study, Musical Instrument Makers, Music teachers

Languages: English

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Consists of music instrument catalogs; lists of sheet music for schools and bands; teacher's instructional notes, music programs, newsletters, and correspondence documenting Anna Fay Herron Bush's career as a public school music teacher in rural southern Illinois (ca. 1950s-1970s) and performance career as an oboist in the Kryl Women's Symphony Orchestra in 1945; and photographs, concert programs, correspondence, certificates, newspapers, music books and journals, documenting Herron's daughter Sarah's career working with the Selmaville Ambassadors and Music Department. Of particular interest are a series of postcards and photos describing her time spent touring with the Kryl Women's Symphony Orchestra, including postcards describing her lessons with oboist Frances Napolilli, funded by Kryl.

Biographical Note

Anna Fay Herron Bush was born in Windsor, IL on September 12, 1921. Her father and mother were both school teachers. She attended high school in Windsor, IL and graduated in 1939. She received a teaching certificate from Eastern Illinois in 1946, a Bachelors of Music degree from Illinois Wesleyan University in 1947, and a Master of Science in Education (Administration) degree from Eastern Illinois University in 1971. She taught for over 33 years in grade and high schools in Clay, Jasper, Crawford and Clark Counties in Illinois. Before she was married, Anna Fay Herron played professionally with Bohumir Kyrl's Women's Symphony Orchestra of Chicago on the orchestra's 1945 tour. After the tour, she became a member of several national music and education associations. As an active church choir director, she led worship activites at her local church in Oblong, Illinois as well as other church choirs near Effingham, Illinois. Anna Fay Herron Bush passed away on March 31, 2016.

Subject/Index Terms

Kryl, Bohumir, 1875-1961
Music - Instruction and study
Musical Instrument Makers
Music teachers

Administrative Information

Repository: The Sousa Archives and Center for American Music

Accruals: Additional accruals were made on July 24, 2018; September 1, 2018; June 6, 2019; July 22, 2019; July 7, 2023; and October 25, 2023.

Acquisition Source: Sarah Randolph, Joliet, Illinois

Acquisition Method: Gift

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[Series 1: Education Materials and Professional Correspondence, 1890-1999],
[Series 2: Personal Papers and Objects, 1879-1993],
[Series 3: Bohumir Kryl Women's Symphony Orchestra Correspondence, Ephemera, Photographs, 1943-1947],
[Series 4: Church Choir Library Scores and Flyers, 1895-1996],
[Series 5: Sheet Music Collection, 1863-1963],
[Series 6: Musical Instruments, undated],
[Series 7: Sarah Bush Randolf Personal and Instructional Materials, 1973-2019],

Series 5: Sheet Music Collection, 1863-1963Add to your cart.
This series contains Bush's collection of published sheet music titles for paino, voice and piano, and voice and guitar. The collection contains works from the late 19th century, WWI, the 1920s, and WWII predominantly. Of particular note are works by Irving Berlin, D.W. Crist, Ethelbert Nevin, Johnny Mercer, and Al Jolson.
Sub-Series 1: Original AcquisitionsAdd to your cart.
Box 7Add to your cart.
Folder 1: A-B Titles, 1895-1948Add to your cart.
Pieces include: "Ac-cen-tchu-ate the Positive," Johnny Mercer and Harold Arlen, 1944. "Address Unknown," Carmen Lombardo, 1939. "All the Things You Are," Oscar Hammerstein and Jerome Kern, 1939. "All Through the Day," Oscar Hammerstein and Jerome Kern, 1946. "Aloha Oe," H.M. Queen Liliuokalani, arr. J. Russel Robinson, 1915. "America Forever March," E.T. Paull, 1898. "America I Love You," Edgar Leslie and Archie Gottler, 1915. "Anniversary Song," Al Jolson. arr. Lucy-Ann Bryant, 1947. "Aren't We All,"  B.G. De Silva and Lew Brown, 1929. "Arlington Grand March," D. W. Crist, 1895. "Babes in Arms," by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart, 1937. "Beautiful," Haven Gillespie and Larry Shay, 1927. "Bei Mir Bist du Schon," Jacob Jacobs and Sholom Secunda, 1937. "Bella Bella Marie," Don Pelosi and Gerhard Winkler, 1947. "The Bells of St. Mary," Douglas Furber and A. Emmet Adams 1917. "Blues in the Night," Johnny Mercer and Harold Arlen, 1941. "A Broken Doll," Clifford Harris and Jas. W. Tate, 1916. "Brush Those Tears from Your Eyes," Oakley Haldeman, 1948.
Folder 2: C-D Titles, 1900-1956Add to your cart.
Pieces include: "California Here I Come," Al Jolson and Bud De Sylva, 1924. "Call Me Darling," Bert Reisfeld and Mart Fryberg, trans. Dorothy Dick, 1931. "Carry On," N.F. Woodbury, 1918. "Cecilia," Herman Ruby and Dave Dreyer, 1925. "Chase's Grand March," D.W. Crist, 1900. "Cheer Up Father, Cheer Up Mother," Alfred Bryan and Herman Paley, 1918. "Ching Chong," J. Will Callahan and Lee S. Roberts, 1917. "Chong He Come from Hong Kong," Harold Weeks, 1919. "Cinco Robles," Larry Sullivan and Dorothy Wright, 1956. "The Clang of the Forge," Henry Vaughan and Paul Rodney, ca. 1927. "The Crimson Wing," Ernest R. Ball, 1902. "Dancing in the Dark," Howard Dietz and Arthur Schwartz, 1931. "Dearer Than Dear," Fred Spielman and Diane Lampert, 1949. "Deep Purple," Peter De Rose and Mitchell Parish, 1939. "Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief," by Paul Francis Webster and Hoagy Carmichael, 1945. "Don't Bite the Hand that Feeds You," Thomas Hoier and Jimmie Morgan, 1915. "Don't Cry, Joe," Joe Marsala, 1949 (two copies). "Don't Wake Me Up," Wolfe Gilbert and Mabel Wayne, 1925. "Don't You Hear Me Calling Dear," Betty Bowers and Roy Allen, 1918. "Down by the River of Golden Dreams," John Klenner and Nathaniel Shilkret, 1930. "Dreaming of My Southern Home," A.G. Corless and E. Edwin Crerie, 1917.
Folder 3: E-H Titles, 1898-1954Add to your cart.
Pieces include: "East of the Sun and West of the Moon," Brooks Bowman, 1934. "El Capitan March," John Philip Sousa, arr. Lloyd Marvin, 1952. "Empty Dreams," Grover Hoeffer and Al Cechvala, 1948. 'Fairview Grand March,"  Dottie Brogan, 1898. "Far Away Places," Joan Whitney and Alex Kramer, 1948. "A Fella With an Umbrella," Irving Berlin, 1947. "Feudin' and Fightin'," Al Dubin and Burton Lane, 1947. "Flirtation Dance," Arthur Brown, 1898. "Fluttering Leaves," Carl Kolling, ca. 1900. "Flying Home," Sid Robin, Benny Goodman and Lionel Hampton, 1941. "Hail! Chicago," Ted Turnquist and Bob Allen, 1921. "Hawaiian Butterfly," George Little and Billy Basket, 1917. "Hawaiian Dreams," Herbert Marple, 1919. "High School Cadets March," John Philip Sousa, arr. Lloyd Marvin, 1919. "Hi Diddle Diddle," Carleton Coon and Hal Keidel, 1926."Hold My Hand," Jack Lawrence and Richard Myers, 1950. "An Hour Never Passes," Jimmy Kennedy, 1954. "The House I Live In," Lewis Brown and Earl Robinson, 1942. "How Deep is the Ocean, How High is the Sky," Irving Berlin, 1932. "How Do You Do," Phil Fleming and Charlie Harrison, 1924. "Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!," Don Reid, 1949. "The Hymns of the Old Church Choir," Arthur Lamb and Alfred Solman, 1907. "The Ghost of Dinah," by Joe Young and Little Jack Little 1935. "The Girl is You and the Boy is Me," B.C. De Sylvia and Ray Henderson, 1926. "Gold and Silver Waltz," Franz Lehar, arr. Fred Feibel, 1946. "Gone," Gus Kahn and Franz Waxman, 1936. "Goodbye to Rome, Arrivederci, Roma," Carl Sigman and R. Rascel, 1955. "Good Night and Goodbye," Calvin Arnold, 1939. "Gospel Boogie," Lee Roy Abernathy, 1947. "The Great American Song (Theodore Roosevelt)," Ray Sherwood and Harry Lincoln, 1920.
Folder 4: I Titles, 1893-1962Add to your cart.
