Nehru Agricultural University Project Publications, 1962, 1964-73
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Duplicated and printed reports concerning the Agency for International Development cooperative project at the Jabalpur Agricultural College, and the Jawaharlal Nehru Agricultural University, which succeeded and supplanted it in 1964, including D. E. Lindstrom, An Agriculture College in India Forges Links with Villagers (1962, 1964 - the latter is College special publication #5) concerning the existing program and its development and the development of programs of extension education and rural sociology; F. H. Shuman, A Harvest of Plenty, concerning the development of demonstration programs to increase knowledge for better crop production; W. D. Buddemeier, A Proposed Plan of Development for Jawaharlal Nehru Agricultural University, with supplement and J. S. Patel, "The Challenge for JNAU", a report by the vice-chancellor of the university.

The series includes end-of-tour and terminal reports of university staff, annual reports of progress and work plan (1965-70) and semi annual reports of contract team (1970-72).

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Biographical Note for University of Illinois at U-C. College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences :

Agricultural instruction was provided for in the Land Grant Act of Congress in 1862 and it was one of the chief aims of the university at its beginning.1 In 1867, the Board of Trustees established the Agricultural Department, made up of the School of General Agriculture and the School of Horticulture, Fruit-growing, and Landscape Gardening.2 It was formally recognized as a College and the dean's office was established in 1877.3 The dean is appointed biennially by the Board of Trustees and his duties include: preparing the budget; representing and reporting on the college to outside authorities; and coordinating the activities of the departments and special offices.4 The dean is also responsible for the operations of the Office of Publications and the Office of Agricultural Communications, both established in 1966,5 and the Office of International Agricultural Programs, which was established in 1966 to coordinate college-wide programs such as the International Soybean Program.6 In 1965, the title of the office changed from Dean of the College, Director of the Experiment Station, and Director of the Cooperative Extension Service to Dean of the College of Agriculture.7

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