G. Frederick Smith Papers, 1922-1972
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Brief Description: Papers of George Frederick Smith (1891-1976), professor of chemistry (1927-56), including reprints of articles on analytical, industrial and food chemistry; quantitative analysis; general inorganic and perchlorate chemistry; chemistry of the 1, 10- phenanthrolines and related compounds; in three bound volumes (1922-63) and loose reprints (1923-35, 1947-68). Volume I of the bound series contains a portrait photo, biographical data, a list of doctoral these supervised and lists of his books and research papers. A biographical sketch by Harvey Diehl is i the 1966 issue of Talanta. The series includes photographs, correspondence and a tape-recorded interview about the chemistry department, the G. Frederick Smith Chemical Co., perchloric acid, atomic weights, patents, aerosol containers, ice cream tests, 1, 10- phenanthroline, Francis Case, industrail chemistry, cerium, Edward D. Campbell and Hobart H. Willard.
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Created by: Smith, G. Frederick (George Frederick) (1891-)
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Biographical Note for Smith, G. Frederick (George Frederick) (1891-) :

George Frederick Smith (1891-1976) was professor (1927-56) and professor emeritus (1956-76) of analytical chemistry at the University of Illinois (UI). He was a renowned analytical chemist best known for his work with perchlorates and his contributions to applied science.

Smith was born in Lucasville, Ohio, in 1891, and grew up in Columbus, Ohio. He earned a B.S., M.S., and Ph.D., from the University of Michigan, specializing in analytical chemistry and perchlorates. He joined the chemistry faculty at UI in 1921, rising to the rank of professor in 1927. Over the course of his career, he published more than 170 papers, a majority on his primary research interest in perchloric acid and perchlorate salts, but also in other areas such as phenanthroline and cerium compounds. He made magnesium perchlorate for industrial use from his home garage before expanding and opening the G. Frederick Smith Chemical Company in Columbus, Ohio, in 1928, which is still in existence today. During the Great Depression, Smith and his student, Charles Getz, used nitrous oxide to develop the first spray-can product, a whipped cream called Instantwhip.

Smith died in 1976.


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