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Brief Description: Student Personnel & Dean of Women's subject file containing correspondence, memoranda, reports, lists, minutes, constitutions and bylaws, histories, personnel files, chaperone applications, questionnaires, notebooks, pamphlets and related material relating to Panhellenic activities (1921-1974), Student Affairs Committee (1947-1968), enrollment statistics (1922-1953), Council of Administration (1924-1930), Black women students (1923-1940), Women's Group System (1931, 1936-1951), Woman's League (1923-1941), Residence Government System (1938-1942), Feathers service groups (1925-1941), housing statistics (1925-1973), cooperative houses (1924-1949), National Independent Student Association (1947-1962) and head resident and house directors (1924-1969), disciplinary actions (1910-1933, 1948-1974), resident halls (1921-1975), women's regulations (1945-1970), housing policies (1946-1972), coordinating placement council (1950-1969), budget (1957-1973), discrimination and affirmative action (1961-1963, 1970-1973), Illini Guides (1964-1968), poverty and the Job Corps (1964-1973), higher education graduate work (1970-1972), financial aid (1960-1970), health services (1960-1970, 1972-1974), academic freedom (1961, 1963-1968), legal aid (1965-1970), Career Development and Placement (1972-1975), deans on call for emergency duty (1969-1975), rumor center (1970-1975), senior clearance for graduation (1956-1975), & Student Services Building (1957-1967). A 1956-1980 file contains material on conference housing (1954-1971), house directors (1947-1972) and training programs (1951-1977), housing (1958-1981), Mortar Board (1966-1980), statistics (1952-1980) & student personnel work (1959-1980).
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Created by: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Office of Dean of Student Personnel and Dean of Women
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Acquired: 9/1963; 4/27/1967; 9/14/1967; 2/2/1971; 5/31/1974; 8/4/1977; 2/13/1981
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Biographical Note for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Office of Dean of Student Personnel and Dean of Women :

In March, 1874, a position was recommended to the Board of Trustees calling for a "woman of high character and culture" to oversee the growing number of female students entering the University.1 On September 1, 1897, the Board of Trustees established a Dean of Women's Department.

The Dean's duties included the general oversight of all women students, aiding them in their coursework and social life.2 In 1943, the Dean of Women became part of the Office of the Dean of Students.3 Major responsibilities centered on student housing, part-time employment, financial aid, extracurricular activities and the interpretation of campus regulations.4

The Dean of Women added the title of the Dean of Student Personnel when the Dean of Students Office reorganized in 1967.5 In addition to the duties of student counseling and aid, the staff is concerned with personnel and guidance work, freshmen and married students, and culturally handicapped, and residence hall counseling.6 As of April 23, 1966, the responsibilities of this Office were distributed within the Office of the Dean of Students and Associate vice-chancellor, and the Office of the Associate vice-chancellor and Director of Auxiliary Services.7 Office is now concerned with student discipline.

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