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Brief Description: Subject files of the Director of the Library Technology Program, contains American National Standards Institute Committee correspondence (1964-78), budget requests (1964-73), correspondence and expenditure reports on the Director's Discretionary Fund (1959- 72), notes on Director Forrest Carhart's European trips (1964-70), foreign correspondence (1965-8), letters to the chairman of COPES concerning the proposed phase out of LTP (1970), operating fund reports (1958-72), semi-annual progress reports (1962-72), thank-you letters for LTP's work (1960-75), and A Proposal to Establish Times for Certain Techinical Processing Tasks (1972).
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Biographical Note for Library Technology Program Office :

The Library Technology Project (full official designation "Library Technology: A Standards Program on Supplies and Equipment") was established in 1959 (1) and refunded as a two-year project by a grant from the Council on Library Resources. Its purpose was to provide librarians with accurate information about machines, equipment and systems, to guide inventors in developing new devices; to set specifications; and to disseminate information through a publication (2).

To carry out these objectives the Library Technology Project worked in five major areas:

1. Technical information service

2. Development of standardization program

3. Testing

4. Research and development

5. Systems study (3)

In 1963 the Advisory Council approved the continuation of the Library Technology Project for five years (4). In 1963 it approved a five-year program to broaden partial funding from the ALA (5), in 1964 the project became a committee of the ALA rather than a Library Administration Division Committee (6). In July 1966 it was renamed the ALA Library Technology Program (7). It continued as a permanent program until 1972 when it was dissolved on the recommendation of the Committee on Program Evaluation and Support (8).

The Library Technology Program had a full-time director and staff of four (9), with one additional member appointed to represent the Special Libraries Association in 1962 (10).




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