Illinois Cooperative Highway & Transportation Series, 1956-
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Brief Description: Printed and duplicated technical reports on cooperative Illinois Highway Research projects, conducted jointly by the Engineering Experiment Station, the Department of Civil Engineering, the State of Illinois Division of Highways and the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Public Roads. The reports include bridge impact investigation progress reports (1957-59); soil-aggregate mixtures for highway pavement (Project IHR-46, 1956, 1962); widths and cross sections for medians of divided highways (Project IHR-59, 1960); determination of waterway areas (Project IHR-23, 1961) and soil exploration and mapping (Project IHR-12, 1961); web effectiveness of built-up I-section tension members (Project IHR-5, 1960); paper on deflections of prestressed concrete beams in highway bridges, presented 40th Annual Meeting of the Highway Research Board, 1961; stress relaxation in prestressing reinforcement and web reinforcement in prestressed concrete beams (Project IHR-10, 1962, 1964); inspection methods and quality control for welded highway structures (Project IHR-64, 1966); prestressed concrete for highway bridges progress report, 1966, analysis of vehicular speeds and spot-speed studies (IHR-53), 1962. This Illinois Cooperative Highway & Transportation Series (1959- ) includes reports of the Civil Engineering Studies- Transportation Engineering Series and Illinois Center for Transportation Series.
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Created by: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Department of Civil Engineering
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Biographical Note for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Department of Civil Engineering :

The 1867 Committee of the Regent and the Board of Trustees made provision for Civil Engineering instruction1 but the department did not become a separate unit until after 1871 when Professor J.B. Webb was appointed to the Professorship of Civil Engineering.2 In 1871 there were 21 students enrolled in the Department of Civil Engineering.3

In 1876, the Trustees defined the object of the school as "to furnish a course of theoretical instruction, accompanied and illustrated by a large amount of practice, which will enable students to enter intelligently upon the various and important duties of an engineer." Their report included statements on instructions, course of studies, technical studies, drawing, projects, apparatus and courses.4

On January 30, 1906, the Trustees created a Department of Railway Engineering.5 On January 23, 1907, the Trustees established the School of Railway Engineering and Administration.6 In 1926, the Department took over the work of the Department of Municipal and Sanitary Engineering which had been organized in 1890.7

In February 1989, the Departments of Metallurgy and Mining Engineering and Ceramic Engineering were merged to form the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. See also Subgroup 11/9.8

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