Pieces include: "I," Milton Berle and Buddy Arnold, 1952. "I Apologize," Al Hoffman and Al Goodhart, 1931. "I Believe in Miracles," Sam Lewis and Pete Wendling, 1962. "I Can't Stop Loving You," Don Gibson, 1958. "I Didn't Mean Goodbye," A.N.J. Clesi, 1916. "I Don't Care if the Sun Don't Shine," Mack David, 1949. "I Don't Know Why," Roy Turk and Fred Ahlert, 1931. "I Dream of You More than You Dream I Do," Marjorie Goetschius and Edna Osser, 1944. "I Gotta Gal I Love in North and South Dakota," Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne, 1946. "I Hate to Lose You," Grant Clarke and Archie Gottler, 1918. "I Haven't Time to be a Millionaire," Johnny Burke and James Monaco, 1940. "I Just Kissed Your Picture Goodnight," Mack David and Walter Kent, 1936. "I Love You Truly," Carrie Jacobs-Bond, 1959. "I May be Gone for a Long, Long Time," Lew Brown and Albert von Tilzer, 1917. "I Never Loved Another Girl as I Love You,"  Fred Strachan, 1904. "I Never Walk Alone,"  A. H. Ackley, 1952. "I Still Get a Thrill Thinking of You, Benny Davis and J. Fred Coots, 1930. "I Wish I Knew," Mack Gordon and Harry Warren, 1945 (two copies). "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now," Will Hough and Joseph Howard, 1947. "I'd Love to Take Orders from You," Harry Warren and Al Dubin, 1935. "I'll Always Be in Love with You," Herman Ruby, 1929. "I'll Be Seeing You," Irving Kahal and Sammy Fain, 1938. "I'll Come Back to You When Its All Over," Lew Brown and Kerry Mills, 1917. "I'm All Alone," Frank Dular, 1931. "I'm All Bound Round with the Mason Dixon Line," Sam Lewis and Jean Schwartz, 1918. "I'm Going to Follow the Boys," Howard Rogers and James Monaco, 1917. "I'm in the Market for You,"  Joseph McCarthy and James Hanley, 1930 (two copies). "I'm Just a Rolling Stone," Oliver Ashley and Harry Bell, 1941. "I'm Waiting for You," A. Harding Crossman, 1908. "Ida's Waltz," Laura C. Baker, 1893. "Idolizing," Sam Messenheimer and Irving Abrahamson, 1926. "If," Robert Hargreaves and Tolchard Evans, 1934. "If I Had You," Ted Shapiro and Jimmy Campbell, 1956. "If I Only I Had a Home Sweet Home," J. Johns and A.L. McDermott, 1906."It Ain't Gonna' Rain No Mo',"  Wendell Hall, 1923. "In the Evening," George Rosener and Jerry Jarnagin, 1915."In the Garden of Tomorrow," Geo. Graffe Jr. and Jessie Deppen, 1924. "In the Land of Beginning Again," Grant Clarke and George Meyer, 1945. "In Time of Peace Prepare for War," Eddie Cavanaugh and Bob Allen, 1915. "Irish Melodies," R. L. Weaver, 1909."It's a Wonderful World," Harold Adamson and Jan Savit, 1939. "It's Dark on Observatory Hill," Johnny Burke and Harold Spina, 1934 (two copies). "It's in the Book," Johnny Standley and Art Thorsen, 1952.
Folder 5: J-L Titles, 1912-1956Add to your cart.
Pieces include: "Jarabe Tapatio," arr. John Walz, 1941. "Johnny Zero," Mack David and Vee Lawhurst, 1943. "Just a Baby's Prayer at Twilight," Sam Lewis and M.K. Jerome, 1918. "Just a Wonderful Girl," J. Brandon Walsh and Bob Allan, 1915. "Just as the Ship Went Down," Edith Maida Lessing and Gibson and Adler, 1912. "Just Like Washington Crossed the Delaware, General Pershing Will Cross the Rhine," Howard Johnson and Geo. Meyer, 1918. "K-K-Katy," Geoffrey O'Hara, 1918. "Kee Mar Hula Hula," Clifford Lowe, 1917. "Keep the Home-Fires Burning," Lena Guilbert Ford and Ivor Novello, 1915. "Keep the Love Light Burning in the Window Until the Boys Come Home," Caddigan and McHugh, 1917. "Kiss of Fire," Lester Allen and Robert Hill, 1952. "Laura," Johnny Mercer and David Raksin, 1945. "The Last Mile Home," Walter Kent and Walton Farrar, 1949. "Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella on a Rainy Day," Irving Kahal and Sammy Fain, 1927. "Liberty Under God," John Sacco, 1942. "Lilacs in the Rain," Peter de Rose and Mitchell Parish, 1934. "The Little Red Fox," James Kern and Lew Porter, 1939. "A Little While," Walter Rolfe, 1912. "Lonely," Walter Hirsch and Monte Wilhite, 1929." Look Homeward America," Richard Malaby, 1940. "Lovable and Sweet," Sidney Clare and Oscar Levant, 1929. "A Love Letter to Grandmother," Mathilda Bilbro, 1914. "Love Me Tender," Elvis Presley and Vera Matson, 1956. "Loves Voice Divine," Oakley Stout and Edwin Abbott, 1919.
Folder 6: M-O Titles, 1906-1963Add to your cart.
Pieces include: "Maybe You'll Be There," Sammy Gallop and Rubie Bloom, 1947. "Mellow Mountain Moon," Fred Howard and Nat Vincent, 1935. "Moonlight and Roses,"  Edwin Lemare and Ben Black, 1925. "Moon Over America," Al Hoffman and Manny Kurtz, 1940. "Moon Over Miami," Edgar Leslie and Joe Burke, 1935. "More," Norman Well and R. Ortlani, 1963. "Mother a Word that Means to Me," Howard Johnson and Theodore Morse, 1915. "Mothers of France," Leo Woods, 1917. "My Dreams are Getting Better all the Time," Mann Curtis and Vic Mizzy, 1944. "My Mother Told Me," Ralph Freed and Jimmy McHugh, 1944. "My Rocky Mountain Sweetheart," W.R. Calaway, 1932. "My Sweet Hawaiian Rose," Bernard Fay and Charles Ruddy, 1917. "Night Train," Oscar Washington and Jimmy Forrest, 1952. "Nobody Loves Me Now," Billy Tracy and Nola Arndt, 1922. "Now that I Need You," Frank Loesser, 1949. "O," Byron Gay and Arnold Johnson, 1953. "Oh But I Do," Arthur Schwartz and Leo Robin, 1946. "Oh What it Seemed to Be," Bennie Benjamin and George Weiss, 1945. "On the Meadows," H. Lichner, arr. Mort Glickman, 1936. "On the Road to Home Sweet Home," Gus Kahn and Egbert Van Alystyne, 1917. "Oregon Grand March," D.W. Crist, 1906. "Over in the Hero Land," Arthur Freed and Louis Silvers, 1918.
Box 8Add to your cart.
Folder 1: P-R Titles, 1898-1958Add to your cart.
Pieces include: "Parade Band March," D.W. Crist, 1899. "Paradise," Nacio Herb Brown and Gordon Clifford, 1931. "Paul Revere,"  Joe Goodwin and Halsey Mohr, 1918. "Patriotic Medley," arr. Eugene Walter, 1905. "Poor Pauline," Chas. McCarron and Raymond Walker, 1914. "A Penny A Kiss, A Penny A Hug," Buddy Kaye and Ralph Care, 1950. "A Perfect Day," Carrie Jacobs Bond, 1910. "Personality," Johnny Burke and James Van Heusen, 1945 (two copies). "Please Think of Me," Benny Davis and Russ Morgan, 1942. "Poor Butterfly," John Golden and Raymond Hubbell, 1916. "The Preacher and the Bear," Joe Arizona, 1904. "Pretty Eyed Baby," Mary Lou Williams and William Johnson, 1951. "Pretty Kitty Blue Eyes," Mann Curtis and Vic Mizzy, 1944. "Primrose Lane,"  Wayne Shanklin and George Callender, 1958. "The Prisoner's Song," Guy Massey, 1925. "Prove It By the Things You Do," Allen Roberts and Dorris Fisher, 1945. "Put the Blame on Mame," Alice Roberts and Doris Fisher, 1946. "Ramona," L. Wolfe Gilbert and Mabel Wayne, 1927. "The Reason That We Ask It Is Because We Want to Know," Sarah Grames Clark and Margaret McClure Stitt, 1927. "The Robin's Return," Leander Fisher, 1926. "Romance," Edgar Leslie and Walter Donaldson, 1929. "The Rosary," Ethelbert Nevin and Robert Cameron Rogers, 1898. "Rose Anne of Charing Cross," Kermit Goell and Mabel Wayne, 1942. "Rosemary," Jimmie Dodd and John Jacob Loeb, 1945. "The Rose of No Man's Land," Jack Caddigan and James Brennan, 1918. "La Rosita Song," Allen Stuart and Paul Dupont, 1928. "The Roving Kind," Jessie Cavanaugh and Arnold Stanton, 1950.
Folder 2: S Titles, 1913-1962Add to your cart.
