Landscape Exchange Problems Archives, 1924-1971
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Landscape Exchange Problems Archives, including competition files and correspondence of the executive secretary of an informal organization of Landscape Architecture departments organized to furnish systematic training in landscape architecture design for students in schools of Landscape Architecture and draftsmen employed in professional offices by sponsoring annual competitions in solving a series of problems.  The competition files contain by-laws and general regulations, problem statements and drawings, reports of jurors and awards and instructions for juries.  The correspondence relates to competition arrangements, judging and cooperation with the Committee on Education of the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Correspondents include executive secretaries Stanley H. White, William R. Sears, Frederick S. Kingsbury, Eugene D. Montillon, A. Maurice Hanson, Morris E. Trotter, Raymond H. Otto, Samuel P. Snow, Brooks E. Wigginton, D. Newton Glick and Jurors.

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Record Series Number: 12/4/30
Created by: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Department of Landscape Architecture
Volume: 1.6 cubic feet
Acquired: 6/11/69
Arrangement: By type of record (competition and correspondence) and chronologically thereunder
Biographical Note for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Department of Landscape Architecture :

In 1925 the Horticulture Department in the College of Agriculture approved a name change in the curriculum from "Landscape Gardening" to Landscape Architecture.1 In 1929 approval was made for the establishment of curricula offering options in City Planning in the Division of Landscape Architecture in the Department of Horticulture.2 In 1931 the College of Fine Arts was organized and included the Division of Landscape Architecture as one of its departments.3 In 1940 the City Planning option in the Landscape Architecture curriculum was withdrawn until such time as the demand called for its reinstatement.4 In 1945 the establishment of the degrees of Master of Science in City Planning and Master of Fine Arts in Landscape Architecture were approved.5 In 1953, the Board of Trustees established6 a new curriculum in city planning and changed the department name to the Department of City Planning and Landscape Architecture.7 In 1954 the Bureau of Community Planning in the College of Fine and Applied Arts merged with the Department of City Planning and Landscape Architecture.8 In 1963, the Trustees changed the name of the Department of City Planning and Landscape Architecture to Department of Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture and the title of the curriculum in city planning to the curriculum in urban planning.9 In 1965 the Department of Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture was divided into two departments, the Department of Landscape Architecture and the Department of Urban Planning.10 The Department of Landscape Architecture offers a four-year undergraduate curriculum leading to the professional degree of Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and a graduate curriculum leading to the Master of Landscape Architecture.11

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