College and Curricular and Course Announcements and Circulars, 1898-1915, 1952-54, 1971-
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Brief Description: College curricular and course announcements and circulars, including "The New Requirements for Admission to the College of Science by Stephen Forbes (1898); description of courses available in the College of Science (1900, 1908-10) and in the College of Literature and Arts (1901, 1906-10); pamphlets outlining courses particularly suited as a preparation for medical studies (ca. 1900) and for future high school science teachers (1903); announcements for courses in the Department of Mathematics, Astronomy and Physics 91909-13) and for the Dept. of Economics, History, Political Science and Sociology (1913), including information on fees, library facilities, scholarships, fellowships, admission requirements and examinations; changes in announcement of courses (1917) and programs in family and community life, home economics (1952-54), a "Vocational Guide" (1971), Study Abroad (1999-2003), and materials on cinema studies and health professions and pre-law information.  Series also contains a copy of College Bylaws 1991.
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Biographical Note for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences :

The dean's office of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences was formed in 1913, when the College of Literature and the Arts and the College of Science were combined.1

The primary duties of the dean are that of chief executive officer of the college and agent of the college faculty for the execution of the college educational policy. Among his other duties, the dean calls and presides over faculty meetings, makes faculty appointments and promotions, prepares the budget, and oversees the registration of the students.2

Under the dean are the four schools (Life Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Chemical Sciences) and 75 fields of study which comprise the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.3 This includes the administration of the General Curriculum, which was formerly the Division of General Studies, and is for freshmen and sophomores who have not chosen a field of study yet.4

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