Pieces include: "Say a Prayer for the Boys Out There," Bernie Grossman and Alex Marr, 1917. "Say a Prayer for the Boys Over There," Herb Magidson and Jimmy McHugh, 1943. "Say It Isn't So," Irving Berlin, 1932. "Sea Fever," John Masefield and Mark Andrews, 1929. "Silver Bells," Jay Livingston and Ray Evans, 1950. "Since I Lost You," Walter Melrose, 1920. "Sing Me the Rosary," Roger Lewis and F. Henri Klickmann, 1913. "Slaughter on Tenth Avenue," Richard Rodgers, 1936. "A Smile Will Go a Long, Long Way," Benny Davis and Harry Akst, 1923. "Soft Shoe Song," Roy Jordan and Sid Bass, 1951. "Softly as a Morning Sunrise," Oscar Hamerstein and Sigmund Romberg, 1947. "Someday You'll Want Me to Want You," Jimmie Hodges, 1944. "Someday Sweetheart," by Spikes and Spikes, 1924. "Somewhere, Somewhere in France," William Vaughan Dunham and Shelton Brooks, 1917. Song Hits of the Day, Kaplan Publishing, 1931. "The Song of a Mother's Heart," Jack Frost and E. Clinton Keithley, 1918. "Spooks Holiday," Willis Conolly, arr. Harry Stanley, 1934. "Step This Way," Sam Lewis and Bert Grant, 1916. "St. Louis Blues," W.C. Handy, 1914. "Summer Sounds," Sid Tepper and Roy C. Bennet, 1965. "The Sunset Bridge," Lytton Cox, 1920. "Surrender," Bennie Benjamin and George Weiss, 1946. "Sweet By and By," arr. Nick Manoloff, 1935. "Swingin' In a Hammock," Tot Seymour and Pete Wendling, 1930. "Swinging Gently," Bobby Worth and Earl Grant, 1962.
Folder 3: T-U Titles, 1905-1959Add to your cart.
Pieces include: "Tallahassee," Frank Loesser, 1947. "Tell Me a Story," Larry Stock and Maurice Sigler, 1948. Tennessee Moon, Harry Williams and Chas. Daniels, 1917. There's a Mother Old and Gray Who Needs Me Now," Geo. Diamond, 1911. There's a Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere, by Paul Roberts and Shelby Darnell, 1942. "There's a Quaker Down in Quaker Town," David Berg and Alfred Soloman, 1916. "There's a Yes, Yes, Yes in Your Eyes," Cliff Friend and Jos. Santly, 1940. "There's a Vacant Chair in Every Home Tonight," Alfred Bryan and Ernest Breuer, 1917. "There's Just Two Things To Do On a Rainy Day (and I Don't Want To Play Cards)," Wm. Tracy and Nat Vincent, 1917. "There Goes That Song Again," by Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne, 1944 (Two Copies). "Ti-pi-tin," Maria Grever and Raymond Leveen, 1938. "Til Tomorrow," Sheldon Harnick and Jerry Bock, 1959. "Til We Meet Again," Raymond Egan and Richard Whiting, 1918. "Time Waits for No One," Cliff Friend and Charlie Tobias, 1944. "The Tinkle Song," Kay Armen and Jack Beekman, 1951. "To Be Alone," Billy Vaughn, 1953. "Trees," Joyce Kilmer and Oscar Rasbach, 1922. "Turkey in the Straw," Leo Wood and Otto Bonnell, 1920. "Unless," Robert Hargreaves and Tolchard Evans, 1934. "Under the Double Eagle March," J.F. Wagner, 1933. "Under the Hawaiian Moon," Frank Grey, 1939. "USA March," Al. Brown, 1905.
Folder 4: V-Z Titles, 1896-1961Add to your cart.
Pieces include: "Veteran's Parade March," D.W. Crist, 1896. "Vissi d'Arte, Vissi d'Amore," Giacomo Puccini, arr. John Gutman, 1956. "Wake up America," George Graff and Jack Glogau, 1916. "Walk On By," Kendall Hayes, 1961. "Wave to Me My Lady," William Stein and Frank Loesser, 1915. "Way Down in Iowa," Sam Lewis and Geo. Meyer, 1916. "We Could Make Such Beautiful Music," Robert Sour and Henry Manners, 1940. "We Don't Know Where We're Going but We're on Our Way," W.R. Williams 1917. "We'll Be Ready Whenever You Call," Frank Holland, 1916. "What Kind of American Are You," Lew Brown and Chas. McCarron, 1917. "What Is There to Say," E.Y. Harburg and Vernon Duke, 1933. "When We Gathered Wild Flowers," Jack Frost and E. Clinton Keithley, 1915. "When You Were Sweet Sixteen," James Thornton, 1945. "When Your Hair Has Turned to Silver," Charlie Tobias and Peter DeRose, 1930. "When Dawn Breaks Through," W. Allen Barker and Haydn Wood, 1930. "Where Do We Go From Here," Howard Johnson and Percy Wenrich, 1917. "Where the Black-eyed Susans Grow," Dave Radford and Richard Whiting, 1917. "Who'll Be Your Sweetheart Then," J. Will Callahan and Paul Pratt, 1915. "Why Should I Cry Over You,"  Ned Miller and Chester Cohn, 1922. "Without a Word of Warning," Mack Gordon and Harry Revel, 1935. "Without Drum or Trumpet," Gordon Johnstone and W. Frank Harling, 1940. "Wonderland By Night," Klauss-Gunter Neuman, 1959. "Would I Love You," Bob Russel and Harold Spina, 1950. "You Can't Mend a Broken Heart," Shelton Brooks, 1915. "You Do," Mack Gordon and Josef Myron, 1947. "You'll Have Your Dreams," Maxine Myers, 1947. "You're So Understanding," Ben Raleigh and Bernie Wayne, 1949. "You're the Dawn of a Perfect Day," W.R. Williams, 1915. "You've Got Me This Way," by Johnny Mercer and Jimmy McHugh, 1940.
Box 23Add to your cart.
Folder 1: A - B Titles, 1897-1954Add to your cart.
Pieces include: After School Recreations, undated: "At Eventide," H. Nurnberg; "Valsette," H. Nurnberg. "Along Came Ruth," Irving Berlin, 1914. "Am I a Butterfly?" Clarence M. Jones, lyrics Walter Hirsch, 1918. "Among My Souvenirs," Horatio Nicholls, lyrics Edgar Leslie, 1927. "And They Called It Dixieland," Richard A. Whiting, lyrics Raymond Egan, 1916."Angel Kisses," Harry J. Lincoln, 1911. "Answer," Norman J. Vause, 1921. "Apple Jack," Charles L. Johnson,1909. "Aragonaise," J. Massenet, arr. John W. Schaum, 1950. "Are You a Buffalo?" Harry Von Tilzer, lyrics Edward P. Moran, 1901. "Aren't We All?" R.G. De Sylva, Lew Brown and Ray Henderson, 1929. "At the Ballet," Opal Louise Hayes, 1953. "At the Devils Ball," Irving Berlin, 1913. "Baby Feet Go Piotterr Patter," Gus Kahn, 1927. "Back In Your Own Back Yard," Al Jolson, Billy Rose and Dave Dreyer, 1928. "Ballad of Davy Crockett, The," George Bruns, lyrics Tom Blackburn, 1954. "Barbara Allen," arr. Nick Manoloff, 1935. "Be Careful," B.G. DeSylva, Leo Robin and Richard A. Whiting, 1933. "Beautiful Rainbow, The," J. Fred DeBerry, 1905. "Black Hawk Waltz, Mary E. Walsh, 1897. "Billy," Kendis & Paley, lyrics Joe Goodwin, 1911. "Bless Your Heart,"  Harry Stride and Duke Enston, lyrics Milton Drake, 1933. "Bright Eyed Little Nell of Narragansett Bay," G.C.W., arr. Wurzel, undated. "Bright Eyes," Karl Hoschna, lyrics Otto Hauerbach, 1909. "Brownies, The," Franco Leoni, lyrics Fred E. Weatherly, 1912. "By the Light Of the Jungle Moon," J. Caldwelll Atkinson, lyrics Powell I. Ford, 1911. "Bye Bye Blues," Fred Hamm, Dave Bennett, Bert Lown and Chauncey Gray, 1930.
Folder 2: C - D Titles, 1893-1948Add to your cart.
Pieces include: "California My Own," Edith Ellis (Cadwell), 1931. "Candle, The," Charles Kingsford, lyrics Marcia Short, 1940. "Carolina Sunshine," Erwin R. Schmidt, lyrics Walter Hirsch, 1919  (two copies). "Cedar Brook Waltz," Phil B. Perry, rev. Henry S. Sawyer, 1909. "Chili Bean," Albert Von Tilzer, lyrics Lew Brown, 1920. "Chimes at Twilight," R.G. Gradi, 1910. "Ching-a Ling's Jazz Bazaar," Ethel Bridges, lyrics Howard Johnson, 1920. "Ching Chong," Lee. S. Roberts, lyrics J. Will Callahan, 1917. "Cobbler, Cobbler," Louise Christine Rebe, 1936. "Convent Bells," F. Spindler, undated. "Curious," David Corn, Jr., 1946. "Daisy Doyle," Sydney P. Harris, 1907. "Deep Down In My Heart," Harriet Dickens, lyrics Jeffrey T. Branen, 1903. "Did An Angel Kiss You," Frederick Hollander, lyrics Ralph Freed. 1938. "Ding Dong Bell," George L. Spaulding, 1906. "Do Something," Bud Green and Sam H. Stept, 1929. "Dolores," Art Kassell and Marty Bloom, 1928. "Don't Bite the Hand That's Feeding You,"  Ed Morton, lyrics Thomas Hoier, 1915. "Down By the Station," Lee Ricks and Slim Gaillard, 1948. "Down Where the Orange Blossoms Grow," J. Fred De Berry, 1904. "Dream-Days," Charles L. Johnson, 1913. "Dream of Spring, A," Carrie C. Von Dersmith, 1893. "Dying Poet, The," L. M. Gottschalk, undated.
