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Finding Aid for Allan J. Steinberg Sheet Music Collection, 1897-1953 | The Sousa Archives and Center for American Music

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Collection Overview

Title: Allan J. Steinberg Sheet Music Collection, 1897-1953Add to your cart.

ID: 12/9/151

Primary Creator: Steinberg, Allen J. (1935-2014)

Extent: 0.25 cubic feet

Arrangement: The collection is arranged alphabetically in one series, which is divided into five different folders. In the folders' item descriptions, the published sheet music is arranged alphabetically by title. The composer, lyricist, publisher, publisher's location, and date of publication is also listed.

Date Acquired: 04/26/2016

Languages: English, German, Yiddish

Biographical Note

Allan J. Steinberg (1935-2014) was born to Samuel and Sophie (Bodner) Steinberg, and  grew up and attended school in Brooklyn, New York. He received his B.S. degree from New York University in 1956 and was working on a master's degree in geology when he was inducted into the Army. After his service, Steinberg became a publisher. Steinberg started as a sales representative for Crowell-Collier in Philadelphia and then for Frederick Praeger and Company in Chicago before coming to the University of Illinois Press as national sales manager in 1965. He also started an antiquarian book business, Stonehill's.

He believed that public libraries are "the last bastion of democracy," and in retirement devoted much time and energy to the Champaign Public Library. He was president of both the Library Board and the Friends of the Library Board

Administrative Information

Repository: The Sousa Archives and Center for American Music

Acquisition Source: Cecile G. Steinberg

Acquisition Method: Gift.

Box and Folder Listing

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[Series 1: Published Sheet Music],

