Classics Announcements, 1908-
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Brief Description: Classics Department Publications include announcements for lecture given by resident and visiting professors (1908- ); the program for a state latin contest held in 1948; graduate study bulletins (1969- ); and a list of classics professors (1867-ca. 1920) and flyers/posters concerning the classics department centenary (2005).
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The Department of the Latin Language and Literature and the Department of Greek Language and Literature became a part of the initial curriculum (1868) of the university.--1 In 1871, they were consolidated into the School of Ancient Languages and Literature within the College of Literature and Science.--2 In 1885, the university shortened the name of the school to the School of Ancient Languages and in 1891 placed it in the new College of Literature.--3 In 1893, the Department of Greek and the Department of Latin succeeded the School of Ancient Languages in the College of Literature (the College of Literature and Arts after 1894).--4 In 1905, the Board of Trustees, acting on the recommendation of the president, created the Department of Classics and authorized the naming of a head.--5 In 1913, the department became a part of the newly established College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.--6 Within this college it has been a part of the Division of Language and Literature from 1935 to 1945 and the Division of Humanities since 1945.--7 The department has added three areas of concentration to those of Greek and Latin. These are Classical Civilization (1965), Hebrew (1970) and Classical Archeology (1971).--8 The department offers degree programs through the Ph.D. level.

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