Folder 3: E - F Titles, 1895-1908Add to your cart.
Pieces include: "Emperor's Band March, The," M.W. Butler, 1895. "Every Dollar Carries Trouble Of Its Own," Leighton and Leighton, 1905. "Flash-Light, The," Harry J. Lincoln, 1908. "For It's the Anchor," Arthur D. Porter, 1906 (two copies).
Folder 4: G - H Titles, 1901-1954Add to your cart.
Pieces include: "Gone!" Gus Kahn, 1913. "Great White Throne, The," Will M.S. Brown, lyrics G.H. Kerr, 1901. "Harbor Lights," Jimmy Kennedy and Hugh Williams, 1937. He's a Devil In His Own Home Town," Irving Berlin, lyrics Grant Clarke and Irving Berlin, 1914. "Heavenly Love," V.B. Ellis, 1954. "Hello Central, Give Me No Man's Land," Jean Schwartz, lyrics Sam M. Lewis and Joe Young, 1918. "Here Am I - Broken Hearted," B.G. De Sylva, Lew Brown and Ray Henderson, 1927. "High Speed," Harry J. Lincoln, 1914. "Hold Up Rag, The," Egbert Van Alstyne, lyrics Edward Madden, 1912. "Hot Off the Griddle," James White, 1915. "How Do You Do Miss Josephine," Albert Von Tilzer, lyrics Junie McCree, 1909.
Folder 5: I Titles, 1899-1937Add to your cart.
Pieces include: "I Cannot Live Without Love," Raymond Walker, lyrics Frank Tyler Daniels, 1914. "I Don't Want To," A. Seymour Brown, 1913. "I Hear the Land of Bohemia Calling Me," Newton Alexander, 1917. "I Love, I Love, I Love My Wife, But Oh You Kid," Harry Von Tilzer, Jimmy Lucas, 1909. "I Love You, Oh, So Dearly," Barclay Walker, 1911. "I Love Her," James V. Monaco, lyrics Joe McCarthy and E.F. Moran, 1913. "I Met You Dear in Dreamland," Lew Berk, 1916. "I mIss You Most of All," James V. Monaco, lyrics Joe McCarthy, 1913. "I Owe You," Al Goodhart, lyrics Don Hartman, 1930. "I Remember You," Harry Von Tilzer, lyrics Vincent Bryan, 1908. "I Want An Irish Rose," John B. Jacobs, lyrics Arthur Eccles, 1911. "I'd Like To Have a Girl Like You," Frank C. Huston, lyrics Harold C. Foster, undated. "I'd Still Believe In You," Al Piantadosi, 1913. "I'll Do It All Over Again," Albert Gumble, A. Seymour Brown, 1914. "I'm Goin' To Mobile On the Robert E. Lee," James White, 1912. "I'm Lonesome For You Dear Old Pal," Ethel and Billy Ritchie, 1922. "I'm Longing For Old Virginia and You," L. Clinton Keithley, lyrics Joe Lyons, 1915. "I'm Missin' Mammy's Kissin'," Lew Pollack, lyrics Sidney Clare, 1921. "I'm On My Way To Mandalay," Fred Fisher, lyrics Al Bryan, 1913. "I'm Sorry I Made You Cry," N.J. Clesi, 1918. "I'm Sorry ," Ted Fiorito, lyrics Gus Kahn, 1928. "I've Got Rings On My Fingers," Maurice Scott, lyrics Weston and Barnes, 1909. "I've Waited, Honey, Waited Long For You," George A. Nichols, 1899. "If He Can Fight Like He Can Love, Good Night, Germany!" George W. Meyer, lyrics Grant Clarke and Howard E. Rogers, 1918. "If I Forget," De Koven Thompson, lyrics Alfred Anderson, 1911. "If I Had You," Ted Shapiro, Jimmy Campbell and Reg Connelly, 1928. "If I Knock the 'L" Out Of Kelly," Herb Grant, lyrics Sam M. Lewis and Joe Young,  1916. "If Mothers Could Live On Forever," Harry Tobias, Howard Johnson and Henry H. Tobias, 1937. "If You Don't Want Me," Irving Berlin, 1913. "IF You See Sally," Walter Donaldson, lyrics Gus Kahn and Ray Egan, 1927. "If You Should Ever Leave Me," W.M. Dygert, 1913. "If You Won't Go To School To Me, I'll Go To School To You," Frank S. Colburn, 1925 [note: pages missing]. "Illinois," William Andrew Moore, undated. "In Old Madrid," H. Trotere, lyrics Jerry Castillo, 1935. "Smile! Smile! Smile!" Mas Hoffmann, Edward Madden, 1907. "In Room 202," Dave Harris, lyrics Edgar Leslie and Bert Kalmar, 1919. "In the Golden Autumn Time My Sweet Elaine," S.R. Henry, lyrics Richard H. Gerard, 1905. "In the Heart Of a Fool," Harry D. Squires, lyrics Max C. Freedman, 1919. "In the Land of Love," F. Wallace Rega, 1915. "In the Shadow of the Pines," Glenn C. Leap, 1913. "Humoreske," A. D. Dvorak, adapted James H. Harrington, 1928. "It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo'," Wendell Hall, 1923. "It Takes a Little Rain With the Sunshine," Harry Carroll, lyrics Ballard MacDonald, 1913. It Takes a Long Tall Brown Skin Gal," Will E. Skidmore, lyrics Marshall Walker, 1917. "It's Tulip TIme In Holland," Richard A. Whiting, lyrics Dave Radford, 1915.
Folder 6: J - L Titles, 1894-1936Add to your cart.
Pieces include: "Japanese Sandman, The," RIchard A. Whiting, lyrics, Raymond B. Egan,1920. "Jeannine, I Dream of Lilac Time," Nathaniel Shilkret, lyrics L. Wolfe Gilbert, 1928. "Joyful Departure," H. Engelmann, 1900. "June Night," Abel Baer, lyric Cliff Friend, 1924. "Just a Bird's-Eye View," Walter Donaldson, lyrics Gus Kahn, 1926. "Just a Year Ago To-Night," Lee David, lyric Billy Rose,1933. "Just Across the Bridge Of Years," A.J. Holmes, lyrics C.M. Denison, 1912. "Just Because You're You - That's Why I Love You," Roy Turk and J. Russel Robinson, 1922. "Just You, Just Me," Jesse Greer, lyric Raymond Klages, 1929. "Katy's Letter," Lady Dufferin, undated. "Kiss That Made You Mine, The," Paul Biese and F. Henri Klickmann, lyrics J. Will Callahan, 1915. "Last Hope," L.M. Gottschalk, undated. "Last Round-Up, The," Billy Hill, 1933. "Let By-Gones Be By-Gones," Bert Grant, lyrics Harry Williams and Joe Young, 1914. "Let Me Be Near You," Harry R. Gordon,1905. "Let Me Grow As the Lily," David C. Cook, arr. T. Martin Towne, 1895 "Let Me See You Smile," Fred Fischer, 1905. "Let's Dine Alone Tonight," Ruth Sylvia Keil, 1936. "Liberty Bell," Halsey K. Mohr, lyrics Joe Goodwin, 1917. "Lilies of Lorraine," 1926. "Little Kiss Each Morning," Harry Woods, 1929. "Little Sunshine," Frank C. Huston, 1919. "Love By Telephone," Emil O. Wolff, lyrics Paul Barnes, 1894.
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Folder 1: M - N Titles, 1867-1963Add to your cart.
