Committee Files, 1952-1993, 1996-98
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Brief Description: Committee files of the Young Adult Services Division, including minutes, reports, correspondence, appointment forms, and articles detailing the planning and activities of the Adolescent & Health Committee (1988- ); AV Producers & Distributors Liaison Committee (1988- ); Awards Committee (1962-77); Budget and Finance committee (1982- ); Computer Applications to YA Services (1981-85, 1989- ); Division Promotion Committee (1997-98); Econo-Clad Award Committee (1992-93); Education Committee (1978- ); Intellectual Freedom Committee, (1976- ); Leadership Training Committee (1981, 1983, 1989- ); Legislation Committee (1977-82, 1989- ); Library of Congress (1978- ); Margaret A. Edwards Award Committee (1992-93); Media Selection and Usage Committee (1976- ); Membership (1963-83, 1987-89, 1996-97) and Membership Recruitment (1988- ) Committees; NOSYAL (1996-97); Nominations Committee (1971-85, 1992-93); Organization and Bylaws Committee (1963- ); Popular Reading Committee (1996-97); Program Planning Committee (1992- 93, 1996); Public Relations Committee (1981- ); Publications Committee (1981- ); Publishers' Liaison (1996-97); Publishers' Relations Committee (1964-82, 1989- ); Research Committee (1968- ); Special Needs Committee (1981- ); and Youth Participation Committee (1996-97).
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Created by: Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA)
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Biographical Note for Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) :

The Young Adult Library Services Organization (YALSA) as of 1991-1992, is interested in the improvement and extension of service to young people in all types of libraries.

The Young Adult Library Services Association is responsible for the evaluation and selection of books and non-book materials and the interpretation and use of materials for young adults.

YALSA has the reponsibility for:

1. Continuous study and review of the activities assigned to the division

2. Planning of special services and programs for this group

3. Synthesis of the activities of all units within the ALA that have a bearing on the type of activity represented

4. Representation, interpretation and promotion of mutual cooperation with youth-serving agencies in furthering activities for the welfare of the young people, and furtherance of the interests of young adults with publishers

5. Stimulation of the development of librarians engaged in its type of activity and the stimulation of participation in appropriate type-of-library divisions

6. Planning and development of programs of study and research for the total profession

The young Adult Library Services Association became a division on January 1, 1957.  It was called the Association of Young People's Librarians from that date until June 25, 1957, when the new name was adopted (1).  In 1991-92 the name was changed to Young Adult Library Services Association.

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