Series 1: Published Sheet MusicAdd to your cart.
Box 1Add to your cart.
Folder 1: A-F, 1904-1949Add to your cart.
Includes: "Abraham," comp. Harry Von Tilzer, lyrics by Andrew B. Sterling, New York: Harry Von Tilzer Music Publishing, 1904. "Are You Making a Fool of Me," comp. Joe Verges, lyrics by Tommie Malie and Ed Rose, Chicago: Ted Browne Music, 1928. "As Long As i Have You," by Grant and Graham, Chicago: T.S. Denison & Company, 1922. "Balletmusik und Hochzeitszug fur Pianoforte aus der Oper Feramores, mvt. 2 Lichtertanz der Braute von Kaschmir, comp. Anton Rubinstein, Leigzieg: Verlag von Bartholf Senff, New York: G. Schirmer. "Balloons in the Air,"  comp. Bertha R. Frick, Philadelphia: Theodore Presser Co., 1937. "Barbara Polka," comp. F. Kovarik, lyrics by Sev Kocicky, arr. Paul Lawrence, Chicago: Calumet Music Co., 1940. "Bei Mir Bistu Shein," comp. Sholom Secunda, lyrics by J. Jacobs, Brooklyn: I. Kalmus, 1933. "Cecile Waltz," comp. Frank W. McKee, New York: G. Ricordi, 1914. "College Life," comp. Henry Frantzen, lyrics by Jack Drislane, New York: F.B. Haviland Publishing, 1905. "Covered Wagon Days," fragment, comp. and lyrics by Will Morrissey and Joe Burrowes, New York: Waterson, Berlin and Snyder Company. "Comin' In On a Wing and a Prayer," comp. Jimmy McHugh, lyrics by Harold Adamson, New York: Robbins Music Corporation, 1943. "Dear Old Daddy Long Legs," comp. Albert von Tizler, lyrics by Nelville Fleeson, New York: Broadway Music Corporation, 1919. "Dixie Moon," comp. F. Henri Klickmann, lyrics by George Buchanan, Chicago and New York: Frank K. Root & Co., 1919. "Don't Cry Joe," comp. and lyrics by Joe Marsaa, New York: Harms, 1949.  "Don't Worry 'Bout Me," from "Cotton Club Parade," comp. Rube Bloom, lyrics by Ted Koehler, New York: Mills Music, 1939. "Ever in Dreams I Wander With You," comp. Ruth Dodge, lyrics by Marie Shanley, Chicago: Albright Music, 1917. "Flapper Blues," comp. and lyrics by Bob Alterman and Claude Johnson, New York: C.B.A. Music Publishing, 1922. "Forgotten," by Eugene Cowles and Flora Wulschner, Boston: Oliver Ditson Company, 1922. "Freckles'" comp. and lyrics by Cliff Hess, Howard Johnson, and Milton Ager; New York: Leo. Feist, 1919.
Folder 2: G-K, 1897-1953Add to your cart.
Includes: "Good-Bye, Slim," by Walter Donaldson, New York: Shapiro, Bernstein, & Co., 1918. "Good Night, Little Girl of my Dreams," by Charlie Tobias and Joe Burke, New York, Joe Morris Music, 1933. "Got No Time," comp. Richard A. Whiting, lyrics by Richard A. Whiting, New York: Jerome H. Remick & Co., 1925. "He's Doing His Bit," comp. Harry Von Tilzer, lyrics by Bert. Hanlon, New York: Harry Von Tilzer Music Publishing, 1927. "Honest and Truly," comp. and lyrics by Fred Rose, arr. Leo Wood, New York: Leo Feist, 1924. "Honolulu America Loves You," comp. Jimmie V. Monaco, lyrics by Grant Clarke and Eddie Cox, New York: Leo Feist, 1916. "How Can Any Girlie be a Good Little Girl," comp. Harry Jentes, lyrics by Howaard Johnson and Alfred Jentes, New York: Leo Feist, 1917. "Humoreske," Op. 101, No. 7. comp. Anton Dvorak, Berlin: N. Simrock, 1905. "I Got a 'Code' in My 'Doze;'" by Arthur Fields, Fred Hall, and Billy Rose; New York, Santly Bros., 1929. "I Got the Sun in the Morning," from "Annie Get Your Gun," comp. and lyrics by Irving Berlin, New York: Irving Berlin, 1946. "I Like Pie_ I Like Cake_ But_ I Like You Best Of All," by George A. Little, Arthur Sizemore, and Larry Shay, New York: Broadway Music Corporation, 1925. "I Need You Know," comp. and lyrics by Jimmie Crane and Al Jacobs, New York: Miller Music Corporation, 1953. "I'd Climb the Highest Mountain, If I Knew I'd Find You," comp. and lyrics by Lew Brown and Sidney Clare, New York: Irving Berlin, 1926. "I'd Like to be in Texas for the Round Up in the Spring," Chicago: Calumet Music, 1935. "I'll Never Leave My Dixie Home Sweet Home," comp. F. Henri Klickmann, lyrics by Cal De Voll, Chicago: McKinley Music, 1922. "Im Hotel zur Nachtigall," comp. Stephan Weiss, lyrics by Zdenko Schick and Rudolf Eisner, Berlin: Mignon-Verlag, 1920. "In a Corner of the World," comp. Jesse Crawford, lyrics by Gilbert Keyes, New York: Leo Feist, 1923. "In a Little