ILLIAC I-IV Research and Development Administrative Files, 1954-1975
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ILLIAC I-IV Research and Development Administrative files include correspondence, reports, memoranda, publications, contracts, meeting minutes, manuals, and newsletters concerning the UNIVAC computer development; the ILLIAC I readouts and workbooks; MURA reports; ILLIAC II development, design, consoles, memory, publicity, project coordination, programming, and management; ILLIAC III personnel, AEC contracts, publicity, development, design, and interdepartmental collaboration. and management; and ILLIAC IV design, development, AEC contracts, publicity, controversy, funding, and management.

Significant correspondents and contributors include Bruce McCormick, James N. Snyder, and John R. Pasta.

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Record Series Number: 11/15/12
Created by: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Department of Computer Science
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Acquired: 03/14/2017.
Arrangement: By ILLIAC project and chronological thereunder.
Biographical Note for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Department of Computer Science :

On January 8, 1948, the Board of Trustees authorized the purchase of an EDVAC electronic digital computer for research program use.1 On November 19, 1948, the Board approved space for the computer project.2 On January 13, 1949, the Board reallocated funds to university staff for construction of the computer.3 By July 16, 1952, the Digital Computer Laboratory was listed in the university budget.4 In 1954, the laboratory offered "instruction in courses and supervision of theses for individuals specializing in the design and use of the digital computing machinery."5 In 1964, the name was changed from the Digital Computer Laboratory to the Department of Computer Science.6 The department teaches courses in circuit design, computer applications, computer organization, digital computer arithmetic, information retrieval, languages, numerical analysis, patters recognition, software systems, and switching an automata theory.7

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