Music Concert Programs, 1946-1949
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Brief Description: Music Concert Programs including circulars describing the weekly Tuesday and Friday night concerts of recorded music presented by the music library.
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Record Series Number: 49/11/802
Created by: University of Illinois. Galesburg Campus
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Acquired: 9/63
Arrangement: Chronological
Biographical Note for University of Illinois. Galesburg Campus :

On September 24, 1946, the Board of Trustees approved the acquisition of Mayo General Hospital at Galesburg and authorized the appointment of personnel for instruction, administration and operation at the Undergraduate Division at Galesburg. On October 22, 1946, Frederick R. Hamilton was appointed dean of the Galesburg Undergraduate Division beginning September 27, 1946. As chief administrative office of the Division he reported directly to the President of the University. On August 5, 1947, upon the retirement of Dean Hamilton, Chauncey McK. Louttit was appointed Dean of the Galesburg Undergraduate Division.

After the arrival of Dean Louttit, the responsibilities of the Dean's office were divided between the Executive Dean and Assistant Dean G. Ernst Giesecke. Assistant Dean Giesecke was responsible for course offerings and instructional programs. The Executive Dean served as adviser in these areas and was responsible for faculty, nonacademic activities and external relations of the Division.

Members of the teaching staff participated in the administration by membership on official committees. Members of the committees were originally appointed only by the Dean, but during the final year and a half a faculty-appointed Committee on Committees served in an advisory capacity by presenting nominees to the Dean for appointment. During 1948-49 there were 11 committees on which approximately one half of the faculty served.

The Dean and Assistant Dean were authorized to act as the direct representative of Director Harold W. Hannah of the Division of Special Services for War Veterans in the case of students who, if there had been a Division of Special Services, would have registered in the Division. Administratively, the Veterans Benefit Administrator and Counselor at the Galesburg Division was attached directly to the office of the Dean.<

On March 23, 1949 Dean Louttit announced the decision that the Galesburg facilities would be transferred to the State for use as a State hospital for the aged and infirm.

Histories for the following subgroups have not been written:

<ul> <li> 49/1 Dean's Office</li> <li> 49/2 Commerce and Business Administration</li> <li> 49/3 Engineering Studies</li> <li> 49/4 Humanities</li> <li> 49/5 Mathematics</li> <li> 49/6 Natural Sciences</li> <li> 49/7 Physical Education</li> <li> 49/8 Social Sciences</li> <li> 49/9 Business Office</li> <li> 49/10 Health Service</li> <li> 49/11 Library</li> <li> 49/12 Student Affairs and Welfare</li></ul><p class="note"> <a name="ftn1">1. Board of Trustees Transactions, 44th Report, September 24, 1946, p. 38.</a>

<p class="note"> <a name="ftn2">2. Board of Trustees Transactions, 44th Report, October 22, 1946, p. 117.</a>

<p class="note"> <a name="ftn3">3. Board of Trustees Transactions, 44th Report, August 5, 1947, p. 491.</a>

<p class="note"> <a name="ftn4">4. G. Ernst Giesecke et al. The Galesburg Undergraduate Division, University of Illinois: A Collection of Reports on the Activities of the Galesburg Undergraduate Division Written by Those Who Had Primary Responsibility Therefore. Urbana: University of Illinois, 1950, pp. 2-7, 25-29.</a>

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