Research Laboratory Betatron Files, 1941-90
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Brief Description: Physics Research Laboratory (PRL) betatron correspondence with Allis-Chalmers, Los Alamos and other laboratories, on experimental work, the operation of the laboratory building and project funding. The series includes copies of patents issued to the betatron group (1944-54), correspondence with the patent lawyers concerning interference cases and pending applications, betatron financial reports (1943-47), operating manuals for the PRL (1942-58), seminar reports of the betatron researchers, Office of Naval Research reports (1946-47), and correspondence of Donald Kerst with Illinois colleagues and staff at other laboratories while he was at Los Alamos (1943-45), as the director of the betatron project at the PRL (1945-53), while working with the Midwest Universities Research Association (1953-57) and after he left the University of Illinois (1957-63). The series includes design calculations and drawings, correspondence with suppliers and sub-contractors, and betatron installations in other locations (1947-50); and correspondence, photographs, news releases and clippings, publications and reports on the history of the betatron 91941-77), cyclotron (1948-59), and linear accelerators (1965-90).
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Record Series Number: 11/10/12
Created by: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Department of Physics
Volume: 10.2 cubic feet
Acquired: 11/1/76; 12/3/82; 3/22/95
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Arrangement: By type of record (correspondence, reports, patents) and chronological or alphabetical thereunder
Biographical Note for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Department of Physics :

Courses in chemical physics and higher physics were listed in the 1868-69 catalogue.1 In 1870-71, the Board of Trustees listed Stillman W. Robinson as professor of Physics, and, in 1871-72, they listed Physics and Astronomy as a "department of study."2 Course catalogs for 1876-77 through 1890-91 refer to a "course in physics" as part of the curriculum of the four schools in the College of Engineering.3 In 1886, the Physics course was divided, offering a general course, and one for engineering.4 Until 1889-90, when Samuel W. Stratton assumed teaching responsibilities in Physics, the courses were usually taught by the heads of the departments of Mechanical and Mining Engineering.5 Upon Stratton's formal appointment as Assistant Professor of Physics, the scope of instruction in Physics was expanded and Physics emerged as separate department in 1890-91.6

Graduate work in Physics leading to the Master's and Ph.D. were offered through the Graduate College after its establishment in 1907. The first Ph.Ds. in Physics were awarded in 1910, and an undergraduate program leading to the Bachelor's of Science in Engineering was approved in 1917 and the first B.S. was awarded in 1923.7 The aims of the department are to offer "a curriculum in engineering physics to give . . . training in fundamental physics and mathematics." The department has "extensive facilities for instruction and investigation in physics."8 Physics is available as a field of concentration and as a major leading to the Bachelor's of Science degree within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.9

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