Ornithological Survey Photographs, 1907, 1963
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Brief Description: Ornithological Surveys Photograph File contains large and medium format photographic negatives and prints taken by staff of the Illinois Natural History Survey during field surveys. The majority of the photographs show a nests and eggs, but photographs of the field parties, camps, field taxidermy, caves, and natural areas are also included. Specific locations covered include the fish market in Havana, the landscape west of Seville, La Crosse, Hamilton, Keokuk, Urbana, Saline County, Running Lake, Union County and Saint Joseph/Danville. The series also includes photographs taken by Jean Graber in 1963, of unidentified natural areas in Illinois.
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Record Series Number: 43/5/12
Created by: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Section of Faunistic Surveys and Insect Identification
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Biographical Note for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Section of Faunistic Surveys and Insect Identification :

The major functions of the Section of Faunistic Surveys and Insect Identification are to conduct worldwide systematic research on insect and animal groups that have species found in Illinois; to provide identification services for agencies, institutions and the public; to maintain the Survey's reference and research collections of preserved animal; and to conduct surveys and prepare reports on the fauna of Illinois.1 The section's staff is comprised of specialists responsible for the study and collection of animal groups, particularly of insect species. One specialist also acts as Head of the section.2

In 1885, the State Entomologist's Office was charged with the duty of producing a series of systematic reports covering the field of zoology in Illinois.3 An insect systematic program, derived from this old charge, was developed in the 1920's and formalized, in 1935, into an Insect Survey Section.4 In 1947, the program was expanded to include all animal groups, the Insect Survey Section was renamed the Section of Faunistic Surveys and Insect Identification and given the responsibility of taking care of all the Survey's taxonomic collections.5

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