Correspondence File, 1943-1966, 1993
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Brief Description: General correspondence of the Dean of Students with students, administrative officers, faculty, employers and the public, concerning students personal, financial, social, housing, health and extracurricular programs; academic work; discipline; financial support; fraternities and other organizations, and vocational guidance.  The series includes letters relating to Dean Fred H. Turner's interest in students, N.A.D.A.M., probation, petitions, disputes with rules and regulations, housing inspections, Hospital Association and building, loans , scholarships, employment, fraternity affairs and publications, Inter-fraternity Conference, hazing, military affairs and service, alumni clubs and retirement.
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Created by: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Student Affairs
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Arrangement: Chronological and alphabetical by correspondent thereunder
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<p class='main'>In September of 1943, the Office of the Dean of Students was created, with the Dean being directly responsible to the President of the University.<a href='#ftn1'><sup>1</sup></a> The Dean acted as the "unifying and coordinating officer in charge of all agencies interested in the student's physical well-being, both in living quarters and personally in social and recreational activities, and in the cultural level of all phases of student life outside the classroom."<a href='#ftn2'><sup>2</sup></a></p>

<p class='main'>The Dean of Students unified several independent offices that were concerned with the student welfare on the Urbana-Champaign campus. These offices included: the Dean of Men; the Dean of Women; the University Health Service; McKinley Hospital; hospitalization and medical care for students and the Division of Student Housing.<a href='#ftn3'><sup>3</sup></a></p>

<p class='main'>The Dean acted as advisor and coordinator for all boards administering extracurricular activities, except the Athletic Association, Alumni Association and University of Illinois Foundation.<a href='#ftn4'><sup>4</sup></a> The Dean supervised social, educational and cultural programs offered by the Illini Union and residence halls. The Dean was the administrative officer for the Senate Committee on Student Affairs and served in an advisory capacity to the Senate Committee and Sub-Committee on Student Discipline.<a href='#ftn5'><sup>5</sup></a></p>

<p class='main'>In September, 1967, the Office of the Dean of Students was reorganized. The Dean of Men became the Dean of Student Programs and Services. The Dean of Women became the Dean of Personnel and the Dean of Women.<a href='#ftn6'><sup>6</sup></a> On October 18, 1972, the Board of Trustees combined the positions of Vice Chancellor for Campus Affairs and the Dean of Students.<a href='#ftn7'><sup>7</sup></a></p>

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