College of Veterinary Medicine Subject File, 1917-97
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College of Veterinary Medicine and Department of Animal Pathology and Hygiene (1917-45) Subject File contains correspondence, reports, minutes, budgets, course materials, and photographs relating to government and private agricultural organizations, industry, agriculture colleges, individual veterinarians, Illinois farmers and university and departmental staff relating to establishment of a college of veterinary medicine; accreditation reviews; COPE evaluations, Agricuiltural Experiment Station; Food for Century III; building and facilities plans (1940-56, 1969-85) and photographs; academic matters and students; data on diagnoses and treatment of chronic isolated animal diseases; control of animal parasites; Rabies; Bang's disease (Brucellas abortus); Johne's disease (paratuberculosis); Cornstalk disease (encephalomyelitis); mastitis; coccidiosis; pullorum disease; Newcastle disease; trichomoniasis and experiments with drugs; college buildings and facilities; Zoonoses Research Center; National Animal Poison Control Center; Citizen's Advisory Committee; faculty research; and patents.

The series also contains material on Prof. Robert Graham's public health work relating to botulism and use of his serum in combatting an outbreak in Indiana, projects to identify and prevent the spread of diseases from animals and plants to man, participation in legal proceedings, campaigns against anti-vivisection legislation and lay vaccination and treatment of disease animals, promotion of laws on the control of animal disease, service with the federal Food and Drug Administration as "expert witness" against ineffectual or dangerous drugs and work for the advancement of artificial insemination of cattle.

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Created by: University of Illinois at Urbana-Chamapaign. College of Veterinary Medicine
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Biographical Note for University of Illinois at Urbana-Chamapaign. College of Veterinary Medicine :

The College of Veterinary Medicine, a professional college with four departments and a diagnostic service was established on June 1, 1944.1 A bill was introduced into the State legislature to establish the college in 1919, but no appropriations were made until 1944.2 The first course in Veterinary Medicine was taught in 1870.3 The Veterinary Infirmary opened January 9, 1871.4 In 1911 the Department of Veterinary Science was organized under the College of Agriculture.5 In 1917, the Department of Veterinary Science was incorporated into the Department of Animal Husbandry under the College of Agriculture.6 In 1941, the Trustees created the Department of Animal Pathology and Hygiene to carry out the instructional and research work formerly located in the Department of Animal Husbandry.7 In 1957, a graduate program in Veterinary Medical Science was begun replacing the existing program in Veterinary Pathology and Hygiene.8

This unit covers:

--Director of Laboratory Animal Care

--Veterinary Medical Research Farm

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