Agronomy Publications, 1912, 1917, 1945, 1948, 1953-
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Printed and duplicated departmental publications, including soil test and soil type studies; grain performance summaries and fertilizer reports; American Society of Agronomy issuances; soil fertility (SF), soil management (SM) and soil properties (SP) reports; Reports by the Agronomy Department to the Director of Experiment Station; Reports of Activities  of the Department of Agronomy; Reports of invesitgational Work by the Department of Agronomy; Frank Mann's Soil Book (1912), which includes reports of results of University experiments in agronomy and faculty writings.

Agronomy publications in the AG series are filed under Record Series 8/6/804.

The Series includes the Agronomy Handbook, the Weed Control Guides, the herbicide report series and annual soybean varieties planting reports (1979- ).Ã?  The series includes lecture notes from the NATO Advanced Study Institute (1979), and the newsletter Forage Feed.

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Record Series Number: 8/6/805
Created by: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Department of Crop Sciences
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Acquired: September 1963
Arrangement: Chronological
Biographical Note for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Department of Crop Sciences :

The Agronomy Department was established in 1899 as a division of the College of Agriculture.1 The department is concerned with the utilizing of fertile soils to their fullest advantage, and with bettering the social and economic position of the owner and tiller of the soil.2

On May 11, 1995, the Board of Trustees approved the renaming and reorganization of the College. It was renamed the College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences and several changes were made in the organization of departments and divisions.3 The Department of Agronomy, except for soil scientists, was combined with the Department of Plant Pathology to create the Department of Crop Sciences.4 The Department's areas of study are plant breeding and genetics, biotechnology and genetic engineering, crop evaluation, crop protection, plant pathology, design of field experiments, weeds and their control, and production and pathology of cereals, corn, soybeans, and forage crops.5 Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees are available through graduate study and course work.6

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