Gypsy Tea Room," comp. Edgar Leslie, lyrics by Joe Burke, New York: Joe Morris Music, 1935. "In a Persian Market," by Albert W. Ketelbey, New York: Bodsworth, 1932. "In the Evening, By the Moonlight Dear," by the White Kuhns, New York: Jack Mills, 1922. "Ireland Must Be Heaven Because My Mother Came From There;" by Joe McCarthy, Howard Johnson, and Fred Fischer; New York: Leo Feist, 1926. "I've Got the Blue Ridge Blues," comp. Chas. S. Cooke and Richard A. Whiting, lyrics by Chas. A. Mason, New York and Detroit: Jerome H. Remick, 1928. "I've Got the Girl!" comp. and lyrics by Walter Donaldson, New York: Leo Feist, 1926. "Just a Bit of Cloth, But It's Red, White and Blue;" comp. and lyrics by Harry C. Eldridge; Franklin, Ohio: Eldridge Entertainment House, 1907. "Just a Bundle of Sunshine," comp. Eugene Spencer, lyrics by Don Drew, New York: Joe Morris Music, 1925. "Just as Long as You Have Me," from "The Gingham Girl," comp. Albert von Tilzer, lyrics by Neville Fleeson, New York: Harms, 1922. "Just Like a Gipsy," comp. and lyrics by Seymour B. Simons and Nora Bayes, Detroit and New York: Jerome H. Remick, 1919. "Kate, Have I Come Too Early, Too Late;" comp. and lyrics by Irving Berlin, New York: Irving Berlin, 1947. "Kelly's Gone to Kingdom Come!" comp. T. W. Thurban, lyrics by Sax Rohmer, Chicago: Charles Sheard, 1910. "King Cotton March;" comp. John Philip Sousa; Cininnati, New York, Chicago, and Leipzig: John Church Company, 1897. "A Kiss to Remember Me By;" by Cosmo Hamilton, Edward F. Breier, and Adward A. Weinstein; New York: Jos. W. Stern, 1920. "Kisses," comp. Lynn Cowan, lyrics by Alex Sullivan, New York: McCarthy & Fisher, 1928.
Folder 3: L-P, 1901-1974Add to your cart.
Includes: "Lambeth Walk;" from "Me and My Girl;" by Noel Gay, Douglas Furber, and Arthur Rose; London: Cinephonic Music, 1937. "Let's Make Love Among the Roses," from "The Yankee Girl," comp. Jean Schwartz, lyrics by William Jerome, New York & Detroit: Jerome H. Remick, 1910. "Listen to That Dixie Band," comp. Geo. L. Cobb, lyrics by Jack Yellen, New York and Detroit: Jerome H. Remick, 1915. "The Lonely Nest," from "Orange Blossoms," comp. Victor Herbert, lyrics by B. G. de Sylva, New York: Harms, 1922. "Mary Dear, Don't Worry," comp. E. H. Ellison, lyrics by Robert H. Brennen, New York: Willis Woodward, 1901. "Mary Regan;" by Anita Stewart; Waterson, Berlin & Snyder, 1909. "Me Too;" by Harry Woods, Charles Tobias, and Al. Serman; New York: Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., 1926. "Mickey;" comp. Neil Moret; lyrics by Harry Williams; Waterson, Berlin & Snyder, 1918. "My Dreamy China Lady," comp. Egbert van Alstyne, lyrics by Gus Kahn, New York and Detroit: Jerome H. Remick, 1916. "My Emmaleen;" from "Peggy from Paris;" comp. William Loraine; lyrics by George Ade; New York, Chicago, London, and San Francisco: M. Witmark, 1902. "My Gal Don't Love Me Anymore," comp. Cliff Friend, lyrics by Ben Russell, New York: Leo Feist, 1924. "My Little Girl," comp. Albert von Tilzer, lyrics by Sam M. Lewis and Will Dillon, New York: Broadway Music Corporation, 1915. "My Mother's Waltz," by Dave Franklin, New York: Edwin H. Morris, 1945. "The Night Chicago Died," comp. Mitch Murray, lyrics by Peter Callander, Los Angeles: Murray-Callander Music, 1974. "Nona," comp. F. W. Vandersloot, lyrics by J. R. Shannon, Williamsport, Pennsylvania, 1918. "Nuthin' But;" by Henry Busse, Sam Ward, and Ferdie Groffe; New York: Irving Berlin, 1922. "People Will Say We're In Love," from "Oklahoma," comp. Richard Rodgers, lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II, New York: Williamson Music, 1943. "Ol' Man River," from "Showboat," comp. Jerome Kern, lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II, New York: T. B. Harms, 1927. "Old Man Sunshine, Little Boy Bluebird," comp. Harry Warren, lyrics by Mort Dixon, New York: Remick Music Corp., 1928. "On the Banks of the Illinois," comp. and lyrics by Bertha Washer, St. Louis: Bertha Washer, 1945. "On the Beach With You;" comp. Jesse Greer; lyrics by Tot Seymour; Davis, Coots & Engel, 1931. "Out in the New Mown Hay;" by Wm. Tracey, Sam Ehrlich, and Dan Dougherty; New