Rules, 1959
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Brief Description: Rules for the Guidance of Students Taking University Courses by Correspondence or printed instruction concerning eligibility and procedure for enrollment, fees and refunds, time limitation, examinations, application of credits toward graduation, transfer of credit and enrollments through U.S. Armed Forces Institute and Veterans Administration.
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Created by: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Office of Correspondence Courses
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Biographical Note for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Office of Correspondence Courses :

Guided Individual Study began in 1933 as correspondence courses, the initial offerings of the Division of University Extension, Designed to give home study in subjects including engineering, accounting, and history for those who could not attend college, college students temporarily not in residence, or those wanting teachers certificates.1

From 1933 until 1971 correspondence courses were offered by the Office of Correspondence Courses which was part of the Division of Extension under the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. In the 1972-73 school year this office was renamed the Office of Extramural Classes. Since 1973 correspondence courses have been offered by the Office of Continuing Education and PUblic Service which operates under the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. The name Correspondence Courses was changed to Guided Individual Study in the 1977-78 school year.2

The offerings of Guided Individual Study have changed over the years to reflect changes in the constituency of the University and innovations in programming. Since 1940, courses have been offered to military personnel through the United State Armed Forces Institute. During World War II, the University provided correspondence instruction under a contract with the Special Service Division of the War Department. Televised home study was first offered in October, 1956.3

Correspondence Course Study was not initially approved for scholarship recipients but in 1944 the benefits of scholarships were given to extension courses.4

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