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Brief Description: Subject File including correspondence, notices, contracts, bulletins, memoranda, policy statements and publications relating to budgets, civil service procedures, retirement, insurance, wages, disciplinary action, monthly reports, leaves, grievances, collective bargaining agreements, labor relations and employee unions on the Urbana-Champaign and Chicago campuses.
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Created by: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Office of Personnel Services
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Biographical Note for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Office of Personnel Services :

The Office of Nonacademic Personnel administers the policies and rules of the University Civil Service System concerning employee compensation and working conditions.1 Nonacademic personnel were first organized in July, 1911, when they were placed under the jurisdiction of the State Civil Service Commission in accordance with the Civil Service Code enacted by the 47th General Assembly of Illinois.2 The Registrar handled the business relations between the University and the Civil Service Commission until November 1, 1916, when the President directed that a committee be formed for this purpose.3 The Comptroller was selected to be the "ex-officio" secretary of the committee.4 In 1935, the Trustees formally designated the Comptroller as the University's representative in dealing with the Civil Service Commission.5 In 1941, the Trustees established a University Civil Service System for all employees previously under the general Civil Service and the State Civil Service laws.6 In 1942, the President appointed a Committee on Civil Service and Employees, consisting of 3 members to oversee this work.7 In June, 1951, this Committee's name was changed to the Committee of Nonacademic Personnel.8 In 1944, upon the recommendation of the Comptroller, the Trustees created the Office of Nonacademic Personnel, to handle the administrative responsibilities of the University Civil Service, with its director directly responsible to the President.9 In 1945 the University Civil Service Committee was discontinued and all functions transferred to the Director of Nonacademic Personnel.10 In 1968, the Statutes were amended to form a Personnel Services Office on each campus, with responsibility for nonacademic personnel regarding University-wide policies, rules, procedures and working conditions, while the Office of Nonacademic Personnel's responsibilities were concerned with the broader applications of rules, standards, procedures and practices as they affected the University's functioning and effectiveness.11  In 1972, the Director of Nonacademic Personnel was directed to report to the Vice President for Financial Affairs instead of to the President.12

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