Radio and Television Programming File, 1964-1980
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Brief Description: Radio and Television Programming files of Maxine Engert, coordinator of public service and television service, including scripts, press releases, correspondence, publications, and notes for radio and television shows produced or sponsored by the Office of Public Information relating to the President's annual message (1968-70, 1972-80), Christmas shows (1972-74, 1976-77), television news shows (1968-71), the University Report series (1971-78) and other series featuring faculty, administrative staff and students speaking on books (1972-78), careers (1973-77), energy (1974-79), university history (1964-66), and other topics.  Photographs are in RS 39/2/20 and tapes in RS 13/6/5.
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University of Illinois Archives
19 Library
1408 W. Gregory Dr.
Urbana, IL 61820
Phone: (217) 333-0798
Fax: (217) 333-2868
Email: illiarch [at]
Record Series Number: 39/1/16
Created by: Public Information
Volume: 1.6 cubic feet
Acquired: 8/25/82
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Arrangement: Alphabetical by subject and chronological thereunder
Biographical Note for Public Information :

In 1919, a special committee of the Board of Trustees "recommended establishing a 'Bureau of Publicity' whose duties would be along 'University publicity and propaganda lines'1. On August 15, 1919 the Board of Trustees appointed Joseph F. Wright as Director of Publicity, effective September 1, 19202. On July 25, 1956 the Board of Trustees approved a change of title to Director of Public Information3.The Office of Public Information is charged with the responsibility "for interpreting the University to the public" and with "the task of collecting University news and making it available to the communications media"4. The Director of Public Information advises the President on University matters "in which the public is interested" and assists "in interpreting University policies and activities" through the media5.

In September 1967, the Director became University Director of Public Information and Assistant to the President for institutional relations and development6. On January 17, 1980 the Board of Trustees authorized the position of Special Assistant to the President and university director of public information and communication activities7.

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