Newspaper Cartoons, ca. 1930-70
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Brief Description: Original artwork and reproductions of newspaper editorial cartoons on political themes by Herbert ("Herblock") Block, Burk Brown, "Burck," John Crawford, Jay Dowling, J.N. ("Ding") Darling, Carl Hubenthal, Tom Little, Bill Sanders, Howard Shoemaker, Paul Szep, L.D. Warren, Charles Werner, Yardly; and on educational themes and the University of Illinois, by Cecil Jensen, John McCutcheon, Bill O'Brien, Carey Orr, Plaschke, and Whitman.
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Record Series Number: 13/3/40
Created by: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Department of Journalism
Volume: 0.1 cubic feet
Acquired: ca. 1977
Arrangement: alphabetical by artist
Biographical Note for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Department of Journalism :

The University began instruction in journalism in 1902 with a course in business writing offered under the English Department's program in rhetoric and oratory.1 In 1915, the Trustees provided funds for a Department of Journalism and in 1927 it became a separate administrative unit, the School of Journalism.2 In 1950, its name was changed to the School of Journalism and Communications, with divisions of journalism, radio, and advertising,3 and it became part of the Division of Communications.4 In 1954, it was restored to independent status.5 The School was given College status in 1957.6 In 1959, its three divisions were designated as departments.7 The Department of Journalism offers a two-year course in the fields of newspaper, magazine and technical writing and editing; community journalism and news broadcasting.8

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