Pieces include: "Mammy Jinny's Jubilee," Lewis F. Muir, lyrics L. Wolfe Gilbert, 1913. "Mammy's Little Coal Black Rose," Richard A. Whiting, lyrics Raymond Egan, 1916. "Mandy, How Do You Do?" Percy Wenrich, 1909. "Mandy Lane," William J. McKenna, 1908. "Maple Leaves Waltz," Eleanor Schuyler Grinnell, 1877. "Marching Though Georgia," Henry C. Work, arr. Henry S. Sawyer, 1907. "Mary Ann," Abner Silver, lyrics Benny Davis, 1927. "May Bells Peal, Heinrich Siewert, undated. "Maybe I'll Forget You Then," J.R. Shannon, lyrics George J. Moriaty, 1912. "Meet Me In Rosetime Rosie," Jean Schwartz, lyrics William Jerome, 1908. "Meet Me To-Night In Dreamland," Beth Slater Whitson and Leo Friedman, 1909. "Meditation," Antonio Carlos Jobim, lyrics Newton Mendonca, translation Norman Gimbel, 1963. "Meditation," C.S. Morrison, 1906. "Melody of Love," H. Engelmann, 1903. "Mickey," Neil Moret, lyrics Harry Williams, 1918. "Miss You," Henry H. Tobias, lyrics Charles Tobias and Harry Tobias, 1929. "Mister Gallagher and Mr. Shean," Gallagher and Shean, 1922. "Little Show, The," Arthur Schwartz, lyrics Howard Dietz, 1929. "Moon Is Low, The," Nacio Herb Brown, lyrics Arthur Freed, 1930. "Moon Is Out To Night, Love,The," Will S. Hays, 1867. "Moonlight Cocktail," Lucky Roberts, lyrics Kim Gannon, 1941. "Moonlight On the Lake," J.S. Fearis, 1905. "Morning Prayer," L. Streabbog, undated. "Mother's Present," August Forster, lyrics J.J. Burns, 1903. "My Little Dream Girl," Anatol Friedland, lyrics L. Wolfe Gilbert, 1915. "My Love's Delight," William Hartman, lyrics Harold G. Frost, 1918. "My Phantom Girl," Paul Biese and F. Henri Klickmann, lyrics Jack Frost, 1916. "My Skylark Love," Lucien Denni, lyrics George H. Bowles, 1913. "My Sweet Adair," L. Wolfe Gilbert and Anatol Friedland, 1915. "My Ting-A-Ling," Myra Adler, 1949. "New Christian Endeavor," Eugene Walter, 1907. "Not For a Million Dollars Would I Give Up My Boy," J. Fred De Berry, 1903.
Folder 2: O - P Titles, 1906-1954Add to your cart.
Pieces incdlude: "Oh! Those Blues!" Paul Biese and F. Henri Klickmann, lyrics Isadore Murphy, 1916. "Old Fashioned Story and Song," Isaac Doles, 1921. "Old Road, The," John Prindle Scott, lyrics Reginald V. Darow, 1920. "Old Sweetheart of Mine, An," Frederic Chapin, 1906 (two copies). "On Nuptial Bay," Francis E. Blanchard, 1920. "On the Alert," H. Engelmann,1909. "On the Dixie Highway," Leo Friedman, 1916. "On the Magic Lake," Caroline H. Crawford, 1931. "Orvetta Waltz," E.B. Spencer, undated. "Pagan Love Song," Nacio Herb Brown, lyrics Arthor Freed, 1929. "La Paloma," Sebastian Yradier, lyrics Jerry Costillo, 1935. "Pansies From My Sweetheart," A.A. Forster, lyrics J.J. Burns, 1908. "Papa Loves Mambo," Al Hoffman, Dick Manning and Bix Reichner, 1954. "Paradise For Two," Ted S. Barron, lyrics Jean Havez, 1913. "Pipe Of Peace," Jean C. Havez, 1907. "Precious," Stephen Pasternacki and Richard A. Whiting, lyrics Raymond B. Egan, 1926. "Pretty Miss Kalispell," Montana Al, 1909. "Puddin' Head Jones," Lou Handman, lyrics Al Bryan, 1933. "Pusey and St. John," lyrics to pieces, ads, undated.
Folder 3: Q - R Titles, 1900-1942Add to your cart.
Pieces include: "Queen of Beauty," Lem Trombley, 1915. "Ready For the River," Neil Moret, lyrics Gus Kahn, 1928. "Rebecca of Sunny-Brook Farm," Albert Gumble, lyrics Seymour Brown, 1914. "My Red Umbrella," Bernice Frost, 1942. "Repasz Band," Charles C. Sweeley, arr. Harry J. Lincoln, 1901. "Reynard the Fox," Carl Henschel, 1900. "Rose In the Bud," Dorothy Forster, lyrics Percy J. Barrow, 1907.
Folder 4: S Titles, 1880-1943Add to your cart.
Pieces include: "Sailing Down the Chesapeake Bay," George Botsford, lyrics Jean C. Havez, 1913. "Sailor Town," Alice Lee Wiley, arr,. Margaret Hicks Schmitt, 1930. "Scatter-Brain," Keene-Bean abd Frankie Masters, lyrics Johnny Burke, 1939. "Salvini Polka," Strauss, undated. "Shadows On the Water," August Loumey, ed. Hans Lichter, 1880. "She Is the Sunshine of Virginia," Harry Carroll, lyrics Ballard MacDonald,1916. "She a Thoroughbred," Ned Wayburn and Stanley Whiting, 1899. "The Shorter They Wear "Em, The Longer They Look," Nat Vincent, lyrics Will J. Harris, 1917. "Since You Went Away," Earl E. Crooke, 1913. "Sing Me To Sleep," Edwin Greene, lyrics Clifton Bingham, 1902. "Sittin' On a Log," Byron Gay and Zez Confrey, 1933. "Slave Song," Teresa del Riego, lyrics E. Nesbit, 1909. "Some Day I'll Make You Glad," Harry D. Squires, lyrics Max C. Freedman, 1918. "Some Lonesome Night," George W. Meyer, lyrics Grant Clark and George Whiting, 1918. "Somebody's Coming To Town," Henry Clay Smith, lyrics Raymond A. Browne, 1912. "Somebody's Waiting For Someone," Harry Von Tilzer, lyrics Andrew B. Sterling, 1919. "Somewhere Over There," Ed O'Keefe, lyrics Medora Bowen Pulver, 1918. "Song Of the Vioyager," Ignace Jan Paderewski, arr. John W. Schaum, 1943. "South of the Border," Jimmy Kennedy and Michael Carr, 1939. "Stars and Stripes Forever, The," John Philip Sousa, 1897. "Steeple-Chase," Percy Wenrich, 1916. "Suki San," Walter Donaldson, lyrics J. Keirn Brennan, 1917. ""Sunbonnet Days," Charles A. Bayha, undated. "Sweethearts," Victor Herbert, lyrics Robert B. Smith, 1913. "Sweetie O'Mine," Egbert Van Alstyne, lyrics Haven Gillespie, 1920.
Folder 5: T - U Titles, 1863-1937Add to your cart.
Pieces include: "Take This Rose," Hero De Rance, lyrics Gus Kahn, 1924. "Tapping At the Garden Gate," Alice Harrison, undated. "That Old Feeling," Lew Brown and Sammy Fain, 1937. "That Old Girl Of Mine," Egbert Van Alstyne, lyrics Earle C. Jones, 1912. "That Old Sweetheart Of Mine," Larry Shay, lyrics Joe Goodwin, 1928. "That's How I Need You," Al Piantadosi, lyrics Joe McCarthy and Je Goodwin, 1912 (two copies). "That's My Desire," Helmy Kresa, lyrics Carroll Loveday, 1931. "That's My Weakness Now," Bud Green and Sam H. Stept, 1928. "That's What Puts the 'Sweet' In Home Sweet Home," Ed Lowry, Mack Gordon and Charles Newman, 1928. "That's Why I Love You," Walter Donaldson and Paul Ash, 1926. "There's a Girl In the Heart of Maryland," Harry Carroll, lyrics Ballard MacDonald, 1913 (two copies). "There's Everything Nice About You," Pete Wendling, lyrics Alfred Bryan and Alfred Bryan and Arthur Terker, 1927. "There's No Coon That's One Half So Warm," M.B. Garrett, lyrics James O'Dea, 1907. "They Go Wild Simply Wild Over Me," Fred Fisher, lyrics Joe McCarthy, 1917. "They Gotta Quit Kickin' My Dawg Aroun'," Cy Perkins, lyrics Webb M. Gungst, 1912. "They're Wearing 'Em Higher In Hawaii," Halsey K. Mohr, lyrics Joe Goodwin, 1916. "Thine Own," Gustave Lange, undated. "Till We Meet Again," Richard A. Whiting, lyrics Raymond B. Egan, 1918. "The Touch Of Your Lips," Ray Noble, 1936. "The Trail Of the Lonesome Pine," Harry Carroll, lyrics Ballard MacDonald, 1913. "Tres Moutarde," Cecil Macklin, 1911. "'Twas Only An Irishman's Dream," Rennie Cormack, lyrics John J. O'Brien and Al Dubin, 1916. "Under the Goo Goo Tree," Jean Schwartz, lyrics Stanislaus Stange, 1904. "Under the Willow She's Sleeping," Stephen C. Foster, 1863. "Underneath the Mellow Moon," Wendell W. Hall, lyrics R. Beaudry, 1922.
Folder 6: V - W Titles, 1900-1933Add to your cart.
