Agriculture Library Correspondence, 1914-20, 1926-81, 1948-1998
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Brief Description: Agricultural  and Home Economics Library Correspondence contains correspondence of  George A. Deveneau (1916-18); Dee A. Brown (1948-73); John W. Beecher (1974-81); and Carol Boast (1982-1998); including general correspondence (1914-20); statements of holdings (1916-18); budget and financial statements (1914-19, 1926-72); Agricultural Library Committee minutes (1916-18); plans, photographs and memoranda concerning the development of the Agriculture Library collection; library regulations; classification scheme and recataloging project; extension service plans and cooperation with other institutions; Agricultural Economics Reference Room 91982-1994); correspondence, memos and plans concerning the Public Services Advisory, Archives, Budget Allocations, Acquisitions Policy, and Search Committees (1974-80); Deveneau's correspondence as a member of the American Library Association Committee on Food Information (1916-18);  Brown's drafts of articles for publication and correspondence concerning his work on American history; Science and Technology Council (1974-1981); library historical materials (1985-1988), news and acquisition lists (1985-1998), and organization and description of subject collection (1983-1986).  Correspondents include members of US Department of Agriculture and federal officials, including  E. Lucy Ogden and Mary G. Lacy; high school, college and agricultural librarians; faculty; librarians and administrators at Illinois; publishers agricultural extension and experiment station staff; agricultural and industrial manufacturers; farm organizations; W.W.I defense and public information groups; and fellow committee members Claribel R. Barnett and Joseph L. Wheeler.  Agriculture Library Files for 1981-91 can also be found in Carol Boast Papers (R.S. 35/3/33).  Home Economics Library Correspondence contains  Annual Reports (1956-1995), information on closing and relocation (1996), and Human Resources and Family Studies materials (1991).
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Record Series Number: 35/3/16
Created by: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Departmental Library Services
Volume: 4.3 cubic feet
Acquired: 10/24/66; 6/12/73; 6/20/75; 6/76; 6/23/83; 2/4/85; 4/2/2003
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Biographical Note for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Departmental Library Services :

Public services of the Campus Library are units that deal directly with the library user. Their chief functions are service and selection of material. Those responsibilities include circulation, reference, bibliographic aids, and inter-library loans. A major part of public services are the operations of the various departmental or branch libraries, which in 1975 totaled thirty-seven. Most of them are organized according to the departmental structure of the University, though many are combined with related fields of interest. Included with the libraries are those with specialized tasks, such as the undergraduate library, rare book room, archives, newspaper library, and the Illinois historical survey.1 The branch and departmental libraries have grown and contracted over the years, sometimes combining with or dividing from collections devoted to similar disciplines.2 Health sciences, the archives, music, map, and geology libraries are among the branches that perform processing activities, although technical services handles material for most libraries.3 The term public service departments has existed since 1944, and the office of assistant university librarian for public service originated in 1945.4 Public service units developed from the reference and loan departments, which were two of the five main divisions of the Campus Library in 1916.5

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