Ascent, 1975-96
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Brief Description: Ascent, a publication containing original poetry and short stories by writers, published three times a year. Ascent receives support in part by grants from the Illinois Arts Council, the School of the Humanities and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences of the University of Illinois.
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Created by: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Department of English
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Acquired: 9/1975; 11/1983
Arrangement: Chronological
Biographical Note for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Department of English :

In 1867, the University announced instruction in English Language and Literature in the Department of General Science and Literature.1 In 1868, the Department of English Language and Literature began instruction which has continued to the present.2 A School of English and Modern Languages was included under the College of Literature and Science in 1871,3  but a Department of English Language and Literature was listed through 1874-75 for those wishing to concentrate in that area.4 In 1891, the College of Literature became a separate entity, including within it the School of English and Modern Languages.5 In 1906-07, the department acquired courses in Rhetoric and Public Speaking.6 From 1916 to 1919, it taught courses in Celtic literature and civilization.7 In 1917 the English department added courses in Journalism,8 and in 1918 courses in Scandinavian language and literature.9 Journalism was separated in 1927,10 and Scandinavian courses were dropped in 1939.11 Speech (formerly Public Speaking12) was separated from the English department in 1947.13 Business English was introduced as a special group of courses within the department of English in 1948,14 becoming known as Business and Technical Writing in 1966.15 English for Foreign Students was similarly introduced in 1946,16 to become English as a Second Language in 1965.17 Other English courses have been offered from 1948 under the headings of Rhetoric and Composition, English Literature, and American Literature,18 though, as of 1972, the last two headings have been omitted.19

This unit covers:

--Illinois State-wide Curriculum Study Center for the Preparation of Secondary School English Teachers (ISCPET): Established in 1967 as an intercollegiate project financed by the United States Office of Education.20

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