Football Game Films and Videotapes, 1937-94
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Brief Description: Football Game Films, including copies of 16mm motion picture films on University of Illinois football games produced by the University photo laboratory or other universities and used by the coaches or for public showings. Some are in color and have sound. This 14% sample includes three or four games for each year before 1971, except 1937 (2), 1939 (1), 1945 (0), 1946 (2), and 1958 (2). Series includes videotapes of games (1937-93). Both the film and videotape collections include Rose Bowl games that the University of Illinois played (1952, 1964, 1984), and John Hancock bowl (1991).
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Record Series Number: 28/3/15
Created by: Coaches
Volume: 85.9 cubic feet
Acquired: 5/13/77; 5/13/87; 1993; 7/1/95
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Arrangement: Chronological
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The Athletic Association was chartered as a not-for-profit corporation in 1892 and the first director was named in 1896 to supervise operations and finances. Regulations for the Government of Athletics provided that "the election of captains of athletic teams hiring of trainers, coaches, and schedules of all games and contacts shall be approved by the Board."1 In February, 1916, the Constitution directed that the director of physical education, with the approval of the Board, "Shall arrange for all necessary coaches, trainers, and all other employees for properly conducting the affairs of the Association, and he shall arrange games with other institutions."2 A constitutional revision in February, 1922 did not affect the status of the coaches. In 1926, the By-Laws set up an Athletic Council.3 Section 4 of Article VIII made the captains and coaches "associate members of the Council, without the right to vote" but "entitled to attend meetings of the Council and to discuss matters relative to their respective interests."4 The By-Laws amended July 25, 1941, did not alter this arrangement. Under the 1976 amended By-Laws "the head coaches of the intercollegiate varsity athletic teams of the Association may be invited to attend meetings of the Council to discuss matters relative to their respective sports."5

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