Animal Photographs and Negatives, 1910-40
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Brief Description: Animal Photographs and Negatives including nine scrapbooks of horse (3 books), sheep (2 books), swine (2 books), meat (1 book) and livestock (1 book) photographs.  The series includes glass plate and film photographic negatives taken for the Animal Science Department.  Prints are filed in the Photographic Subject File (RS 39/2/20) under AGR - 7 according to the following subjects:  ceremonies, visitors and programs; faculty groups and offices; extension work; short courses; conferences and meetings; cattle; horses; sheep; swine; nutrition; meat; housing; equipment; classes; poultry.
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Record Series Number: 8/7/15
Created by: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Department of Animal Science
Volume: 17.8 cubic feet
Acquired: 2/67
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Arrangement: numerically by type of record (prints and negatives) and by subject (prints or negatives) thereunder
Biographical Note for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Department of Animal Science :

The Animal Science Department traces its origins to the Animal Husbandry Division of the Agriculture College which was established in 1895. 1 Animal Husbandry's curriculum was revised in 1899, 2 and the Department was organized in 1903.3 In 1908 a committee of the Board of Trustees recommended the establishment of a Veterinary College.4 The Trustees changed the name from Animal Husbandry to the Department of Animal Science in 1947.5 The Department, in addition to teaching and research responsibilites, supervises the care and management of the University herds and flocks.

In 1985, the Dairy Science and Animal Science departments merged and formed the Department of Animal Sciences. It was decided that the merger would create a "consolidated and coordinated instructional program" that would be beneficial to the students. A new building would be built to house the new department and the merger would also increase efficiency in building planning. 6

This unit covers:

Animal Genetics Laboratory

Animal Nutrition

Beef Cattle





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Beef Cattle
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