Programmed Instruction Technical Reports, 1963-
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Duplicated technical reports on research on Pre-Programmed Self-Instruction and Self-Programmed Individualized Education, prepared under Office of Naval Research contract Nonr-3985 (04) and relating to computer-based instruction and a systems approach to teaching methods.  Lawrence M. Stolurow prepared most of the reports for the Training Research Laboratory.

This series includes numbers 2 and 6-9.  Numbers 1 and 3-5 are in the Education Library.

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Record Series Number: 15/19/810
Created by: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Department of Psychology
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Acquired: 2/1966
Arrangement: Numerically by report number or chronologically
Biographical Note for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Department of Psychology :

Courses in psychology began in 1891, after the Board of Trustees voted to establish a professorship of psychology in 1890.1 In 1893, Psychology, along with Economics, Philosophy and Pedagogy, was moved from the College of Literature to the College of Literature to the College of Science in an effort to stress the scientific aspects of these four subjects.2 The aim of this curriculum was "to furnish the student, largely by means of inductive study, a knowledge of the nature of mind, its modes of behavior, the forms under which it manifests itself, the laws according to which it unfolds and develops, and the influence of environment upon this development."3 In 1904, Psychology was formally established as a separate department.4 In 1907, Psychology was approved for a M.S. degree and as a minor for a Ph.D.5 In 1916 the first Ph.D. degree in Psychology was awarded.6 In 1935, Psychology was placed under the newly established Division of Social Sciences.7 In 1945, a M.S. in Clinical Psychology and in 1964 a major in Applied Psychology were added to the curriculum.8 In 1966, a Doctor of Psychology degree became available for those interested in service in Clinical Psychology rather than research and scholarship.9 After 1950, grants authorized extended research programs in the following laboratories:

--Psychological Clinic

--Personality Group Analysis

--Group Effectiveness Research Laboratory

--Child Behavior Laboratory (1967)

--Training Research Laboratory

--Community Psychology Action Center

--Psychological Development Laboratory

--Children's Center Preschool (1967)

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