Glass Plate Reference File, 1874-
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Brief Description: Glass Plate Reference File including glass plates negatives of photographs of student activities; administration; agriculture; Alumni; athletics; buildings; campus scenes; Chicago campus; colleges; conferences and short courses; documents; memorials and seals; engineering; events; faculty; housing and food services; military; libraries and museums; nonacademic personnel; non-university topics; students' organizations; physical education; presidents; professional campus; research services; students; trustees; visitors. Because there are no reference prints or film negatives for these plates, they have been pulled from 39/2/20, 26/30/2, 11/1/12 and other record series to avoid breakage when handled by searchers.
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University of Illinois Archives
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Urbana, IL 61820
Phone: (217) 333-0798
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Record Series Number: 39/2/27
Created by: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Photographic Services
Volume: 3.1 cubic feet
Acquired: 9/63-
Arrangement: by size (legal or letter) and by subject classifications and chronologically or alphabetically there
Biographical Note for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Photographic Services :

On December 14, 1897, the Board of Trustees voted to establish a INT room, which would also house the University's collection of photographic equipment.1 By 1911 this room had become the Blueprinting Department,2 and in 1913 the Board of Trustees appointed a man to be the head of a Photography Laboratory.3 By August 1, 1929, the two departments had merged,4 and on March 10, 1936, the Board of Trustees voted to place the INT and Photographic Laboratory under the control of the Director of the Physical Plant Department.5 Upon its establishment in 1950,6 the Communications Division took over control of the Laboratory, but the Board of Trustees voted to return it to the Physical Plant Department on April 21, 1954.7 In 1953, the Laboratory first appeared in the budget as the "Blueprinting and Photographic Service."8 In 1957 the University Director of Public Affairs took control of the Photographic Service.9 The Photographic Service provides the staff and students of the University with photographers for public relations, instruction, and research, as well as providing portraits, passports, film strips, slides, and film processing.10

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