Pieces include: "Waiting, Waiting For the Day That Ne'er Will Come,"  Charles F. Pietzsch, 1906. "Wandering Back To Loveland," G.M. Tidd, 1927. "Waves Of the Danube," J. Ivanovici, 1907. "Weeping Willow Lane," F. Henri Klickmann, lyrics Harold G. Frost, 1919. "We'll Have a Jubilee In My Old Kentucky Home, Walter Donaldson, lyrics Coleman Goetz, 1915. "What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For?" Joe McCarthy, Howard Johnson and Jimmy V. Monaco, 1916 (two copies).  "When I Lost You," Irving Berlin, 1912. "When Jap Rose Takes Her Sunday Morning Bath," Donald G. Robertson, 1916. "When Sunday Rolls Around," Louis Weslyn and Felix Arndt, 1911. "When the Crimson Sun Is Setting In the West," C.T. Lewis, lyrics Richard Henry Buck, 1900. "When the Maple Leaves Were Falling," Tell Taylor, 1913. "When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain," Kate Smith, Howard Johnson and Harry Woods, 1931. "When the Rest Of the World Don't Want You Go Back To the Folks At Home," George B. McConnell, lyrics A.L. Dubin, 1916. "When We Gathered Wild Flowers," E. Clinton Keithley, lyrics Jack Frost, 1915. "When We Were Sweethearts" Tell Taylor, 1911. "When Your Old Gray Bonnet Was New,," Henry I. Marshall, lyrics Stanley Murphy, 1913. "Where the Angels Play Their Harps Of Gold," Frank Cottingham, lyrics George E. Berg and Frank Cottingham, 1931. "Whispering," John Schonberger, lyrics Malvin Schonberger, 1920. "Who'll Take the Place Of the Song-Bird Now Gone?" Raymond S. Orton, 1923. "Who's There?" Chris Smith and Harry Brown, 1905. "Why Can't We Be Sweethearts," Doris White and Norman Costello, 1931. "Without That Certain Thing," Max and Harry Nesbitt, 1933.
Folder 7: X - Z Titles, 1907-1933Add to your cart.
"You Brought Ireland Right Over To Me," Ernest R. Ball, lyrics J. Keirn Brennan, 1917. "You Can't Put the Beauty Back In the Rose After It Withers and Dies," 1917. "You'll Always Be the Same Sweet Baby," A. Seymour Brown, 1916. "You're My Rose In the Garden of Dreams," Floyd Thompson, lyrics E. Clinton Kethley, 1914. "You've Got Ev'rything," Walter Donaldson, lyrics Gus Kahn, 1933. "Youthful Days (Evening Schottische)," Ralph K. Elicker, 1907.
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Folder 1: A - B Titles, 1922-1965Add to your cart.
Pieces include: "All," Nino Oliviero, lyrics Raymond Jessel and Marian Grudeff, 1965. "All the Way Home," Jule Styne, lyrics Stanley Styne, 1963. "Am I  That Easy to Forget?" Carl Belew and W.S. Stevenson, 1958. "Angel Child," George Price, Abner Silver, and Benny Davis, 1922. "Anna," R. Vatro, lyrics William Angvick, 1952. "Another Time, Another Place," Richard Adler, 1961. "Beyond  the Reef," Jack Pitman, 1949. "Blue Rain," Jimmy Van Heusen, lyrics Johnny Mercer, 1939. "Blue Winter," 1963. "But Beautiful," Jimmy Van Heusen, lyrics Johnny Burke, 1947. "But Not for Me," George Gershwin, lyrics Ira Gershwin, 1930. "Buy a Paper," Arthur Swanstrom and Carey Morgan, 1922. "Buy the Light of the Stars," Arthur Sizemore, George Little, and Larry Shay, 1925. "By the Shalimar," Frank Magine and Del Delbridge, lyrics Ted Koehler, 1922.
Folder 2: C - D Titles, 1923-1972Add to your cart.
Pieces include: "Calcutta," Lee Pockriss, Paul Vance and Heino Gaze, 1960. "Cara Mia," Tulio Trapani and Lee Lange, 1954. "Carelessly," Norman Ellis, lyrics Charles and Nick Kenny, 1936. "Carolina Moon," Benny Davis and Joe Burke, 1928. "Chant of the Jungle," Nacio Herb Brown, lyrics Arthur Freed, 1929. "Charade," Henry Mancini, lyrics Johnny Mercer, 1963. "Cherokee," Ray Noble, 1938. "Chlo-e," Neil Moret, lyrics Gus Kahn, 1927. "Close Your Eyes," Charles Vincent, lyrics Larry Yoell, 1925. "Come Into My Life," Burt Hertha and Henry Mayer, lyrics Richard and Michael Berardi, 1970. "Come Live Your Life With Me," Nino Rota, lyrics Larry Kusik and Billy Meshel, 1972. "Concentratin' On You," Thomas Waller, lyrics Andy Razaf,1931. "Confess," Bennie Benjamin and George Weiss, 1948. "Cry, Baby, Cry," Jimmy Eaton and Terry Shand, 1938. "Cryin' For the Carolines," Harry Warren, lyrics Sam Lewis and Joe Young, 1930. "Cute," Neal Hefti, lyrics Stanley Styne, 1958. "Dommage, Dommage," Paul Vance and Lee Pockriss, 1966. "Don't Believe Everything You Dream," Jimmy McHugh, lyrics Harld Adamson, 1943. "Don't Let Me Dream," Leonard Joy and Richard Loring, lyrics Ned Washington, 1945. "Don't Let the Stars Get In Your Eyes," Slim Willet, 1952. "Don't Misunderstand, " Gordon Parks, 1972. "Don't Sleep In the Subway, " Tony Hatch and Jackie Trent, 1967. "Don't You Forget It," Henry Mancini, lyrics Al Stillman. 1963. "Down Yonder," L. Wolfe Gilbert, 1948. :"Dream Daddy," Louis Herscher and George Keefer, 1923. "Dreamy," Erroll Garner, 1960.
Folder 3: E - F Titles, 1913-1967Add to your cart.
Pieces include: "Early Autumn," Ralph Burns and Woody Herman, lyrics Johnny Mercer, 1949. "Ev'ry Day of My Life," Jimmie Crane and Al Jacobs, 1954. "Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye," Cole Porter, 1944. "Exodus Song, The," Ernest Gold, lyrics Pat Boone, 1961. "Eyes of Love, The," Quincy Jones, lyrics Bob Russell,1967. "Face I Love, The," Marcos Valle and Carlos Pingarilho, lyrics Ray Gilbert, 1967. "Faded Love Letters," Luella Lockwood Moore and Will Dulmage, lyrics Richard Pascoe, 1922. "Faded Summer Love, A," Phil Baxter,1931. "Fairy Kisses," Charles Johnson, 1913. "Falling," Will Collins, Ed Cameron and Buddy Fields, 1922. "First Division Band Method," Fred Weber, 1962. "Floyd Cramer Hits," trans. Bill McElhiney.1971. "Folk Songs of Today," various composers, 1964. "Fool of Fools," Joseph Meyer, lyrics Mann Curtis, 1967. "Fool on the Hill, The," John Lennon and Paul McCartney, 1967. "Fool That I Am," Matt Malneck and Frank Signorelli, lyrics John Mercer, 1934. "Fooled," Doris Tauber, lyrics Mann Curtis, 1955. "Forever and Ever," Franz Winkler, lyrics Malla Rosa, 1947. "Four Walls," Al Jolson, Billy Rose and Dave Dreyer, 1927. "Free Again," Armand Canfora and Joss Baselli, lyrics Robert Colby, 1965. "From Russia With Love," Lionel Bart, 1963.
Folder 4: G - H Titles, 1907-1971Add to your cart.
Pieces include: "Games That Lovers Play," James Last, lyrics Larry Kusik and Eddie Snyder, 1966. "Garden of the Moon," Harry Warren, lyrics Al Dubin and Johnny Mercer, 1938. "Georgette," Ray Henderson, lyrics Lew Brown, 1922. "Glad Rag Doll," Dan Dougherty and Milton Ager, lyrics Jack Yellen, 1929. "Golden Gate," Dendris and Brockman, 1919. "Gramercy Square," Allan Grant, 1935. "Hair of Gold, Eyes of Blue," Sunny Skylar, 1948. "Happy Heart," James Last, lyrics Jackie Rae, 1969. "Harrigan," George M. Cohan, 1907. "Have a Little Faith," Billy Sherrill and Glen Sutton, 1968. "Heartbreak Girl," Bernard Thompson, lyrics Bob Eden and Wayne Tiss, undated. "Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again," Tony Macaulay, Roger Cook and Roger Greenaway, 1971."Highways Are Happy Ways," Larry Shay, lyrics Harry Harris and Timmie Malie, 1927. "Hit the Road to Dreamland," Harold Arlen, lyrics Johnny Mercer, 1942. "Hits Through the Years," various composers, various dates. "Home," Peter Van Steeden, Harry and Jeff Clarkson, 1931. "How About Your Heart?" Bennie Triplett, 1954. "How Soon," Henry Mancini, lyrics Al Stillman, 1963.
Folder 5: I Titles, 1913-1970Add to your cart.
