Subject File, 1946-50, 1955-63, 1966-76
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Subject file containing letters, reports, proposals, forms, questionnaires, surveys, tabulations and profiles, directives, evaluations and brochures, relating to the Galesburg Division (1947-49), ACT Research Data (1961), admissions policy (1955-62), the Cronbach Studies (1960), National Science Foundation, enrollment projections (1961-62), records-retention (1957-59), AACRAO, Selective Service, admissions procedures, Senate Committee on English (1961), Tuition/Housing Installment Plan (1959), transcript policies (1960-62), summer orientation (1959), residence requirement (1960), window procedures (1961), automation, class-ranking, health examinations and foreign students.

This series includes material on admissions policies (1969-72), commerce (1975-76) and veterinary medicine (1972-76) admissions, enrollment (1973-76), examinations (1971-76), fees (1969-72), grades (1971-76), honors (1971-76), Illinois state agencies (1970-76), Junior College transfers (1970-76), physical examinations (1969-73), registration (1971, 1976), residency (1970-76), scholarships (1970-76), student records legislation and regulations (1974-76), summer institutes (1971, 1973), Title IX (1974-75), and voluntary student fees (1971-72).

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Record Series Number: 25/3/1
Created by: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Records and Registration
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Acquired: 2/14/1975; 7/19/1983
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Biographical Note for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Records and Registration :

In 1893, the duties associated with admissions, registration, and student records were transferred from the Regent to the newly formed Office of the Registrar.1 By 1916, according to the Annual Budget, the office consisted of four administrative divisions: Admissions, Records, Statistics and General Assistants. The Statistics Division merged with the Records Division in 1941, forming the Division of Records and Statistics.2 The Division of Records maintains student transcripts and tuition payment records, assesses fees and tuition, and issues certificates of attendance.3

1. Board of Trustees Transactions, 17th Report, Sept. 12, 1893, p. 166.

2. Board of Trustees Transactions, 41st Report, Aug. 5, 1941, p. 460.

3. Information gained by visiting the Office of Admissions and Records September 14, 1977.

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