Investment Reports, 1966-1977
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Brief Description: Investment Reports from the trust departments of the Harris Trust and Savings Bank, First National Bank of Chicago, Continental Illinois National Bank and trust Company and Chicago Title and trust Company for University of Illinois Foundation Investment Advisory and Special Funds Custodian Accounts, Board of Trustees Endowment Funds Investments, State Universities Retirement System Trust funds and other accounts showing summaries of asset values, descriptions, cost, market value, yield, percentages of investment accounts and market values for U. S. Government, federal agency, municipal and corporate bonds; special corporate notes; preferred and common stock; notes, mortgages and contracts; miscellaneous assets and total securities (1966-77). The reports include a breakdown of common stock investments by type of industry and specific company. The series includes a survey of Foundation accounting and records systems (1956); correspondence concerning Foundation investment policy (1958); annual Treasurer's reports on the Foundation (1955, 1957-59, 1961-65); and Board of Trustees' Investment Review and Outlook (1973).
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Record Series Number: 6/1/5
Created by: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Vice-President for Business and Finance
Volume: 4.0 cubic feet
Acquired: 4/30/75; 8/4/76; 7/29/80
Arrangement: Chronological
Biographical Note for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Vice-President for Business and Finance :

Until August 1, 1973, the vice-president and comptroller served as the general fiscal officer of the Board of Trustees and the general business officer of the university. The duties included approving expenditures for appropriated funds, reporting to the Board on financial and operational conditions, assisting the President in preparing budgets, installing business procedures and accounting systems, and maintaining financial records.1 Although the Board changed the name of the Office of Vice-President and Comptroller to the Office of Financial Affairs on April 19, 1972, no substantive change of the Vice President's duties was involved.2 On July 18, 1973 the Board approved the consolidation of the Office of Financial Affairs into the Office of Planning and Allocation.3 Offices reporting to the Vice-President of Planning and Allocation included Administration Data Processing, Auditor, Business Affairs, Capital Programs, Computer Coordination, Financial Affairs, Management Information Systems, Non-academic Personnel, Planning, the Chief Accountant, and the Illinois Education Consortium for Computer Services.4 On May 21, 1975 the Board changed the title of the Vice-President for Planning and Allocation to Vice-President for Administration.5 In order to more accurately represent the scope of the Vice President's duties as both Comptroller and general business officer, the Board of Trustees changed the title of the office from Vice President for Administration to Executive Vice President on June 21, 1980.6 On October 21, 1982, the Board split the responsibilities carried by the office into two administrative positions -- Vice President for Business and Finance and Vice President for Administration.7 At a November 18, 1982 meeting the Board recommended that the Vice President for Business and Finance continue to assume the title and duties of Comptroller as provided in the Trustees by-laws.8 The Vice President for Business and Finance presided over Administrative Information Systems and Services, Capital Programs, Business and Financial Affairs, Audits, Personnel Services, Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity.9 The Vice President for Business and Finance, oversees the business operations at university campuses, maintains the systems through which the university administers its affairs, determines how records will be kept and authorizes purchases, contracts and leases.10

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