Course Materials, 1900, 1914-1917, 1929-1930, 1960-1962, 1993-1998, 2000-2009
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Brief Description: Course outlines, syllabi and announcements, including a syllabus of lectures on the diplomatic history of the American Revolutionary period by John W. Foster (1900), a syllabus of medieval European history for use in History I by Clarence W. Alvord, assignment booklets for History I (1914-1915, 1916-1917 and 1929-1930), course announcements of extension courses at Rockford (Fall, 1961; Spring, 1962) and Springfield (Fall 1960; Spring, 1961); syllabi and exams for most undergraduate and graduate courses (1993-1998, 2000-2009).
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Biographical Note for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Department of History :

<p class='main'>In 1867, the Committee on Courses of Study and Faculty recommended a course and professorship in history and social science.<a href='#ftn1'><sup>1</sup></a> A professorship of history and courses in general history were established at the University within the School of English and Modern Languages in 1871.<a href='#ftn2'><sup>2</sup></a> In 1894, the History Department was established as a separate unit of the University.<a href='#ftn3'><sup>3</sup></a> In 1907, the Trustees approved a Ph.D. program in history.<a href='#ftn4'><sup>4</sup></a> The departments of history at both the Urbana-Champaign and Chicago campuses offer undergraduate and graduate work in American, Ancient, English, European, Latin American, Near Eastern, and Far Eastern history.<a href='#ftn5'><sup>5</sup></a></p>

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