Departmental Subject File, 1914-17, 1928-65, 1926-1981
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Brief Description: Departmental subject file, including correspondence of botany department heads and chairman Charles F. Hottes (1932-38), John t. Buchholz (1938-42), Oswald Tippo (1947-55), John Laughnan (1956-59, 1963-65) and Wilson Stewart (1959-63) with faculty and administrative staff at Illinois and other institutions, equipment and supply dealers, commercial research directors and students; reports; publications; clippings; course outlines; relating to botanical and genetics research, curriculum, courses, publication of papers, professional associations, instructional material, equipment and supplies, space allocations, specimens, appointments to the faculty, placement of graduates, admission to graduate work, research grants, departmental and social affairs, annual reports; faculty/staff meeting minutes; COPE reports; social committee; and related administrative and academic matters, non-academic and civil service employees.
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Record Series Number: 15/4/2
Created by: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Department of Plant Biology
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Acquired: 07/20/1966. 8/15/69; 2/26/74; 4/5/74; 11/20/2018
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Arrangement: Chronological and alphabetical by subject or correspondent thereunder
Biographical Note for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Department of Plant Biology :

Concerned with the classification and overall ecology of plants,1 this department had its origins in 1893 as the Department of Botany.2 However, courses in the discipline have been offered through: Department of Science, Literature, and the Arts (1868);3 Department of Natural History (1868-69);4 College of Natural History, School of Natural History (1870);5 College of Natural Science, School of Natural History (1871-1890);6 College of Science, School of Natural History (1891-1912);7 College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (1913-present).8

The Botany Department was consolidated in 1934 into a Division of Biological Sciences with the Departments of Bacteriology, Entomology, Physiology, and Zoology.9 In 1959, the Division was converted to a School of Life Sciences.10 The Botany Department changed its name to the Department of Plant Biology to "better reflect the mission of the Department in terms of teaching and research...."11

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