Editorial Committee of the Illinois Studies in the Soc. Sciences File, 1944-57
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Brief Description: Files of the Editorial Committee of the Illinois Studies in the Social Sciences (1944-52, 1954-57). Committee members for 1944 to 1952 were Clarence A. Berdahl (Chairman), D. Philip Locklin and Raymond P. Stearns, and for 1954to 1957 were D. Philip Locklin (Chairman), Francis G. Wilson and D. Walter Gotshalk. The file consists of annual reports of the committee, appointment notices, correspondence of the members concerning committee business, committee members' opinions of manscripts submitted for publication and correspondence with authors of manuscripts submitted.
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Created by: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Graduate College
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Biographical Note for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Graduate College :

The first students to do graduate work enrolled in 1877, leading to the awarding of the first master's degree in 1878.1 However, a graduate program was not set up until 1891.2 The Graduate School was formally organized in 1907, after appropriation of funds by the Illinois General Assembly.3 Its name was changed to the Graduate College in 1947, in anticipation of its new significance in the University organization.4 In 1968, the Board of Trustees provided for separate Graduate Colleges on each of three University campuses.5 The Graduate College has the responsibility of developing and safeguarding standards of graduate work and promoting and assisting research by faculty members.6 It provides assistance and supervision to other degree-granting units on the campus.7

In 1974, the Board of Trustees added the title of Vice Chancellor for Research to Dean of the Graduate College to more accurately describe the responsibilities vested in the college.8

--7/1 Dean's Office

--7/2 Executive Committee

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