Joan M. Benedetti Papers, 1963-64, 1966-68, ca. 1976-2020
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Papers of Joan M. Benedetti include publications and records, including journals, scrapbook, and photograph from the 1985 ARLIS/NA Annual Meeting in Los Angeles for which she served as Chair; report from 1986 ARLIS/NA Annual Meeting, annotated materials and correspondence from 1977-81, 1984, 1986-93, 1996-2000, and 2002-17 ARLIS/NA Annual Meetings; materials from the 2001 ARLIS/NA Annual Meeting in Los Angeles for which she served as Writer/Editor; correspondence regarding Art Documentation (2005); special projects, including the production of Art Museum Libraries and Librarianship; research on "Contemporary Native American Art" and small art museum libraries; and cataloging notes.

Hard copy holdings include publications, records, journals, scrapbook, report, annotated and Writer/Editor materials, correspondence, project and research files, and cataloging notes. Electronic holdings include photograph (ca. 1985) and description of 1985 annual conference poster (ca. 2018); for access to electronic holdings, please contact an archivist.

For original poster from 1985 ARLIS/NA Annual Meeting, see Record Series 85/50/53. For Art Museum Libraries and Librarianship, ARLIS/NA Occasional Paper No. 16 (2007) edited by Joan M. Benedetti, see Record Series 85/50/802. For "Words, Words, Words: Folk Art Terminology -- Why It (Still) Matters" article by Joan M. Benedetti in Art Documentation 19:1 (Spring 2000), see Record Series 85/50/804.

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