Jack Linker American Bands Sound Recording Collection, circa 1895-1939
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Brief Description: Consists of two hundred and twenty commercially produced 10- and 12-inch 78 rpm sound recordings, sixteen 7-, 5 1/2-, and 4-inch 78 rpm sound recordings, and one hundred seventy-two historic 2- and 4-minute cylinder recordings documenting performances by the Sousa, Pryor, Herbert, Goldman, Gilmore and RCA Victor bands, among others, made between 1895 and 1923. In addition is a small selection of published piano arrangements of Sousa marches. The collection is organized in four series: Series 1, 78 rpm Sound Recordings, ca. 1899-1939; Series 2, Cylinder Recordings, ca. 1895-1910; Series 3, Music and Photographs; Series 4, Historic Audio Equipment, ca 1899-1915; and Series 5: Piano Rolls, ca. 1918-1989. Of particular interest are four folders of associated advertising and catalogs for Edison, Columbia and Victor recording companies.
Held at:
The Sousa Archives and Center for American Music
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Champaign, IL 61820 6223
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Record Series Number: 12/9/104
Created by: Linker, Jack (1932-2018)
Volume: 19.95 cubic feet
Acquired: 08/01/2007.

164 cylinders and associated advertising and catalogs donated June 3, 2008.

Historic 4-minute cylinder and 78rpm disc sound recordings of 19th and 20th-century American brass bands and soloists, 1908 Edison Standard Model K 2/4-minute cylinder phonograph, and cylinder production index books donated June 13, 2009.

136 cylinder and disc recordings donated February 17, 2011.

Audio recordings and Amberola 50 Phonograph donated September 8, 2011.

Historic piano rolls donated October 16, 2017.

Arrangement: The collection is divided by format into five series. The 78 rpm sound recordings from Series 1 are arranged alphabetically by artist, then alphabetically by composition title. Numbers listed after label name indicate issue number. If a record has both an A and a B side, it has been alphabetized using the artist and title information from Side A. The 7-, 5 1/2-, and 4-inch records, which were stored by Linker in an album, are found at the end of the series and are in the order that was maintained by Linker within the album. The original records album is also included at the end of the series. The cylinder recordings from Series 2 are separated first by length (either 2-minute or 4-minute), then arranged alphabetically by artist, then alphabetically by composition title. Selections of original cylinder casings have been placed at the end of Series 2. Series 3 consists of music and photographs. Series 4 consists of historic audio equipment, and is arranged by non-accession number. Series 5 consists of piano rolls, and is arranged alphabetically by composer's last name.
Biographical Note for Linker, Jack (1932-2018) : Linker first developed an interest in John Philip Sousa while playing clarinet in his high school band. Briefly educated at Miami University, he left college to join the Navy as a radioman. During his service he learned the harmonica, kept a small phonograph for his private use in the radio room, and spent his shore leave attending concerts in New York City. After leaving the Navy in 1955, Linker began collecting sound recordings and associated materials, including early cylinder sound recordings, records, and piano rolls.
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Military Music
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Acquisition Notes: Jack Linker  Donation.