Pieces include: "I'd Love to Call You My Sweetheart,"  Joe Goodwin, Larry Shay, and Paul Ash, 1926. "I Don't Want to Be Hurt Anymore," Charlotte McCarthy, 1962. "If Ever I Would Leave You," Frederick Loewe, lyrics Alan Jay Lerner, 1960. "If I Give My Heart to You," Jimmie Crane, Al Jacobs, and Jimmy Brewster, 1953. "If I Had My Way," James Kendis, lyrics Lou Klein, 1913. "If I Love Again," Ben Oakland, lyrics J.P. Murray, 1932. "If It Rains - Who Cares," Joe Burke, lyrics Edgar Leslie, 1938. "If There Is Someone Lovelier Than You," Arthur Schwartz, lyrics Howard Dietz, 1935. "If You Are But a Dream," Moe Jaffe, Nat Bonx and Jack Fulton, 1943. "If You Go Away," Jacques Brel, lyrics Rod McKuen, 1966. "I'll Be Blue Just Thinking of You," Pete Wendling, lyrics George Whiting, 1930. "I'll Follow My Secret Heart," Noel Coward, 1924. "I'll Remember April," Don Raye, Gene De Paul, and Pat Johnston, 1942. "I'll Set My Love to Music," Nino Oliviero, lyrics Marian Grudeff and Ray Jessel, 1964. "I'll Take Care of Your Cares," Jimmie Monaco, lyrics Mort Dixon, 1927. "Illusion," Sol Parker, Lillian Moss and Barry Iver, 1961. "I Love You Much Too Much," Alex Olshey and C. Towber, lyrics Don Raye, 1940. "I Met Her On Monday," Allie Wrubel, lyrics Charles Newman, 1942. "I'm Building a Sailboat of Dreams," Cliff Friend and Dave Franklin, 1939. "I'm Ridin' For a Fall," Arthur Schwartz, lyric Frank Loesser, 1943. "I'm Yours," Robert Mellin, 1952. "I'm Yours," John W. Green and E.Y. Harburg, 1930, "In a Little Garden," Felice S. Iula, lyrics Earl Whittemore, 1926. "I Never Knew Heaven Could Speak," Mack Gordon and Harry Revel, 1939. "In the Arms of Love," Henry Mancini, lyrics Jay Livingston and Ray Evans, 1966. "In the Middle of a Dream," Einar Swan and Tommy Dorsey, lyric Al Stillman, 1939. "Invisible Tears," Ned and Sue Miller, 1964. "Invitation to the Blues," Doris Fisher, Allan Roberts, and Arthur Gershwin, 1944. "I Think of You," Rod McKuen and Francis Lai, 1970. "I Think of You," Jack Elliot and Don Marcotte, 1941. "It Must Be Him," Gilbert Becaud, lyric Mack David, 1966. "It's the Girl," Abel Baer, lyrics Dave Oppenheim, 1931. "I Wanna Be Around," Johnny Mercer and Sadie Vimmerstedt, 1959. "I Want to Shimmie," Shelton Brooks and Grant Clarke, 1949. "I Was Born in Love With You," Michel Legrand, lyrics Alan and Marilyn Bergman, 1970.
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Folder 1: J - L Titles, 1920-1972Add to your cart.
Pieces include: "Jesse Crawford Collection of Easy Hammond Organ Solos, No. 5," various composers, arr. Jesse Crawford, 1953. "Just An Evening At Home," Henry Russell and Murray Martin, 1935. "Just Another Day Wasted Away," Charles Tobias and Roy Turk, 1927. "Just Because You're You," Nacio Porter Brown, lyrics Carolyn Leigh, 1952. "Keepin' Myself For You," Vincent Youmans, lyrics Sidney Clare, 1929. "Kiss Me Goodnight, Not Goodbye," 1931. "Last Waltz, The," Les Reed and Barry Mason, 1967. "Learn to Croon," Arthur Johnston, lyrics Sam Coslow, 1933. "Les Bicyclettes de Belsize," Les Reed and Barry Mason, 1968. "Let Me Be the First to Kiss You Good Morning," Al Bernard and Russel Robinson, 1924. "Let Me Be Worthy," Lois Rosenquist Irwin, 1950. "Let Me Love You," John Morris, lyrics Gerald Freedman and John Morris, 1966. "Like a Breath of Spring-Time," Joe Burke, lyrics Al Dubin, 1929. "Lilac Tree, The,"  George Gartlan, 1920. "Little Bit Independent, A," Joe Burke, lyric Edgar Leslie, 1935. "Little Lady Make Believe," Nat Simon, lyrics Charlie Tobias, 1938. "Little Things Mean A Lot," Edith Lindeman and Carl Stutz, 1954. "Livin' In the Sunlight, Lovin' In the Moonlight," al Sherman and Al Lewis, 1930. "Living a Lie," Peter DeAngelis, Jean Sawyer and Norma Mendoza, 1963. "Loafin' On a Lazy Day," Robert Woodland, 1940. "Lonesome Mama," Billie Brown, lyrics Anna Welker Brown and E. Nickel, 1922. "Look What You've Done to Me," Con Conrad, Sidney Mitchell and Archie Gottler, 1929. "Love," Edmund Goulding, lyrics Elsie Janis, 1929. "Love Locked Out," Ray Noble, lyrics Max Kester, 1933. "Love Me Tonight," Pilat and M. Panzeri, lyrics Barry Mason, 1969. "Love Me With All Your Heart," Carlos Rigual, lyrics Michael Vaughn, 1961."Love Theme From 'Lady Sings the Blues,'" Michel Legrand, 1972. "Love With the Proper Stranger," Elmer Bernstein, lyrics Johnny Mercer, 1963. "Lover," Richard Rodgers, lyrics Lorenz Hart, 1933. "Lover's Concerto, A," Sandy Linzer and Denny Randell, 1965. "Lovin' You," John Sebastian, 1967.
Folder 2: M Titles, 1924-1969Add to your cart.
Pieces include: "MacArthur Park," Jimmy Webb, 1968. "Make the World Go Away," Hank Cochran, 1963. "Man and His Dream, A," James Monaco, lyrics Johnny Webb, 1939. "Man That Got Away, The," Harold Arlen, lyrics Ira Gershwin, 1954. "Man Without Love, A," D. Pace, M. Panzeri, R. Livraghi, 1968. "Mandalay," Earl Burtnett, Abe Lyman and Gus Arnheim, 1924. "Manhattan," Richard Rodgers, lyrics Lorenz Hart, 1925. "Manhattan Serenade," Louis Alter, lyrics Harold Adamson, 1956, "Many Times," Felix Stahl, lyrics Jessie Barnes, 1953. "Me, Myself and I," Irving Gordon, Allen Roberts and Alvin Kaufman, 1937. "Mean To Me," Roy Turk and Fred Ahlert, 1957. "Melinda," Burton Lane, lyrics Alan Jay Lerner, 1965. "Midnight Cowboy," John Barry, lyrics Jack Gold, 1969. "Minute Of Your Time, A," Clive Westlake, 1968. "Moment To Moment," Henry Mancini, lyrics Johnny Mercer, 1965. "Moments To Remember," Robert Allen, lyrics Al Stillman, 1955. "Moon Love," Mack David, Mack Davis and Andre Kostelanetz, 1939. "More and More," Tommye Karen, Rainey Robinson, Allan Reuss, 1967. "More Than Ever," Isham Jones, lyrics Bud Green, 1938. "Morningside of the Mountain, The," Dick Manning and Larry Stock, 1951. "Mr. Lion's Waltz," J. DeLancey, 1909. "Mr. Lucky," Henry Mancini, 1959. "My Cigarette Lady," Carroll Gibbons, lyrics Rudy Valee, 1931. "My Days of Loving You," Richard Ahlert and Eddie Snyder, 1971. "My Lady " Frank Crummit and Ben Jerome, 1926. Milton Carson, "My Love and Devotion," Milton Carson, 1952. "My Love, Forgive Me," Gino Mescoli, lyrics Sydney Lee. "My Love Parade," Victor Schertzinger, lyrics Clifford Grey, 1929.
Folder 3: N - S Titles, 1912-1970Add to your cart.
Pieces include: "Never My Love," Don and Dick Addrisi, 1967, "New World Coming," Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil, 1970. "Old Lamp-Lighter, The," Nat Simon, lyrics Charles Tobias, 1946. "One More Tomorrow," Ernesto Lecuona, Eddie de Lange and Josef Myrow, 1945, 1945. "Our Lady of Fatima," Gladys Gollahon, 1950. "Peggy Sue," Jerry Allison and Norman Petty, 1957. "Please Love Me Forever," Johnny Malone, lyrics Ollie Blanchard, 1961. "Roper's Piano Chimes," Alvin Roper, 1912. "Rubank Elementary Method for Oboe," N,W, Hovey, 1934. "Sailboat In the Sky," Steve Graham, 1941. "Serenade Of the Bells," Kay Twomey, Al Goodhard and Al Urbano, 1947. "Slow Poke," Pee Wee King, Redd Stewart and Chilton Price, 1951. "Song Of India," N. Rimsky-Korsakowm 1953. "Song of the Legioneer, The," arr. Edward Benedict, lyrics Paul Grant and Jim Hoddle, 1939.
Folder 4: T - Z Titles, 1914-1973Add to your cart.
