Student Organizations Financial Reports, 1960-1977
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Brief Description: Financial statements for Student Organizations, University Theatre and Concert, and University Entertainment Board include balance sheets and July 31 monthly statements of account for Student Organizations (1960-77) showing assets and liabilities and credits, expenditures and balances for each account at the year-end. Concert and Entertainment Board and Star Course monthly financial reports (1960-77) show assets, liabilities, credits and expenditures for specific events sponsored by the Board. -- For Student Organization financial reports for 1928-72, see RS 6/1/826.
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On September 12, 1905 the Board of Trustees divided the duties of the Business Manager into three positions: comptroller, chief clerk (general financial accountant), and purchasing agent.1 On December 28, 1908 the Board reiterated its decision to divide the duties of the Business Manager.2 In 1977, in addition to the University Chief Accountant, the comptroller's annual report indicated the creation of a chief accountant's position on both campuses.3 However, later annual comptroller reports do not indicate that this position is an office.4 Instead, it was a reporting position within the University Office of Financial Affairs.5 This Office's name was changed to the University Office of Business and Financial Affairs.6 This office reports to the Vice President for Business and Finance who is assigned, among other duties, general oversight of the business and financial affairs of the University.7 In 1986, the title of University Chief Accountant was changed to University Director of Accounting.8

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