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Daily Illini

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Illinois Digital Newspaper Collection, 2010 | University of Illinois Archives

By Matthew Short

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Collection Overview

Title: Illinois Digital Newspaper Collection, 2010Add to your cart.

ID: 35/3/91

Extent: 0.0

Arrangement: Arranged by publication, file type, and then year

Subjects: Library Preservation

Formats/Genres: Electronic Data Files

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Illinois Digital Newspaper Projects includes Compact Disks (CD's) and Digital Versatile Disks (DVDs) containing copies of newspapers that have been converted to digital format by the History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library for access or preservation purposes.

Subject/Index Terms

Library Preservation

Administrative Information

Repository: University of Illinois Archives

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[Series 1: Daily Illini],
[Series 2: Urbana Daily Courier],
[Series 3: Sycamore True Republican],
[Series 4: Vaudeville Collection],
[Series 5: Bloomington Pantagraph],
[Series 6: New York Clipper],

Series 2: Urbana Daily CourierAdd to your cart.
Microfilm of the Urbana Daily Courier was scanned and digitally converted into bitonal 300 dpi TIFF files by Northern Micrographics.�  Markup, PDFs, and .PNG derivatives were then created from the TIFFs by Olive Software.
Barcode: 30112097015827
Sub-Series 1: TIFF imagesAdd to your cart.
Disk 1: 1903-1905Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041179
Disk 2: 1905-1908Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041161
Disk 3: 1908-1910Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097040965
Disk 4: 1910-1912Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041153
Disk 5: 1912-1913Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041146
Disk 6: 1913-1915Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041138
Disk 7: 1915Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041120
Disk 8: 1916-1920Add to your cart.
reels 1-5, 7
Barcode: 30112097041112
Disk 9: 1919-1921Add to your cart.
reels 6, 8-10
Barcode: 30112097041104
Disk 10: 1922-23, 1925Add to your cart.
reels 11-13
Barcode: 30112097041096
Disk 11: 1924-25, 1929Add to your cart.
reels 14-17
Barcode: 30112097041088
Disk 12: 1929-30, 1933, 1935Add to your cart.
reels 18-24
Barcode: 30112097041070
Disk 13: 1927-28, 1935Add to your cart.
reels 25-31
Barcode: 30112097041062
Disk 14: 1926, 1930-31, 1934Add to your cart.
'A' reels
Barcode: 30112097040973
Disk 15: 1926, 1930-31, 1934Add to your cart.
'B' Reels
Barcode: 30112097040981
Disk 16: 1927, 1930-31Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097040999
Disk 17: 1931-1934Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041005
Disk 18: 1934Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041013
Disk 19: 09/01/1931-01/06/1934Add to your cart.
Copy of Disk 17
Disk 20: 01/06/1934-08/31/1934Add to your cart.
Copy of Disk 18
Disk 21: 1903-1905Add to your cart.
Copy of Disk 1
Disk 22: 1905-1908Add to your cart.
Copy of Disk 2
Disk 23: 1908-1910Add to your cart.
Copy of Disk 3
Disk 24: 1910-1911Add to your cart.
Copy of Disk 4 (partial)
Disk 25: 1911-1912Add to your cart.
Copy of Disk 4 & 5 (partial)
Disk 26: 1912-1913Add to your cart.
Copy of Disk 5
Disk 27: 1913-1915Add to your cart.
Copy of Disk 6
Disk 28: 1915Add to your cart.
Copy of Disk 7
Disk 29: 1924-1926Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 2: Olive filesAdd to your cart.
Disk 1: 11/1908-05/1909Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041492
Disk 2: 06/1909-10/1909Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041484
Disk 3: 12/1909-06/1910Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041518
Disk 4: 07/1910-12/1910Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041732
Disk 5: 01/1911-07/1911Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041500
Disk 6: 08/1911-12/1911Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041526
Disk 7: 01/1912-04/1912Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041534
Disk 8: 1916Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041542
Disk 9: 01/1917-01/1918Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041559
Disk 10: 02/1918-02/1919Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041567
Disk 11: 1919Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041575
Disk 12: 03/1919-01/1920Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041609
Disk 13: 01/1920Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041591
Disk 14: 02/1920-06/1920, 01/1921-05/1921Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041583
Disk 15: 06/1920Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041617
Disk 16: 01/1921-10/1921Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041625
Disk 17: 11/1921-08/1922Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041666
Disk 18: 09/1922-05/1923Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041690
Disk 19: 06/1923-02/1924Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041641
Disk 20: 03/1924-11/1924Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041633
Disk 21: 12/1924-07/1925Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041716
Disk 22: 08/1925-12/1925Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041674
Disk 23: 05/1927-12/1927Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041658
Disk 24: 01/1928-08/1928Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041682
Disk 25: 09/1928-03/1929Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041708
Disk 26: 04/1929-11/1929Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041724
Disk 27: 12/1929-04/1930, 09/1933-10/1933Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041773
Disk 28: 11/1933-12/1933, 01/1935-03/1935Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041781
Disk 29: 04/1935-07/1935Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041765
Disk 30: 08/1935-11/1935Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041757
Disk 31: 12/1935Add to your cart.
Barcode: 30112097041740
Disk 32: 04/26/1935Add to your cart.
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Browse by Series:

[Series 1: Daily Illini],
[Series 2: Urbana Daily Courier],
[Series 3: Sycamore True Republican],
[Series 4: Vaudeville Collection],
[Series 5: Bloomington Pantagraph],
[Series 6: New York Clipper],

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