Reading File, 1978-82
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Reading or chronological file of copies of the outgoing correspondence and internal communications (including telephone conversation) of Vice President for Academic Affairs Peter E. Yankwich and his assistants from oct. 10, 1978 to August 19, 1982.  The file relates to academic programs, Alumni Career Center, Board of Trustees meetings, budgets and retrenchment, capital programs, Chicago campuses merger, coal research and University Coal Laboratory, College of Medicine, Continuing Education and Public Service, Council on Institutional Cooperation, degrees offered, evaluation of administrators, faculty appointments, faculty research conferences, foundation grants and external funding, general university administration, Gerontology Center in Chicago, Graduate Education and Research Council, graduate programs, Illinois Board of Higher Education, Institute of Government and Public Affairs, Jane Addams College of Social Work, Ph.D. programs in languages, Police Training Institute, Public Service Council, research parks in Chicago, research programs, sabbatical leaves, State/University Relations Committee, Southern Illinois University, Survey Research Laboratory, transportation research and University Press.  It includes communications with Presidents John E. Corbally and Stanley O. Ikenberry, chancellors, vice-chancellors, directors, other administrators and other universities.

It also includes Yankwich's appointment books (1977-82).

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Record Series Number: 2/14/11
Created by: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Office of the University President
Volume: 2.6 cubic feet
Acquired: 9/4/85
Arrangement: Chronological
Biographical Note for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Office of the University President :

The President is the principal administrative officer of the University and a member of the faculty of each college, school, institute and division.1 The original charter designated the chief executive officer of the university as regent but this title was changed to President in 1894.2 The President is elected by the Board of Trustees and is responsible to them for the operation of the university.3 The President prepares budgets for presentation to the board, recommends persons to the Board for appointment to University positions, and is responsible for the enforcement of the rules and regulations of the University.4 On recommendation of the appropriate Senate and by authority of the Trustees, the President issues diplomas conferring degrees.5

This unit covers:

2/0 Reports of the President

2/1 John M. Gregory, April 1, 1867 - June 9, 1880 (Effective September 1,1880)

2/2 Selim H. Peabody, July 27, 1880 (Pro tempore) March 9, 1881 - June 10, 1891 (Effective September 1, 1891)

2/3 Thomas J. Burrill, August 7, 1891 - 1894 (Acting) April 1, 1904 - August 26, 1904 (Acting)

2/4 Andrew S. Draper, April 13, 1894 (Took office August 1, 1894) - April 1, 1904

2/5 Edmund J. James, August 26, 1904 - March 3, 1920 (Effective September 1, 1920)

2/6 David Kinley, September 1, 1920 - July 1, 1930

2/7 Harry W. Chase, July 5, 1930 - January 25, 1933 (Effective July 10, 1933)

2/8 Arthur H. Daniels, July 11, 1933 - June 30, 1934 (Acting)

2/9 Arthur C. Willard, July 1, 1934 - June 30, 1946

2/10 George D. Stoddard, July 1, 1946 - August 31, 1953

2/11 Lloyd Morey, September 1, 1953 (Acting) February 1, 1954 - August 31, 1955

2/12 David D. Henry, September 1, 1955 - August 31, 1971

2/13 John E. Corbally, Jr., September 1, 1971 - August 31, 1979

2/14 Stanley O. Ikenberry, September 1, 1979 ?

1. University of Illinois Statutes, July 18, 1979, Section 2, p. 3.

2. Board of Trustees Transactions, 17th Report, August 1, 1894, p. 269.

3. University of Illinois Statutes, July 18, 1979, Section 2, p. 3.

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Academic Programs
Chicago Campus Merger
Coal Research
Continuing Education and Public Service
Faculty Research Conferences
General University Administration
Government and Public Affairs, Institute of
Graduate Studies
Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE)
Medicine, College of
Police Training Institute
Research Parks
Sabbatical Leave
Social Work, School of
Southern Illinois University
State/University Rellations Committee
Survey Research Laboratory
Transportation Research
Trustees, Board of
University Press
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