Pieces include: "Theme From Lawrence of Arabia," Maurice Jarre, 1962. "This Is the Life," Irving Berlin, 1914. "There's a Bluebird on Your Windowsill," Elizabeth Clarke, 1948. "To You," Benny Davis, Tommy Dorsey and Ted Shapiro, 1939. "Tonight I'll Say a Prayer," T. Renis, lyrics R.L. Allen, 1969. "Twelfth of Never, The," Jerry Livingston, lyrics Paul Francis Webster, 1973. "Two In Love," Meredith Willson, 1941. "Umbrella Man, The," James Cavanaugh, Larry Stock and Vincent Rose, 1938. "Until Tomorrow," Irene Atkinson,1967. "Want Me," Andy Razaf and Fletcher Henderson, 1952. "Wanted a Pal by the Name of Mary," Zeula Miller, 1925. "We Three," Dick Robertson, Nelson Cogane and Sammy Mysels, 1940. "We've Got the Mumps," Thomas Weaver, lyrics Willis Bugbee, 1920. "What Goes On Here In My Heart," Leo Robin and Ralph Rainger, 1938. "What Kind Of Fool Am I?" Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley, 1961. "When I Fall In Love," Victor Young, lyrics Edward Heyman, 1952. "Who?" Jerome Kern, lyrics Otto Harbach and Oscar Hammerstein II, 1925. "You Can't Stop Me From Lovin' You," Alberta Nichols, lyrics Mann Holiner, 1931. "You Keep Coming Back Like a Song," Irving Berlin, 1943. "You've Got a Friend," Carole King, 1971.
Sub-Series 2: Sheet Music Collection AdditionsAdd to your cart.
Consists of published sheet music titles for piano, voice and piano, and voice and guitar from the 20th century, WWI, and the 1920s.
Box 31Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Mother and Daddy Songs, 1915-1932Add to your cart.
Pieces include: "Cheer Up, Mother," Mary Earl, 1915. "Dear Old Ma," Henry S. Sawyer, lyrics by Jack Frost, 1915. "Each Stitch Is A Thought Of You, Dear," Billy Baskette, lyrics by Al. Sweet, 1918."The Hymns of the Old Church Choir," Alfred Solman, lyrics by Arthur J. Lamb, 1917. "If I Had a Son for Each Star in Old Glory (Uncle Sam, I'd Give Them All To You," Joseph A. Burke, lyrics by J.E. Dempsey, 1917. Two different copies of "M-O-T-H-E-R: A Word That Means The World To Me," by Theodore Morse, lyrics by Howard Johnson, 1915. "That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine," Jimmy Long and Gene Autry, 1932.
Folder 2: American Patriotic Music, 1905-1932Add to your cart.
Pieces include: "After the War is Over will there Be Any 'Home Sweet Home,'" Harry Andrieu, lyrics by E.J. Pourmon and Joseph Woodruff, 1917; "America, Here's My Boy," Arthur Lange, lyrics by Andrew B. Sterling, 1917; "America Needs You Like a Mother (Would You Turn Your Mother Down?)," Jean Schwartz, lyrics by Grant Clark, 1917; "Buy a Bond a Bond, Buy a Bond for Liberty," Erle Threklkeld, 1918; "Good-Bye Broadway, Hello France!," Billy Baskette, lyrics by  C. Frances Reisner and Benny Davis, 1917; "Good Bye Mary Dear," Percy Wenrich, lyrics by Frank W. Sterns, 1915; "Good Morning, Mr. Zip-ZIp-Zip!," Robert Lloyd, 1918; "Good Times - Roosevelt - Good Times," Bessie Latham Gibson and Ivan Eppinoff, lyrics by Loren H. Wittner, 1932; "Gunner Jim," Arthur J. Daly, lyrics by Harold L. Cool, 1918; "Here Comes America Now," Jack Glogau, lyrics by Ed Rose, 1918; "The Homesick Yankee," Kenneth S. Clark, 1906; "In the Harbor of Home Sweet Home," A. J. Holmes, lyrics by C. M. Denison, 1910; "It's a Long, Long Way to Tipperary," Jack Judge and Harry Williams, 1912; "Joan of Arc, They Are Calling You," Jack Wells, lyrics by Alfred Bryan and Willie Weston, 1917; "Keep Your Head Down 'Fritzie Boy,'" Lieutenant Gitz Rice, 1918; "Let's Lend a Hand to Roosevelt," Gorden Ryan, Undated; "Liberty Songs" Songbook, multiple composers, 1918; "Long Boy," Barclay Walker, lyrics by William Herschell, 1917; "The Marine's Hymn," Jacque Offenbach, incomplete copy, ca. 1930s; "SHe'll Miss Me Most of All," Ed Nelson, lyrics by Will J. Hart, 1918; "There's a Service Flag Flying at Our House," Al W. Brown, lyrics by Thomas P. Hoier and Bernie Grossman, 1917; "Uncle Sam Won't Go to War," Henri Klickmann, lyrics by Casper Nathan, 1914; What a Happy World This Will Be," Harold Dixon, 1918.
Folder 3: Songbooks, 1928-1946Add to your cart.
88 Grand Old Songs, for voice, piano and uke, 1928; Rainbow Album of Popular Songs, for voice, piano, and guitar, 1943; Stan Kenton: Originals for Piano, 1946; Tin Pan Alley Song Folio, voice and piano, undated.
Folder 4: Popular Songs A-M, 1878-1954Add to your cart.
Pieces include: "Born and Bred in Brooklyn," George M. Cohan, Arr. by Louis Katzman, 1923; "Dance with a Dolly (With a Hole in Her Stockin')," Timmy Shand, Jimmy Eaton, and Mickey Leader, 1944; "Down in Oklahoma," Lee "Lasses" White, 1949; "Dreams of Long Ago," Enrico Caruso, lyrics by Earl Carroll, 1912; "Fading Day," Carl Wilhelm Kern, 1911; Forever and Ever, Franz Winkler, lyrics by Malia Rosa, 1948; "For Me and My Gal," Geo. W. Meyer, lyrics by Edgar Leslie and E. Ray Goetz, 1917; "Frankie and Johny and Buffalo Gals," unattributed, undated; "Good Night Sweetheart," Ray Noble, Jimmy Campbell, and Reg Connelly, incomplete, undated; "Honey Bun," Richard Rodgers, lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II, 1949; "Huckleberry Finn," Cliff Hess, Sam M. Lewis, and Joe Young, 1917; I Can't Begin to Tell You," James V. Monaco, lyrics by Mack Gordon, 1945; "I Can't Believe Your Eyes," E Clinton Keithley, lyrics by Jack Frost, 1917; "I Couldn't Sleep a Wink Last Night," Jimmy McHugh, lyrics by Harold Adamson, 1943; "If I Had My Way," James Kendis, lyrics by Lour Klein, 1913; "I Get the Blues When it Rains," Harry Stoddard, lyrics by Marcy Klauber, 1929; "Indiana," James F. Hanley, lyrics by Ballard MacDonald, 1917; "I Want to Go to the Ball Game," Albert Von Tilzer, lyrics by Ned Nye and Chas. G. Eichel, 1913; "Keep in de Middle Ob de Road," Will S. Hays, 1878; "Long Ago (And Far Away)," Jerome Kern, lyrics Ira Gershwin, 1954; "Love Song," Charles Wakefield Cadman, Arr. by Edmund Severn, 1918; "The Mama Doll Song," Charles Tobias and Nat Simon, 1954; "Memories," Egbert van Alstyne, lyrics Gustave Kahn, 1915; "My Devotion," Roc Hillman and Johnny Napton, 1942.
Folder 5: Popular Songs O-Y, 1900-1949Add to your cart.
Pieces include: "Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh!," Abe Olman, lyrics by Ed Rose, 1917; "Old Lamp-Lighter," Nat Simon, lyrics by Charles Tobias, 1946; "The Old Postmaster," Jos W. Stern, lyrics by Edward B. Marks, 1900; "Peg O' My Heart," Fred Fischer, lyrics by Alfred Bryan, 1913; "Prelude," Sergei Rachmaninoff, 1916; "Right Under My Nose," Andy Page, lyrics by Steven Edwards, 1949; "The Skaters, Emil Waldteufel, Arr. by Mort H. Glickman, 1935; "That Lucky Old Sun (Just Rolls Around Heaven All Day)," Beasley Smith, lyrics by Haven Gillespie, 1949; "There is No Death," Geoffrey O'Hara, lyrics by Gordon Johnstone, 1919; "Till the Golden Gates of Heaven Closed Forevermore," E. Clinton Keithley, lyrics by William Parquet, 1915; "Waiting for the Robert E. Lee," Lewis E Muir, lyrics by L. Wolfe Gilbert, 1912; "The Darktown Strutters' Ball," Shelton Brooks, 1917; "The Wedding of the Painted Doll," Nacio Herb Brown, lyrics by Arthur Freed, 1929; "When Two That Love Are Parted," Antonio Secchi, Arr. by A.L., 1922; "You Can't Be True, Dear," Hans Otten and Ken Griffin, Lyrics by Gerhard Ebeler and Hal Cotton, 1948; "You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want to Do It)," James V. Monaco, lyrics by Joe McCarthy, 1913.

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