York: Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., 1926. "My Pet;" comp. Milton Ager; lyrics by Jack Yellen; Ager, Yellen & Bornstein, 1928. "Painted Doll," by Lou Herscher and Joe Burke, New York: Edward B. Marks Music, 1921. "The Pal That I Loved Stole the Gal That I Loved," comp. and lyrics by Harry Pease and Ed. G. Nelson, 1924. "Le Petit Carnaval," No. 2 "Polka" Op. 105 (fragment); comp. L. Streabbog; B. Schott's Sohne: Mayence, London, Paris, Brussels, and Sydney. "Polly with a Past," comp. Louis Maurice, New York: Leo. Feist, 1917. "Pretty Soon," comp. Jack Little, lyrics by Tommy Malie and Dick Finch, New York: Henry Waterson, 1924.
Folder 4: R-T, 1901-1946Add to your cart.
Includes: "The Red Lantern" from the film "The Red Lantern," by Fred Fisher, New York: McCarthy & Fisher, 1919. "Rob Roy Tam O'Shanter O'Brien," from "Mam'selle 'Awkins," comp. Alfred E. Aarons, lyrics by Richard Carle, New York and Chicago: M. Witmark. "The Leader of the Ball;" comp. Thos. Lemonier; lyrics by R. C. McPherson; New York, Chicago, and London: Jos. W. Stern, 1901. "The Rose of the Mountain Trail," comp. Jas. A. Brennan, lyrics by Jack Caddigan, New York and Detroit: Jerome H. Remick, 1914. "Seven or Eleven;" comp. Walter Donaldson; lyrics by Lew Brown; New York: Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., 1923. "She Knows Her Onions" (fragment); by Jack Yellen, Milton Ager, and Lew Pollack; New York: Ager, Yellen & Bornstein, 1926. "Since You Called Me Sweetheart," comp. F. Henri Klickmann, lyrics by Milton Weil, Chicago: Harold Rossiter Music, 1925. "Somewhere a Voice Is Calling;" comp. Arthur F. Tate; lyrics by Eileen Newton; London: J. H. Larway, 1911. "Somewhere There Is a Rainbow," from "Mulligan's Follies," by James Stanley Royce, New York: M. Witmark, 1922. "The Song Is Ended," by Irving Berlin, New York: Irving Berlin, 1927. "Sugar;" by Jack Yellen, Milton Ager, Frank Crum, and "Red" Nichols; New York: Ager, Yellen & Bornstein, 1927. "That Row of Old Empties Is My Rosary," comp. and lyrics by Jack de Mude, Georgetown, Illinois: Melodee Music, 1926. "There's a Gift in Chataeu Thierry," comp. Melville Gideon, lyrics by E. Ray Goetz, New York: Leo. Feist, 1919. "There's No One but You," comp. Austen Croom-Johnson, lyrics by Redd Evans, New York: Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., 1946. "To Know You Is to Love You," from "Hold Everything;" comp. and lyrics by B. G. de Silva, Lew Brown, and Ray Henderson; New York: De Silva Brown and Henderson, 1928.
Folder 5: W-Y, 1901-1938Add to your cart.
Includes: "What Does It Matter?" by Irving Berlin, New York: Irving Berlin, 1927. "When Katinka Shakes Her Tambourine," comp. Rudolph Nelson, lyrics by Lloyd Fry, New York: Jack Mills, 1924. "When Mr. Shakespeare Comes to Town;" comp. Jean Schwartz; lyrics by Wm. Jerome; New York: Howley, Haviland & Dresser, 1901. "When My Shoes Wear out from Walking I'll Be on My Feet Again," comp. Edw. Schroeder, lyrics by Cal DeVoll, Battle Creek, Michigan: Chas. E. Roat Music, 1921. "When the Moon Shines Down on Lonesome Town," comp. J. Will Callahan, lyrics by Paul Pratt, Indianapolis, Indiana: Seidel Music Publishing, 1915. "Where the Tennessee Is Flowing," by  C. E. Snyder and G. M. Tidd, Columbus, Ohio: G. M. Tidd Music Publishing, 1924. "Why Should I Believe In You?" by Joe Verges, Henri Therrien, and Irwin LeClere; Chicago: Milton Weil Music, 1925. "Wonder If She's Lonely Too," comp. Willy White, lyrics by Bernie Grossman, New York: Stark & Cowan, 1923. "Wouldn't It Be Wonderful," from "Is Everybody Happy," comp. Harry Akst, lyrics by Grant Clarke, New York: M. Witmark, 1929. "You for Me In the Summertime;" comp. and lyrics by Roy Ingraham; New York and Chicago: Parke, Daniels & Friedman, 1915. "You Remind Me of My Mother," from "Little Nellie Kelly," comp. and lyrics by George M. Cohan, New York: M. Witmark, 1922. "You're the Only Star;" comp. and lyrics by Gene Autry; New York: Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., 1938. "You're the Same Old Girl," comp. Bert. Grant, lyrics by Joe Young and Harry Williams, New York: Harry Williams Music, 1913.

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