John Bardeen Papers, 1910-91
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Brief Description: Papers of John Bardeen (1908-91), Professor of Electrical Engineering and Physics (1951-91), include publications (1930-91), dissertations and theses by Bardeen students (1952-85), correspondence (1945-70, 1972-91) and reports, certificates and diplomas for honorary degrees and honors, preprints, reprints, drafts, speeches, notes, photographs, slides, tape recorded interviews, & motion pictures (1910-91) concerning theoretical physics, solid state physics, development of the transistor, xerography, development of the theory of superconductivity with J. R. Schrieffer & Leon Cooper, Bardeen's 1956 and 1972 Nobel prizes and lectures, the applications of transistors & superconductivity, many body theory, Russian & Chinese physics research, American Physical Society, Army Research Office, Bell Laboratories & the transistor (1936-68), Center for Advanced Study, International Union of Pure and Applied Physics, Naval Ordnance Laboratory, Navy Research Office, Sony Corporation, Supertex, Inc., White House Science Council (1979-83), Xerox Corporation, electrolytic transistor invention patents (1910-60), consulting work, and the Physics Department. Correspondents include Walter H. Brattain, P. W. Bridgman, Leon Cooper, Harry G. Drickamer, H. Frohlich, Nick Holonyak, Jr. (BS '50, MS '51, PhD '54), Charles Kittel, J. R. Schrieffer (MS '54, PhD '57), Karlheinz Seeger, Frederick Seitz, William B. Shockley, & J. H. Van Vleck. Tape recorded interviews contain comments on theoretical physicists, experimental physics, theory of superconductivity, many body theory, scientific publication, education, Dr. Charles Bardeen, solid state physics, considerations in coming to Illinois, recruitment of new faculty, scientific understanding & communication between & education of non-scientists & scientists. Motion pictures include a May, 1972 interview with Bardeen, and a December, 1972 Swedish film on the contributions of Bardeen, Cooper, and Schrieffer to the theory of superconductivity. Papers also contain Illiniwek cap.
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Created by: Bardeen, John (1908-1991)
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Biographical Note for Bardeen, John (1908-1991) :

May 23, 1908 Born, Madison, Wisconsin - son of Medical School Dean Charles R. Bardeen and Althea Harmer

1923 University High and Madison Central

1928 B.S. Wisconsin, Electrical Engineering. Western Electric. Edward Bennett electrodynamics course

1929 M.S. Wisconsin, Electrical Engineering. J. H. Van Vleck

1930-33 Geophysicists, Gulf Research and Development Corporation - Leo J. Peters

1936 Ph.D. Princeton, Mathematics and Physics. E. P. Wigner

1935-38 Junior Fellow, Harvard. J. H. Van Vleck and P. W. Bridgman

1938 Married Jane Maxwell, July 18

1939-41 Assistant Professor of Physics, University of Minnesota

1941-45 Principal Physicist, U. S. Naval Ordnance Laboratory (Washington D.C.), magnetism and minesweeping

1945-51 Radar, Bell Telephone Laboratories, Murray Hill, New Jersey

1947 Surface physics - properties of contacts between metals of semi-conductors depend on electron behavior in surface energy levels

1948 Transistors with William B. Shockley and Walter Brattain. Point contact type

1951-75 Professor of Physics and Electrical Engineering, University of Illinois. Louis Ridenour. Xerox Corporation

1952 Transistor literature

March 1953 Fortune article on transistors

Theoretical understanding of semiconductors

Explained why metal-germanium contact gives effect of a PN junction in a emiconductor - in terms of surface energy states

1956 National Academy of Science member

1957 Theory of Superconductivity - vanishing of electrical resistance of some metals at low temperatures

1975 Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois

January 30, 1991 Died, Boston, Massachusetts

Research Areas:

Electrical conduction in semiconductors and metals; surface properties of semiconductors; theory of superconductivity; and diffusion of atoms in solids

Prizes and Honors:

1952 Ballantine Medal, Franklin Institute

1954 Buckley Prize (solid state)

1955 Scott Medal, D.Sc. Union

1956 Nobel Prize for Physics

1960 D.Sc. University of Wisconsin

1962 London Prize

1972 Nobel Prize for Physics

1974 D.Sc. University of Illinois

1977 Presidential Medal of Freedom

1987 Lomonosov Award, Soviet Academy of Sciences

1990 John Bardeen Chair in Physics and Electrical and Computer Engineering Established at University of Illinois

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