Reading with a Purpose Autographs, 1925-1933
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Brief Description: Autograph collection and correspondence of authors and reviewers for the Reading with a Purpose series received by L. L. Dickerson, Carl H. Milam, Helen Burling, Frederick K. W. Drury, Rose M. Nammacher, Everett Fontaine, Lawrence Shaw and Emily V. D. Miller,  includes correspondence with Mary Antin, Henry T. Bailey, Bird T. Baldwin, Charles A. Beard, Claude G. Bowers, Gamaliel Bradford, Jesse Lee Bennett, Earnest E. Calkins, Barrett H. Clark, Royal Cortissoz, Samuel M. Crothers, W. Stearnes Davis, Thomas Dickinson, Aaron Director, Paul H. Douglas, Walter P. Eaton, Dorothy Canfield Fisher, Henry B. Fuller, Hamlin Garland, Herbert A. Gibbons, Fitzhugh Green, Sir Wilfred Grenfell, Albert B. Hart, Allen Johnson, Waldemar Kaempffert, Vernon Kellogg, Paul de Kruif, Everett D. Martin, Daniel G. Mason, Alexander Meiklejohn, Sidney B. Mitchell, Raymond Moley, Paul S. Mowrer, Louis Mumford, William Lyon Phelps, Michael I. Pupin, Ole E. Rolvaag, Nicholas Roosevelt, William F. Russell, Harlow Shapley, Dallas L. Sharp, Herbert R. Stolz, Lorado Taft, Frank W. Taussig, J. Arthur Thomson, A. W. Vernon, Dudley C. Watson, Owen Wister, Marguerite Wilkenson, Avrahm Yarmolinsky, and Philip N. Youtz concerning publications in the series.
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Created by: Public Library Association (PLA)
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Acquired: 04/26/1974.
Arrangement: Arranged alphabetically by author's last name
Biographical Note for Public Library Association (PLA) :

The Public Library Association is interested in the general improvement and expansion of public library services to all ages in various types of communities. PLA has specific responsibility for:

1. Planning of programs of study and service for the public library as a total institution.

2. Establishment, evaluation, and promotion of standards in the public library field.

3. Review of and bringing together the activities of all unites within the ALA that have a bearing on public library service.

4. Representation and interpretation of public libraries in contacts outside the profession.

5. Stimulation of the development of public librarians and trustees, and stimulation of participation by PLD members in appropriate type-of-activity divisions.

6. Conduct of activities and projects for improvement and expansion of service in this type of library, when such projects are beyond the scope of type-of-activity divisions, after specific approval by the ALA Council.

The Public Library Division was formed by the merger, in August 1950, of the Division of Public Libraries, the Library Extension Division, and the Trustees Division. Bylaws were adopted June 1951 (1).

The Division of Public Libraries was approved by vote of Council in March and October, 1944, following organization meetings, filing of petitions by nearly 1200 members, and preparation of a tentative draft of a constitution and bylaws.

The purpose of the division was to advance public library interests and to cooperate in the promotion of library services in general. The name of the division was changed to the Public Library Association (PLA) in 1958 (2).

Subject Index
Antin, Mary
Bailey, Henry T.
Baldwin, Bird T.
Beard, Charles A.
Bennett, Jesse L.
Bowers, Claude G.
Bradford, Gamaliel
Burling, Helen
Calkins, Earnest E.
Clark, Barrett H.
Cortissoz, Royal
Crothers, Samuel M.
Davis, W. Stearnes
De Kruif, Paul
Dickerson, L. L.
Dickinson, Thomas
Director, Aaron
Douglas, Paul H.
Drury, Frederic K. W.
Eaton, Walter P.
Fisher, Dorothy C.
Fontaine, Everett O.
Fuller, Henry B.
Garland, Hamlin
Gibbons, Herbert A.
Green, Fitzhugh
Grenfell, Wilfred
Hart, Albert B.
Johnson, Allen
Kaempffert, Waldemar
Kellogg, Vernon
Martin, Everett D.
Mason, Daniel G.
Meiklejohn, Alexander
Milam, Carl H.
Miller, Emily Van Dorn
Mitchell, Sydney B.
Moley, Raymond
Mowrer, Paul S.
Mumford, L. Quincy
Nammacher, Rose M.
Phelps, William L.
Pupin, Michael I.
Rolvaag, Ole E.
Roosevelt, Nicholas
Russell, William F.
Shapley, Harlow
Sharp, Dallas L.
Shaw, Lawrence
Stolz, Herbert R.
Taft, Lorado
Taussig, Frank W.
Thomson, J. Arthur
Vernon, A. W.
Watson, Dudley C.
Wilkenson, Marguerite
Wister, Owen
Yarmolinsky, Avrahm
Youtz, Philip N.
Languages of Materials
English [eng]