Administrative and Personnel Actions File, 1914-71
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Brief Description: Administrative and Personnel Actions File contains correspondence from faculty members, administrators, and members of the public; reports; meeting notes; personnel records; newspaper clippings; press releases; and photographs which were held in the president's office vault and provided the basis for presidental action on public controversies and sensitive administrative and personnel matters. The series is divided into two sections. 1) Departmental Administration Files include materials related to Office of Naval Research plans to relocate to the University of Illinois in the event of a national emergency (1955-63); Control Systems Laboratory equipment purchases (1954-55) and research undertaken by Joel Lawson for the Department of Defense (1966); correspondence from Robert Seyboldt concering Dean Thomas Benner and the College of Education (1944); a reports and correspondence concerning the College of Commerce (1961); and allegations of improper aid to student athletes made against football coach Robert L. Blackman and the Athletic Assocation (1963, 1971). 2) Personnel Files include materials related to university employees including Jean Baptiste Beck (1914); Christian Ruckmick (1921); Alvin R. Cahn (1934-35); William P. Stanford(1934); Leroy L. Hamp (1960); Herbert O. Farber (1960-64); V. Lewis Bassie (1966-97), Dallas Walker Smythe (1946-48)  and Leo F. Koch (1960-69). Comprising the bulk of this series, the Koch files contain correspondence and reports related to the firing of Assisant Professor of Biology Leo Koch and the censure of the University by the Association of American University Professors.
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Created by: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Office of the University President
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Biographical Note for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Office of the University President :

The President is the principal administrative officer of the University and a member of the faculty of each college, school, institute and division.1 The original charter designated the chief executive officer of the university as regent but this title was changed to President in 1894.2 The President is elected by the Board of Trustees and is responsible to them for the operation of the university.3 The President prepares budgets for presentation to the board, recommends persons to the Board for appointment to University positions, and is responsible for the enforcement of the rules and regulations of the University.4 On recommendation of the appropriate Senate and by authority of the Trustees, the President issues diplomas conferring degrees.5

This unit covers:

2/0 Reports of the President

2/1 John M. Gregory, April 1, 1867 - June 9, 1880 (Effective September 1,1880)

2/2 Selim H. Peabody, July 27, 1880 (Pro tempore) March 9, 1881 - June 10, 1891 (Effective September 1, 1891)

2/3 Thomas J. Burrill, August 7, 1891 - 1894 (Acting) April 1, 1904 - August 26, 1904 (Acting)

2/4 Andrew S. Draper, April 13, 1894 (Took office August 1, 1894) - April 1, 1904

2/5 Edmund J. James, August 26, 1904 - March 3, 1920 (Effective September 1, 1920)

2/6 David Kinley, September 1, 1920 - July 1, 1930

2/7 Harry W. Chase, July 5, 1930 - January 25, 1933 (Effective July 10, 1933)

2/8 Arthur H. Daniels, July 11, 1933 - June 30, 1934 (Acting)

2/9 Arthur C. Willard, July 1, 1934 - June 30, 1946

2/10 George D. Stoddard, July 1, 1946 - August 31, 1953

2/11 Lloyd Morey, September 1, 1953 (Acting) February 1, 1954 - August 31, 1955

2/12 David D. Henry, September 1, 1955 - August 31, 1971

2/13 John E. Corbally, Jr., September 1, 1971 - August 31, 1979

2/14 Stanley O. Ikenberry, September 1, 1979 ?

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2. Board of Trustees Transactions, 17th Report, August 1, 1894, p. 269.

3. University of Illinois Statutes, July 18, 1979, Section 2, p. 3.

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This record series includes files where privacy concerns were identified by the archivist and where the subject of the file was presumed to be living as of the date of the records were processed.

The restricted files will revert to open file status on January 1, 2020. Individuals wishing to access the restricted files may read the full policy and make application to use the files using the information available at

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