Military Science Publications, 1882-
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Brief Description: Military Science Publications including an invitation to the University Cadet Battalion reception for Company K, Illinois National Guard (1882); St. Louis trip instructions (1904), "Military Training in Our Land Grant Colleges" by Edmund James (1916); statement of credit for withdrawing students (April, 1917); SATC World War I statements, war committee reports, curricular and housing announcements (1917-19); Camp Custer The Torch (1923); enrollment reports (1935, 1937); ASTP World War II form letters, announcements, notes, programs, clippings, circulars and faculty bulletins (1941-47); general military science program staff study (1955); ROTC instructor group historical supplements (1963-64), The Brigade News (1965),  Illinois Invitational Drill Meet program (1966),  a copy of The Illini Bagler, Spring 1981, and lists of IIU and UI Military Staff between 1868-1913, by M.J. Archer (2011).
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Created by: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Department of Military Science
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Biographical Note for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Department of Military Science :

Military training has been a part of the University of Illinois curriculum since 1868. In that year, the Illinois Industrial University was officially opened in compliance with a requirement of the Morrill Land Grant of 1862.1 By laws of Congress and the state, the University was required to teach Military Tactics to its students. All able-bodied male students of the first and second years were enrolled in the companies of the University Battalion, and received instruction from one to three hours each week.2 World War I severely affected the University ROTC program. By the end of the school year 1916-17 all the officers were ordered away. Only one officer, Major Edward W. McCaskey, U.S.A. retired, was assigned for 1917-18. The Student Training Corps, coming in the fall of 1918, was a further serious set back. This program converted the University into a military school for all practical purposes. It lasted for only four months and, in effect, replaced the ROTC. It left the ROTC in a position of much reduced effectiveness for this period.3 In 1961, the name was listed as Department of Military Science.4

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